Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: If You Wanted to Join Islamic State Jihad…

Peter B. Collins Presents Peter van Buren

Our guest maxed out on the scary stories of the Islamic State using social media to recruit Americans to fight in Syria, so he decided to check out the action, knowing the risk of a visit from Big Brother. In this often-humorous exchange, Peter van Buren found some travel tips, direct flights to Syria and inspirational screeds, but no application form or screening process. We use this to open a deeper conversation about FBI frame-ups of Americans accused of trying to join IS, and the insertion of these largely unproven cases into the media fear machinery and Washington’s highly limited debate about the surveillance state. And van Buren has some choice words for his former boss, regarding Hillary Clinton’s email imbroglio.

* Peter van Buren spent 20 years working at the State Department and was forced into retirement after publication of his book We Meant Well, which described his misadventures managing reconstruction in Iraq. He is also the author of a novel, Ghosts of Tom Joad: A Story of the #99Percent. You can find his blog post about jihadi travel here.

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  1. Ronald Orovitz says:

    I hope the attorneys of Chris Cornell will be getting Craig Monteilh on the stand in his trial. This was the alleged ISIS recruit who hailed from John Boehner’s congressional district, incidentally. You’ll recall that Boehner came out shortly after Cornell’s arrest touting the effectiveness of the NSA in catching bad guys… That should be taken in the context of an arrest that very same week over a threat to Boehner himself, of his own bartender! It makes you wonder if somebody was sending Boehner a not-so-subtle message to insure that he remains on the reservation, so to speak, and not give the green light to congressmen like Justin Amash who are pushing for restrictive legislation against the NSA.

    I recounted the local coverage of the “Butler County ISIS” in a post over at the WMR “basement” back in January. Take a look…

  2. Looks interesting, I’ll check it out!

  3. steven hobbs says:

    Hi Peter & Peter,
    Another great interview. What the “American people” think is worthy of objection, whether Ms. Clinton’s phone(s), or ‘surprising’ emergence of emigres from North Africa seems well non-manufactured by the Fourth Estate. I will not be going to abroad with only check on baggage. Thanks for the tips. Damn if I don’t hesitate what I click! I wonder if I built a jihad screening process of my own? That might be fun, if I had a lot of time for trouble.

  4. I have not the balls to go onto a terrorist website, but since this guy does could you ask him to try something that might go a great ways toward mitigating terrorism?

    It is obvious that terrorism only begets the droning that begets more terrorism, so, how about a new stratetgy? In the UK is this big thing going on with creepos in the boss’s seat, and all across the world corruption has come to a level that it simply is not sustainable. So, I figure, instead of them terrorists blowing their guts all o er the place, why not set up networks of infiltrators to expose this corruption? Basically they would all become Bradly Mannings. It would be nice if this idea could spread to become popular so that people from all sectors of the world would come to embrace it. In this way every time they hire someone and do really f’ed up stuff they have to worry. And that worry, along with the support that they will lose more and more of, will shatter them. Not everyone can infiltrate, but even the failures will serve as distractions, and certainly there are many roles to fill.

    So basically get the terrorists to realize what fools they are making of themselves by doing these stupid acts, and set them on a path that will deter such idiotic acts and replace them with something non violent and far more reformative.

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