Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: NSA Whistleblower Slams Fake “Reforms”

Peter B. Collins Presents Russell Tice

As the political theater in Washington fades, we talk about the phony reforms of the “USA Freedom Act” versus the ongoing, expansive surveillance by NSA and FBI, with recent revelations of the FBI’s fleet of Cessna planes with high tech monitoring capabilities and the warrantless interception of internet signals at borders that Obama information’s going to use it for their benefit”.

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  1. This man’s rock solid. He’s right 100% because even the 2 parts of the Patriot Act that were removed (our continued for 6 months, whatever) that were a) immoral b) illegal, were never even used! Lone Wolf and Roving Eye, is that it? I’m losing my allcaps scary named programs, maybe we should put together a glossary.

    Obama’s only card left to play where he can decide (he can come up with an Executive Order for this one if the bunch of derps in congress don’t want to approve it, hell they’re giving away their powers left and right regarding war declaration and trade (TPP,TPIP, TIAP)) is the deal with Iran. If that deal isn’t done, his whole presidency will have been just a pause (except for Lybia I imagine) in reckless war starting over false accusations because he’s not part of American Royalty (Bushes, Clintons, and others).

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