Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: CIA Accused of Human Medical Experiments

Peter B. Collins Presents Dr. Jeffrey Kaye

Newly released CIA Inspector General report from 2008 claims that CIA never used “mid-altering drugs for the purpose of interrogation”. Jeff Kaye notes the carefully crafted denials, and counters with an array of evidence that was unexamined or overlooked. From the use of suppository drugs on prisoners during transfer, to the testimony of prisoners and their attorneys to the evidence from Guantanamo guards and the outsourcing of torture to countries like Egypt and Morocco—the report doesn’t withstand close scrutiny. Kaye also criticizes a recent report in The Guardian about human experimentation, and details his 10-year effort to expose collusion between the American Psychological Association and the CIA torture programs regarding participation by medical professionals in torture sessions.

*Dr. Jeffrey Kaye is a practicing psychologist in San Francisco and a former member of the APA. The articles we refer to are here, here, and here.

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  1. Please stop all the various weird computer noises in your interviews. They are very disgracting.

    Also, this is a good subject. One omission though is other means of mind alteration. Could you expand on this subject with topics on environmental alteration (like that thing where they put people in places where everything is white including the food) and use of other technologies to influence the functioning of the brain. In one of the probable cause episodes a link was posted, by Ron I think, about altering the mind with energy waves in compliance with he theories of Roger Penrose. If there were credible cussion in this issue that would be really great.

  2. An important new facet of the theory is introduced. Microtubule quantum vibrations (e.g. in megahertz) appear to interfere and produce much slower EEG “beat frequencies.” Despite a century of clinical use, the underlying origins of EEG rhythms have remained a mystery. Clinical trials of brief brain stimulation aimed at microtubule resonances with megahertz mechanical vibrations using transcranial ultrasound have shown reported improvements in mood, and may prove useful against Alzheimer’s disease and brain injury in the future.

    I think that was it.

    • Ronald Orovitz says:

      Yeah I linked that… Some other researchers you may want to look up: Dr. Allan Frey, of the MKUltra era… and Dr. Michael Persinger, who is still active…

      • Dr. Perslinger’s work in Canada is wonderful, although it’s too bad the magnificient discovery he made where NMDA antagonist drugs should be used while someone is experiencing a stroke. The best candidate would be Ketamine, since Ketamine is now used for human pain issues,I myself take 2 25mg ketamine pills a day for the nerve pain I experience in variosu places. For once they said fuck it and gave me something before being entirely sure of what it is that’s going on, most doctors refuse any pain relief before being sure of what’s your ailment, sometimes a wise approach, but when it is chronic pain, not so much.

        Anyway, the fact that stroke patients could have almost no lasting effects from an injection of a definitely high dose “recreational” to some but mostly beyond that where it becomes anasthesia of mind and body, of ketamine at just the right time is quite the discovery. There’s a lot of different NMDA antagonists, the most common ones being the DM in non prescription cough syrup…a nasty nasty drug, whenever I get a cold that involves coughing so often it bothers my partner and even neighbors in my condo block, I need a prescription codeine or hydrocodone syrup, just so I don’t have to intake that nasty DM (dextromethorphan) that’s in all cough syrups in the aisles.

        Another more common one would be Memantine, it is scripted for people exhibiting early symptoms of alzheimer’s but could be used for more than that. Interesting how the NMDA antagonist effect of memantine on alzheimer’s translate into saving someone’s life who’s having a stroke or at least make it not as debilitating. Sure, its from 2 different drugs, but NDMA antagonists are very interesting ligands.

        In North America and the UK (and I guess aus and nz) they use a racemic mixture of methadone, meaning 50% levomethadone 50% dextromethadone. If you’ve had some basic chemistry or at least watched the show Breaking Bad you’ll know that a compound existing as reverse images (and even more, practically there is 4 stereoisomers to any compound).. So dextromethadone is not an opioid at all, it acts as an NMDA antagonist, so 50% of a methadone user, for addiction control or for pain (yes it is scripted for pain in pill form too). While in continental europe they only use levomethadone if they’re gonna use methadone at all, most european countries are much more advanced than in north america…Canada was allowed until about the 30th patient who was scripted pure heroin hcl ampoules straight from the pharmacy. The then, “milf” as some see her as, then Health Minister of Canada (who has no background in medicine at all, first time this ever happened to us, she was minister of energy and then treasury before that and now she’s somewhere else, a real card to shuffle to muddle the waters that Rona Ambrose is. Anyway, she got so “upset” that the clause in the rules of Health Canada allowing for foreign approved medication, like pure Diacetylmorphine ampoules from Switzerland where it is not standard treatment but will be considered at all times, depending on your profile. Doctors know best, not some Minister who changes Ministry every couple years,

        Had to rant at the Harper government, sorry. That’s just one angle of their policies that drive me nuts, hopefully the chances he gets shoved away are good. Alberta, the stronghold of conservatism in Canada, it’s basically our Texas, big boil, big industrial farms, Calgary Stampede…also where Harper pretends to be from (he’s from that evil socialist city of Toronto, Ontario!). And after 43 years of continuous provincial government control, the PCP (Progressive-Conservative Party…a relic of the old Tories who had this name too, federally, the provincial parties never changed their names even if they for the most part, are wings of the federal party down to the provincial level. So yeah, the New Democratic Party controls Alberta now. That’s an epic U-Turn, they didn’t even go for the centre-right Liberals, nope, full left/centre-left, depends of the area of the country NDP took over Alberta, its so shocking, its almost proof that all is possible.

  3. Ronald Orovitz says:

    Interesting that they are prescribing scopolamine to the detainees. This is however potentially much more than an anti-nausea drug. In higher doses, as a street drug, it is known as “Devil’s Breath” and can be used to over-ride the free-will of the victim -too high a dose however is fatal. It is frequently used in Columbia to rob hapless tourists blind. The U.S. State Dept. cites unofficial estimates as many as 50,000 scopolamine incidents a year – scroll down the link to “Crimes and Scams”…

    • Ronald Orovitz says:

      There were some whisperings that the Aurora shooter James Holmes (currently on trial, pleading an insanity defense) had scopolamine in his system. If one can by the sheer power of suggestion make a victim empty their bank account with the drug, can they be induced to commit mass murder as well?

      Mengele did “truth serum” research with the drug as did the CIA in the MK-Ultra program. There are many horror stories surrounding the drug, including this alleged use of it by GHW Bush, from the annals of CIA lore, as told by Gene “Chip” Tatum…

    • Nobody uses scopolamine as a street drug. I mean seriously, there’s easier ways to obtain your deleriant effect (eating a box of 12 off brand benadryl will bring you to the same place as scopolamine in large doses or as whatever the contents of the plant Datura and its seeds…(I’ll let you guess this one).

      But yeah, too much scopolamine is extremely unpleasant and not useful at all for even torture questioning, people on a deleriant trip feel like the table in front of them might as well be their dog and have conversations with non existant people, if they are smokers, take drags of invisible cigarettes etc.

  4. I’m always uncomfortable clicking on links to unfamiliar places. What exactly are these links to?

  5. CuChulainn says:

    the premise that torture aims primarily at extracting information is conventional wisdom; considering how many ISIS leaders are Guantanamo alumni, it likely often aims at recruitment and control.

    for anyone doing real academic research the IRB protocols on human subjects have become ridiculously stringent, to the point that much research e.g. fieldwork in anthropology can no longer be considered verifiable/refutable (scientific). on taking the IRB exams one learns about the horrible abuses of the past, e.g. Tuskegee syphilis, and how important it is that nothing similar be repeated–at the same time as the abuses Dr. Kaye heroically documents are normalized

  6. This was an exceptional interview. The work done by Dr. Kaye deserves the highest kudos, and the incisive commentary by Peter kept emphasis on the heinousness of the documented activities and the many failures of the system. Thanks to both of you!
    I would like to point out that all of us, now, are guinea pigs in the ongoing experimentation with ionospheric heaters like EISCAT and HAARP (which was not decommissioned, by the way), and the related atmospheric spraying of heavy metals (which make the atmosphere more conductive and allow weapons like HAARP and the recently unveiled – if long ago developed – EMP missiles to function more effectively). One of those metals is alumin(i)um, which is certainly related to the recent skyrocketing of Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, autism, and a host of other neurological and autoimmune disorders.
    MK-Ultra was never halted. If anything, it was ramped up.

    • Is this only being done over american airspace? Because, I’m feelin’ pretty good here in Canada. Sure, I require anxiolytic (not antidepressants) drugs to do my job and day-to-day life not to think of the very unpleasant things I know of.

      • It is being done around the globe. Visit This is the hugest crime against humanity ever perpetrated, and it is killing everything on land and in the oceans (a huge contributor to the fact that wildlife populations have decreased by 2/3 in roughly the same time that human population last doubled). Harper is complicit in it, 100%.
        It’s great that you are feeling well (so far), but just look at the health statistics, especially for respiratory ailments and for neurological disorders. Some people hold up better than others, but the ones who suffer certainly deserve our help.
        I don’t understand why one would want not to think of what is happening to the world around them. How can you hope to help set things right, if you don’t look reality squarely in the eye? If you turn away, it will, you know, bite you in the butt.

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