Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 142

Europe's Strategy to Topple Syriza

The anti-austerity Greek government of Syriza has signed on to the most invasive and harsh agreement of any Greek government to date: more austerity, more 'reform', and more control over Greece to its bailout creditors in Berlin, Frankfurt, Brussels and Washington. Greece is an occupied country that has been attempting to negotiate the terms of its liberation with the occupying powers. It has thus far failed. But this was the strategy of Germany and Europe all along: to sustain the crisis, increase the pressure, and gain the upper hand. Ideally, for Germany and the EU, the new agreement with Syriza would lead to a schism in the party and result in a collapse of the government, with elections bringing to power a puppet government that Europe would happily deal with. Until then, the strategy remains the same: increase the tension, increase the chances for regime change. This is what it means to live in a German dominated Europe.

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  1. Does greece have the ability to be self sustaining? As in can it produce all the food it needs plus basic construction materials? Clothing? Etc?

  2. I just realized something, since I am slow… I should have noticed it sooner.

    How are Germany and any other looters going to steal Greece’s natural resources if they leave the Euro zone?

    If it was me I’d back Germany into a position, using propoganda about the health and other crisis it is creating, where it was taking blame for these issues, which would be somewhat honest (plus much of this debt is illegitimate from what I gather. Something to do with derivatives.), and then keep saying Greece will capitulate if only Germany will get rid of all illegitimate debt, and prevent any austerity that lowers the safety of the Greek people, which Germany will not do, and then, after building up the view that the Germans have gone rogue and are bullying Europe once again, default, go sovereign and use this to rile up folks in other countries and occupied areas, and then use that to create a second power and economic block, maybe it could be callled the disgruntled and abused nations union, to build up an economy to compete with the EU.

    Also, how legit is Syriza? I recall something about a Yanis Varafoukis and his ties to the PTB. Was syriza just controlled opposition? If not then why are they not laying the ground work fore the above?

  3. Remember one thing in all of this…
    There are Nations like UK and Denmark,
    which have not adopted the euro..
    ( Non-euro currencies of the European Union )..
    Denmark negotiated an opt-out from the Maastricht Treaty referendum, 1992.
    ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danish_Maastricht_Treaty_referendum,_1992 ).
    We said also No…By a very small rejection.
    So…It Would Have Been Fair to Greece for Them, to do the same.
    To be in a Non-euro zone.
    But it is always.. just so easy to pick on someone Smaller than yourself…!
    Hmmm..Denmark and UK…
    For Germany..Lock Out for Your next Election..
    My hope.. Is that they also learn to say No to..Fort Europe.
    Kind Regards

  4. Not sure whether you read the comments, but thanks Andrew, this was very helpful. What’s going on here is disgusting. Germany ought to know from experience what intense austerity and national humiliation leads to. Maybe Merkel is hoping that by breaking Syriza politically she can open up a platform for Golden Dawn to gain some traction. I’m sure she’d find that a far more comfortable working relationship.

    Angela Merkel makes a 14-year old Palestinian girl cry by telling her she is not welcome in Germany. http://mondoweiss.net/2015/07/palestinian-telling-welcome

    Go figure…

  5. It makes me wonder if the psychology of Germany has changed much since the Nazi days. I was reading about Dr. Ewen on wikipedia once and he noted how sick the German’s were and how their love for authority could lead to problems.

    It doesnt do much good to get rid of the inverted swastikas and racial hatred if the same basic psychological principals are in control, as it will just lead to the German’s acting in just as destructive a manner as before but under a new more socially accpetable guise.

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