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  1. In a country where the economy is reliant on war profiteering, there are no good candidates and cannot be any.

    We have winner-take-all elections, so if the peace candidate you vote for loses the election, your mandate goes to the war criminal who wins.

    But in the extremely unlikely event that your peace candidate wins the election, our 100% Zionist Congress would prevent them from ending any wars. There is nobody in Congress who doesn’t have military bases and defense contractors in their district, so even if AIPAC and corporate campaign donations weren’t enough to ensure their pro-war votes, they wouldn’t want to cause a huge loss of jobs.

    You don’t join the Mafia to fight crime, you don’t join the KKK to fight racism, and you don’t run for office in a war economy like the USA to fight imperialism. Third party peace candidates justify their participation by saying that it is necessary in order to qualify for federal matching funds to grow their party with the hope of raising consciousness so that there might be a chance of accomplishing something fifty or a hundred years from now. That means that in order to gain power within the system eventually, they are willing to tolerate decades more of genocidal wars of aggression.

    This is an oligarchy with “elections” that are rigged and paid for. Voting for a government that can’t be held accountable to the people is antithetical to democracy. The very definition of democracy is supreme power vested in the hands of the people. When supreme power is vested in the hands of a government, it is tyranny, not democracy. Our Constitution vested supreme power in the hands of an unelected Supreme Court that cannot be held accountable, while ensuring that the popular vote could never be the final say and could always be ignored or overruled by the oligarchy.

    As the IWW used to say: “Don’t vote–it only encourages ’em!”

  2. People remember Citizens United, but they seem to have forgotten Bush v. Gore 2000, where the Supreme Court found that the popular vote doesn’t have to be counted.

    If you know that your vote doesn’t even have to be counted, and you continue to vote anyway, you have utterly and completely lost contact with reality.

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