Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Drone Whistleblowers Warn of Blowback

Peter B. Collins Presents Cian Westmoreland

Four veterans of America’s drone warfare operations have gone public, warning that our use of weaponized drones—and especially the large numbers of deaths to innocent civilians—has and will produce blowback from the populations living under coverage of American unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s). Cian Westmoreland helped set up the communications networks that gave the US military control over airspace in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and his unit was given a certificate crediting them with “200+ enemy kills”. Westmoreland isn’t proud of that, and wants Americans to discuss and debate the use of drones and their true impact on the operators and their targets.

*Cian Westmoreland served in the US Air Force in the 606th Air Control Squadron and the 73rd Expeditionary Air Control Squadron in Kandahar, Afghanistan. You can read his essays here and here.

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  1. Thank you for this show!

  2. Seen a lot of the prostitution in Asia, the bombs in Iraq, covering up of a fratricide (cluster munition), served at a few E/ACSs, did some SATCOM, have to say, I had my fill, wish I had gotten out earlier than I did. The people in the military, for the most part, care more about their own families and coming pensions to risk it all. I only did one tour on active duty, cause I couldn’t deal with the culture, especially seeing as how it was so contrary to what it purports to be.

    • It’s good, and so important, to see more and more veterans speaking out against the things they experienced while serving. I can understand the fear and concern for one’s family, but I think, as more speak out, there will come a point of ‘collective courage.’ How ’bout we flood the world with voices such as Cian Westmoreland and your own?

  3. stevan topping says:

    If you empathise with human beings and the human experience, this discussion/podcast is a breath of fresh air. A powerhouse as apposed to your evening news. Walk away as you see fit. Kudos to those (here) bringing the information to light.

  4. As A former Nato Soldier.
    From Bornholm..In Denmark
    In the cold war…
    In the 80.s ..
    Before the Berlin Wall came Down.
    I Say Thank You.
    Cian Westmoreland.
    I do know Your Pain.
    Best Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.

  5. It’s very tragic how this biggest military complex in the world, and in history probably, rewards psychopathic traits and punishes those who do have empathy, remorse and a ethical core.
    Most are being scooped up when they’re adolescent, many still kids with not a single critical thought, only a head full of “Hollywood-truths”, and being guided into committing atrocities. Is it any wonder many vets self-destruct? Subconsciously realizing what they’ve done and unable to face this?
    Yet those who are without any empathy and remorse are going to do well and can have a ‘distinguished career’. Makes me think of that quote “Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down.”

    Really hope Cian Westmoreland can find a way to cope with his burden. Those wounds will never truly heal but perhaps in this most profound inner conflict and fight there is new purpose to be found. In which in turn lies redemption.

    • He should feel no burden. That lies on the shit head God which made this world and gave it its system of measure and the shit head community which taught him this crap. He should be glad to be awake in a world ruled by evil and every form of imperfect organizational property imaginable. This whole damn planet is an obscenity, a great ball of crap floating around a flamming drain hole of a sun. The organizational properties he displays are something to have joy for. Let those who misled and lied to him bear the true blame. If only the cowards within this MIC murder complex could form the sensibility and grow the balls he has.

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