DisInfoWars with Tom Secker: Let’s Talk Dialectics

Following up on the last episode this week we look at 'the Hegelian dialectic'. What is the difference between Hegelian and Marxist dialectics? Does either explain the driving force behind history? Do conspiracy theorists say Hegelian when they really mean Marxist? And does the conspiratorial version of history lead to a culture of apathy and cynicism? This quick episode takes a potshot at all of these questions before offering a healthier and more mature way of looking at the ideological, dialectical, historical process and what we can do about it.

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  1. A positive message for Christmas ! Cooool… (No crISIS Till after Christmas)
    From the grassy knolls of Deadwood, and onward the 911 dialectic.

  2. Michael Hathaway says:

    Mr. Secker, thank-you for your thought provoking insight. It is healthy to turn the mirror upon ourselves for bullshit check-ups, so to speak. This is the first time I’ve listened to your podcast, and I have found your uncaring candidness quite refreshing. Though, when it comes down to brass tacks, we all just want fucking liberty, and the behemoths with all the guns to be no more. Also, could you let me know what the title the music that is in this podcast is, and who the artist is? It is quite a beatiful piece of music.

    I think honesty and candidness with ourselves, and each other is much needed. Thank-you, Tom.

    • Michael, if you’ve not yet treated yourself to viewing the HBO series ‘Deadwood’ — where I first heard this music, and as remo alluded — I recommend that you do so. It’s a rich allegory of how a community is established, how a government forms and who forms it, and the greater forces they must contend with in the process of staking out their own turf.

    • Yes, Deadwood is an excellent show and the music is amazing.

      The track I used in this podcast is called Iguazu, composed by Gustavo Santaolalla. Virtually everything Santaolalla has done is amazing.

  3. stevan topping says:

    ‘Sometimes Not Always,’ springs to mind frequently. It did after a listen to the podcast and often does
    as a note to self. There are many ways to express ourselves. We do via the limitations of language,
    not always nailing what we intended. With friends, i’ll sometimes attempt to convey a broad perspective,
    an overall picture(The Woods) when it’s detail(The trees) they want. Or vice versa. Not that i have
    looked in to Hegelian Dialectic deeply or Marxist Dialectic at all. However, i have considered the
    interpretation gleened/inspired by the Hegelian Dialectic. Used to express a (No/Engineered/Other)
    Problem-Reaction-Solution scenario. An easy to understand phrase, of value to many. For me, sometimes
    simplicity is all that is required. PRS is simple and helpful. When something plays out on the world
    stage, or in day to day life, not ‘just’ instigated by an elite but the whole apparatus, across and
    through society. We often witness the proletariat policing the proletariat(and all the way up the
    chain) in ever increasing and finer detail(we never collected your bin, it wasn’t the approved 25 inches
    from the kerb). Rules, rules, rules, bringing about that which is not in the public interest.
    The ‘System.’ The one system within the box that always wins irrespective of the left or right. I get
    that. For me, more often than not it ‘is’ the way it is. Take Jeremy Corbyn in the UK. He presents himself
    from within the box and challenges that box/system in numerous ways (for now). At the same time he plays
    the CO2 (Labour Party) card on climate. From within the box, you wait in line, are resonated back in to
    line and no chewing gum in class. (re – the Sun as the primary climate driver).

    With regards to the podcast, maybe i am trying to say, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.
    It’s how i interpreted some of it.
    Thanks again for the podcast series. It provided insightful food for thought and an opportunity for all
    interested to express themselves. Nice one.

    • Stevan,

      I think there may have been a time when ‘PRS’ was useful. I think that time has passed because these days it’s applied to everything, from the banking crisis to why this dating app won’t work on my smartphone.

      This, at heart, is the problem with the conspiracy culture – the willingness to reduce everything, even the most irrelevant and trivial, miniscule things, to conspiracy. Package didn’t arrive? Must be because MI5 intercepted it. The notion that some eejit at the sorting office put it in the wrong place by accident – oh no, that could never happen to me, I watch Alex Jones on youtube 16 hours a day, it must be because the security services want to stop me from seeing the film I ordered. Even though the same film is freely available for P2P download and streams on Netflix.

      As to babies and bathwater – you are right, but my baby was never in that bathwater to begin with. As this point if the entire conspiracy movement shut down I’m not sure that would be a bad thing. Because it isn’t going anywhere, over the last five years I’ve seen it go from identifiable if somewhat unrealistic goals (prosecute the 9/11 criminals) to being little more than a massive bitchfest about the liberal agenda.

      As to climate change – it’s easy to pretend there’s no problem when your area of the country isn’t hit by flooding the like of which no one has seen before. The North of England has had more rain in the last three months than I think it has ever had before in recorded history, and it has caused a lot of people a lot of trouble. Meanwhile, the CO2 fanatics are sending out press releases trying to look like they care when they don’t, and the ‘deniers’ just don’t give a shit. In terms of alt media coverage there was quite a lot bitching about the Paris climate talks as a Communist New World Order plot, but absolutely NOTHING on the real flooding that’s hit people’s homes and businesses.

      So, whatever I might (and do) criticise Corbyn for, at least he’s in favour of protecting people’s homes and businesses, whatever the cause of the flooding. The alt media literally couldn’t give a shit.

  4. John Phillips says:

    Again, more intellectual sword play without clarity. Whether it be the Hegelian dialectic and all its definitions, whether planned or defined by the historical actions of the elite; the result is the same. A lie to mask the real intentions of their actions.

    The people in control state one thing while hiding their real intent. The “war on terror” which is actually a war for stealing resources from other countries while taking away our civil liberties in the name of safety, or be it “the police are here for our safety” when in fact they are here to keep us in line and to protect the elite or just to make money for the private prison complex. The term democracy is thrown around instead of capitalism (slavery), and gun control as a ruse to take our Second Amendment Rights.

    Whether Hegelian or something else; the game is the same. So, forget the historical aspect and all the intellectualizing and look to how this game is played today.

    One big lie after another to dupe the populace into “believing” one thing while the elite pursue an entirely different agenda! Is this Hegelian…who knows? I’ll leave that up to the intellectuals, but if you want to be affective, start with clarity!

    • Translation: “I did not understand a word of this podcast”…

      • John Phillips says:

        Typical and anticipated response, but not a response at all.

      • John Phillips says:

        I’ll try again. I understood your podcast, thus the source of my irritation.

        Do tell, what exactly do you hope to accomplish? How, do you think we can best use the information you present, what action(s) are we to take? What are your objectives? Who’s your audience?

        Who’s perspective (yours or mine) best serves the average citizens of this planet understand almost all presented to them in the press, media, religion and politics? The messages from the elite serve their objectives (whether stated or not), period! Hegelian dialectic or whatever however defined.

        We should be able to share different ideas and differences of opinion on this site without insult.
        Best Regards

        • John I like that.
          We do have a limitations of language.
          But We can do it…
          Make our way…
          And try to understand.
          It will not be easy…!
          Here I am…From a little island..
          Bornholm in Denmark…Why…?
          I would say, we all have our reason,
          to be in this forum.
          Best Regards
          Jens and Bornholm.

        • Hey John, consider listening, again, to Tom’s presentation, especially the part where he talks about people coming up with excuses. I hate to break it to you, but becoming a victim in someone else’s plot is the wrong way to live your life. I used to play that game, now I understand it, and the confidence ‘men’ that run that racket. If you want to help someone, start with yourself, then your family, and so on. A lot of the stuff that gets hashed in the media circle jerks is just bait for you to bite at. Reality, is seeing past the shadows cast in Plato’s cave.

          • John Phillips says:

            Hey Ciaran-
            Sure, I’ll listen again, for I am open minded…you?
            Who’s coming up with excuses? I act every day, I speak up every day, I fight everyday against miss information, tangential arguments and just plain lies. And you?

            I understand the value of history, I don’t support living in it!

            Don’t even try to tell me how to live my life or I may have some sage advice for you!
            Best Regards

          • if you want to be effective, start with clarity.

        • John,

          I didn’t insult you. You clearly did not understand the point of this podcast. Saying ‘I don’t care whether you call it a hegelian dialectic or not, what matters is there’s a ruling class who do all this stuff’ is EXACTLY the mentality that I was criticising and attacking. For you to listen to the podcast and then try to drag the discussion right back to the starting point is something I could take offence at, but won’t.

          “Do tell, what exactly do you hope to accomplish?”

          Better understanding of how the world works and therefore when and where to deploy certain ideas in order to have the most impact.

          “How, do you think we can best use the information you present, what action(s) are we to take?”

          The best way to use it would be to use it as a jumping off point for understand the world better. This includes not just saying ‘the elite are up to no good and are deceiving all of us!!!!!’. There’s a lot more to human history than scapegoating the ruling class.

          “What are your objectives?”

          To learn, create and have fun.

          ” Who’s your audience?”

          No idea.

          “Who’s perspective (yours or mine) best serves the average citizens of this planet understand almost all presented to them in the press, media, religion and politics?”

          I think it’s incredibly condescending to talk of ‘the average citizens of this planet’ as though you’re above them. And I don’t believe ‘almost all presented to them’ is explained by going ‘it’s all the ELITE!!!!!!!!!’.

          “The messages from the elite serve their objectives (whether stated or not), period! Hegelian dialectic or whatever however defined.”

          There’s a lot more to human history than scapegoating the elite. Indeed, scapegoating is always disempowering. And yet this is perhaps the dominant mentality of the conspiracy culture – blame, blame, blame. Earthquake in Japan? Blame Israel. Tornado in Texas? Blame HAARP/Chemtrails. Economy in the shitter? Blame Obama. There is very, very, very little in this culture that affirms people’s ability to do anything. At the end of this podcast I affirmed our ability to do something (subvert the dialectical process). So you came in and told me it was somehow better to just generically blame the elite for everything and that you’re somehow serving ‘the average citizens’ by doing so.

          Can you see why I don’t take that particularly seriously?

          • John Phillips says:

            That helps. Thank you. This is for fun and nore of it is to be taken seriously!

  5. Really liked the podcast. Hoping the best for Tom, Sibel and the rest of the gang.

  6. Really enjoyed this episode, Tom, you made some important points, especially the part about making excuses for our apathy. Thanks!

    • Dear Katie
      I pause in my mind..
      I close my eye’s…
      I open them…
      What do I see…
      A world going away from…
      Apathy to…
      Best Regards
      Jens and Bornholm.

  7. twistedpolitix says:

    Excellent episode ‘ol Tom!

    This may be a topic for a future story on the new platform.

    I ran across this video and think it makes use of various logical fallacies and the Marxist dialectic you speak of – the new world order conspiracy theorists, bible thumpers, I believe you said. Problem is, that I cannot disprove her theory – that the UN is seriously active inside many different countries, but the United States in particular, which is ironic because US taxpayers fund the UN. Anyway, she’s got good evidence of the UN part, but like your podcast on Marxism, I am not so familiar with their belief system (Christians and the New World Order) so I cannot comment on that aspect. I don’t own a bible but have belonged to various churches. All I know is that Rockefellers are not good people. They believe in the population bomb, and that could be dangerous for everyone.


    It does remind me though of the #FirstOrder of the new Star Wars Movie. Think a lot smaller, on a national and global scale, not universal.

  8. twistedpolitix says:

    This part right here: https://youtu.be/UmXbbPXAR_s?t=27m30s
    Christian Germany vs. Mostly Jewish Communist Germany and the boycott. Fascinating! The Marxism dialectic?

  9. I usually do a replace of “Hegelian dialectic” with “Ickian triad” (That being Problem-Reaction-Solution, PRS). It works for me, since that’s the only thing that is meant in what I read anyway. Well now that I think of it, sometimes people also mean “controlled opposition”, so I have to make out from context what is meant.

    By the way, even the “Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis” triad seems to be a misattribution (originates with Kant rather than Hegel) if I understand this correctly:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel#Triads

    I find the concept of PRS useful, even if the apparent originator (Icke) utters too much that I disagree with to want to listen to him.

  10. Only tangentially relevant, but interesting: The effect of truthers as measured by the frequency of the google search term ‘false flag’:


    I added ‘Prince Charles’ for comparison. The spike in april 2013 is the Boston Bombing.

  11. candideschmyles says:

    Happy New Year to you Tom and everybody else who comes here to add their bit. The year ahead without this podcast series would be diminished so my sincere hope is that it returns soon…somewhere.

    Well done Tom for calling bullshit on the bullshit that pervades the alternative media scene. The ‘great’ philosophers of history are as likely to be reinterpreted and defined as confirming any lunatic notion as any holy book. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. The use of “Hegelian Dialectic” in an argument is very helpful in telling you its safe to move on. Whether it is Spinoza being called a Papist, Leibniz the first Nazi or Hume an Englishman there is always someone ready to reinterpret with brazen self certainty. And it does serve as a beacon or warning ***Here Be Bullshit***.

    Also well done on calling out the endless stream of right wing quasi-fascists who in their bitter rancour expose themselves to be small minded, selfish malcontents whose only real annoyance is that they have not the wits nor wherewithal to gain power themselves. And however bad the powers that be, let’s be glad they don’t. Imagining their world view in action you need look no further than China under Mao.

    I have a bit of a confession to make this opening day of 2016. I have no hope. I look at history and I look to the future and I see no change. The psychopaths least suited to representing the interests of the masses have always been and continue to be in power. Every ideology, every religion in all their variety however grassroots its origins is inevitably destined to be a device of service not to the general populations but to the psychopaths at the top. It could be argued that political ideologies did not even emerge until the enlightenment killed God and are a response by those in the age of reason to do what some of us here hope to see, wrest power from the powers that be. But how can you subvert control of all natural resources and production and money and the military with any idea? You can’t. By the time it’s grown enough to be populist its shape and form shows how to crush or absorb it. The Arab Spring as it unfolded in Egypt is as good an example as any how the hopes and dreams of the people expressed during even a vacuum in power is destined to be nothing more than historical curiosity. The tentacles of real power are the foundations, the bricks and mortar and the roof of our societies. Politics are but the fashionable colours of paint used to adorn its rooms.

    I have looked long and hard for over 35 years with Voltairian scepticism and have never seen an ideology expressed that was not fundamentally undermined by human nature. Which is perhaps, in part at least, why we invented Gods with such ubiquity. I thought education was the key to true change and for some it is. But the truth is the average IQ, (flawed measurement that it is, I know), is…..average. The majority do not have the capacity to relinquish a preconceived idea even when you patently demonstrate that it is harmful to them. As a smoker I am not immune to this. So there is really no hope. The future is the past to all intents and purposes. The psychopaths will rise to the top because their traits suit that purpose. Good people, a subjective and abused term in itself, will be crushed, usurped or assimilated.

    The other notion present amongst truthers and CT’s is this nonsense idea the 1000s of psychopaths that make it to the top of banking and business, the real power, have a constant structure and unanimity to them. All the evidence I have suggests to me that they are as cutthroat amongst themselves, forming and breaking alliances, as on any HBO production. 9/11, for example, was a tripartite alliance between Kissinger, Saud and Netenyahu control that was as much a demonstration of supremacy to competing factions as it was a get richer and more powerful scheme to further their business and political empires. The shock and awe of such an overt demonstration of power was a concussion inducing blow to other factions but they have recovered and all the anecdotal evidence points to changes in that tripartite alliance that can only mean it has crumbled. Vassals of US hegemony around the world are wriggling free and realigning. Not in our favour but behind the scenes in power plays we might glimpse as history, eventually. That is not to say that the individual factions of that tripartite alliance will not reallign. But in truth we can only guess who the players are and what moves they make on the 3d chessboard. Their secrecy is very effective and our evidence as likely to be counter intelligence as valuable information. So the bulk of the truth/ct lexicon is speculation at best. We have a few pieces in a vast jigsaw puzzle. How can we expect to build a coherant picture?

    Again Happy New Year to everyone and remember this really is the best of all possible world’s.

    • fundamentally undermined by human nature

      There is this talk on Human Nature by Michael Parenti which I think deserves consideration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfDnQPtijjc

      • candideschmyles says:

        It does indeed deserve a whole lot of consideration. I love Parenti but if I had listened to this one I had forgotten it. And while you are perfectly right to call me on my sloppy use of “human nature” I stand by what I said but will attempt to define why I believe so.
        It is hard not to agree with Parenti as his politics are just so right on and even 5 years ago I would have considered myself totally bankrupted by his arguments and logic. But what he does not mention, notably does not mention, is the propensity of people to kick the shit downhill. Toward the end he acknowledges that he himself has a pretty low opinion of human nature. This caveat tells me he is aware that his narrative was more than a little deceptive and that he was knowingly playing to a specific audience.
        To open he listed a number of so called traits on the malicious spectrum but ignored much more common ones like apathy, laziness, comfort loving and stability loving. And the fear of drawing attention to oneself. These are much more relative to and of import to the masses than how a leader justifies a war. The relative nature of applied logic could have taken us there but was confined to the richest contempt for the poorest. No mention that every class kicks the shit downhill and that when it’s at the bottom its piled on the weakest there too.
        I am with my countryman Wallace, not Darwin, in that I believe race, gender and even breeding arre incapable of predicting the intellectual capability of an individual to a sophisticated understanding of his or her environment. I do not know if Wallace said it or not but the majority will not attain such sophistication. There is a range, a spectrum if you will, of raw ability and its median is not spectacular. It is not till that median is significantly higher that the structure of society itself can begin to change. I know that is sort of remiscent of Hubbard’s case in Dianetics but I think there is some truth in it. And on my part there is no element of implied superiority contained within it.
        Though when I wake up sober in the morning I may regret my explanation. We shall see.

        • candideschmyles says:

          Note when I say “laziness” I’m not referring to the patriarchal condescension he did allude to but personal intellectual laziness.

          • candideschmyles says:

            Morning. Well its not too regretful. However if I had come at it a little later I could have simply written ” QED (see post below by rxlist) “. Seriously what hope is there for us when so many people still believe in the the gods and demons of iron age mythology?

          • Ah, yes. We’re all so evolved in 2016 that now we know the only true gods are us and that only we can solve the problems of mankind and the planet.

            Isn’t it ironic, however, that the true movers and shakers of this world believe in the “gods and demons of iron age mythology” and worship them? People like us who talk about them on websites aren’t supposed to know their secrets even though they flaunt them mockingly in plain site and make known their allegiances in writing and speech. We are supposed to believe it’s all nonsense so bravo to you with such great intellect that you see them only as powerful men and women and nothing more.

            The videos I posted, above offer proof that their is far more that meets the eye even of an informed public such as that which gathers here. The video, for instance, on the United Nations (above: https://youtu.be/fSNU-jlHkDs?list=PL95B1BB23B7A3C795 ) shows incontrovertible proof of the occult beliefs and practices of the leaders of that “venerable” institution. Funny I never hear anything about that on sites like this one. Is that because it’s so silly it should be disregarded as myth or simply because it’s hidden in plain sight in front of a public that has been so manipulated to believe that God (and his adversary) are iron age myths?

  12. The politically astute of the internet, such as Sibel Edmonds, James Corbett, and, Tom Secker, etc. all seem to lack the big picture that we humans are simply middlemen between the real war which is between God (the God of the Bible) and Satan. Without that perspective your understanding is stunted although your insights into certain details are certainly illuminating. Sibel and Tom’s revelations about Gladio, for instance, are prime examples.

    On the other side, those with great understanding of the true conflict which is nearing its completion are often deaf, dumb, and blind on issues that are commonly discussed on sites like this one.

    One man, however, Walter Veith, has it all and freely presents it to those of us who have a mind and heart to listen and learn. The reason the “elite” have used the so called Hegelian dialectic for centuries before Hegel is clear. He borrowed it from them, not the other way around. But the elite, neither, invented it but were taught by their God, the God of the Earth, because it is the means to control the behavior of populations.

    I challenge any of you who have a few hours (approximately 50 for this series of lectures) to remove the blindfold that keeps you from true understanding and click the following link:

    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL95B1BB23B7A3C795 – Total Onslaught by Walter Veith

    Assuming that, less than 1% of you on this site has even made it this far into this message but want to get directly to the “meat” watch one or more of the following individual lectures from this series:

    The Secret Behind Secret Societies: https://youtu.be/eDrscByKEUQ?list=PL95B1BB23B7A3C795
    The Islamic Connection: https://youtu.be/QCmSBfVXEmA?list=PL95B1BB23B7A3C795
    A New World Order: https://youtu.be/Hct9S4cLYQY?list=PL95B1BB23B7A3C795
    The UN & the Occult Agenda: https://youtu.be/fSNU-jlHkDs?list=PL95B1BB23B7A3C795

    • if you you didn’t know, would you still know?

    • 911 inside job means for us to ‘question the narrative.’ Biblical writings/readings and their exploitation, are narrative. A narrative.
      Factored into deciding biblical relevance ‘going forward’, is the question asking, if that original narrative is a script being acted out through time, later claimed “prophetic” rather than a preordained absolute with no possibility of deviation ?
      There are obviously enough among us desiring meaning and the laying of hands using chaos as flux, to play out ancient writings AS prophecy.
      This “true conflict which is nearing its completion” need not be any such thing at all except present day desire to claim destiny by making it happen. and insisting it as prophecy.
      The blindfold rxlist, through Vieth in this case, invites me to remove, becomes instead, a blindfold I am invited to put on.

      • A narrative? Yes, and what a narrative, “declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done”. Consider the probability of all the prophecy about just one man, Jesus Christ, coming to pass. “Peter Stoner states in his book, Science Speaks, that if there were only 8 prophecies in the entire Christian Bible, there would be a 1 in 100 quadrillion chance that any one man could fulfill all 8 prophecies.” There were many more than 8 and no men made “it happen. ..insisting it as prophecy” as you assert. Quite the opposite, in fact.

        So, here we are at the end trying to make sense of the world while we obstinately turn our backs on the truth. Sibel has stated that to understand who “they” are we need to follow the money. This is only partially correct because that will take you only so high on the chain. The videos I posted reveal who controls those at the top of the money chain and what this conflict is really all about. The title of the series, “Total Onslaught” is a hint.

        • “Who are they … They are the dark armies — the dark, murdering armies of …” (Nineteen Eighty-Four)

          When you understand who ‘they’ are, you might understand who ‘you’ are, and in turn, understand the utility of ‘they’ and managing the expectations, norms and behaviors of other people through illusion. Make sure you ‘spell’ their name properly 😉

  13. Dave Hagen says:

    Tom, thanks for a truly thought provoking series. I have enjoyed it immensely. I subscribed to BFP initially to support Sibel, one of my heroes. And to discover your work here as well has me coming to this site all the more frequently. Bravo and keep up the challenging, much needed insights.

    I did have one observation concerning this topic of dialectics. In your previous episodes analyzing Gladio B and the mysterious use of false flag and other black op methods to quietly (sometimes not so quietly) create events that catalyze and terrorize…do you see a sort of dialectic at work? Perhaps dialectic is the wrong word, but it seems to me there is at least a repeating formula of “cause terror event” followed by a phase of manipulating public and legislative outcry to “do something about terror” which then leads to implementing some secret plan long before concocted and standing by to roll out (ie anthrax then the Patriot Act…or 9/11 then the Iraq War.) Cause a problem, then launch into action with a ready-made solution…exactly what was wanted in the first place.

    As I mentioned this may not be a dialectic in the Marxian or Hegelian sense…but it is a recognizable cause/effect pattern. Could it be this pattern to which truthers and others refer when THEY use the term dialectic?

    Could it be that people are correctly noticing the operation of invisible black ops and deep state events, but then incorrectly applying the term “Hegelian dialectic” as the name for this pattern?

    I keep thinking of that scene from The Princess Diaries, when Vizzini repeatedly says, “inconceivable.” To which Inigo Montoya replies, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    Just a thought.

    And BTW, the Deadwood music is perfect.

  14. stevan topping says:

    Tom, just back from a few days camping with the family. The general narrative; “I’m Elsa,” “No i’m Elsa, your Ana.” Me and the wife, never mind the kids. That’s if you know the movie, ‘Frozen.’ Anyhow, i could probably shoehorn the narrative in to the Hegelian Dialectic. The reason i bring it up, i’m waiting on a parcel from the US and it’s at least two weeks late. In a more serious vein, i wan’t to clarify. Jeremy Corbyn, front line politician in the UK. He has a fair amount of the genuine about him. I glance at his detractors. The effort to marginalise him is palpable and telling. Failing that, may his likes thrive rather than ‘slip on the proverbial bar of soap at the top of the stairs.’ Happy New Year…

  15. Bradley Fuller says:

    All that can be thought of as a manipulative course of action will be tried according to the situation and what the manipulator thinks is the best course of action in accordance to the knowledge they have on a situation, from false flag to general propaganda in speaking of the grand scale and not just of the local rod and gun club. In assessing a society I look at its laws, judiciary and outcomes as this is all that stands between the citizen and government are laws and the courts. Are the laws just and do they apply across the board and is the judiciary just in administrating the law in a just manner? All the rest is ideological claptrap of differing persuasions. If the law and its institution has been corrupted then what you have is a dictatorship which can range on a scale from complete benevolence to genocidal but a government of a select interest’s agenda.

    • dancingbrave says:

      Sibles plan of highlighting judges with a conflict of interest would agree with your comments, maybe that’s something the new site could report on. It makes sense that Judges, politicians,etc are more a target of surveillance than the average person.

  16. Yeah, the son of a racist millionaire who himself borrowed half a million dollars from the Federal Government is really fighting against the status quo by staging an armed occupation of Indian land…


  17. Very belated comment but nonetheless.

    Why has the Monarch butterfly become occult symbol? Because when it migrates between Mexico and Canada, it takes several generations to complete the journey. The very limited lifespan of one specimen only allows it to complete a portion of the traverse. So it procreates and dies and the next generation, once metamorphosed into a butterfly, completes another part of the journey. And so the process repeats until the destination is reached.

    The wonder of course is this generational purpose and objective this species somehow has acquired. This is a holy grail for humankind to want and desire. Because when we’re start thinking large scale, the lifespan of man is a very limiting factor.

    It was only when dynasties of Kings and Pharaoh’s arose in ancient Sumer and Egypt we acquired this capacity to take on projects that would require more than one generation to complete. A ruling family could commit to the objective for many generations. (is the name Monarch butterfly by chance?)

    It’s important for topics discussed in this podcast. Because this conspiratorial view on history requires this mechanism exists. For the “elites” -whoever they are- to steer history in the way we’re talking about here, it needs to be able to plan and execute objectives spanning several generations.

    Thing is, it does exist. And for most part of history (from Egypt, to Persia, to Greece, to Rome, etc) the nobility performed this function. For instance in my stomping grounds the Netherlands, the construction of the system of levees and dikes, cumulating in the Delta Works, spans centuries. And over and over again it were the nobility and the courts serving as initiators and driving forces behind the ongoing construction.
    Well sure, one might say. They were the ruling classes so evidently it always points back to them. Correlation does not imply causation. Maybe, maybe not.

    In today’s world we still rely heavily on nobility, ruling families and dynasties as a form of stability. Doesn’t matter if they have title’s or not. Take the Bush or Kennedy dynasties, makes no different. Some like the Rothschilds even go out of their way to get titles like Baron and Knight.

    My question would be, if the Monarch ability exists (and to me this seems a certainty) do “they” use it, how actively and organized and finally how effective is it? In the end how much influence do they have? Can they shape the world or not?

    I think it looks a bit like this.. When the huge tanker ships head to port their mass and momentum is so tremendous they can hardly steer. They can’t really maneuver and on their own would smash into the dock. But out of the harbor come these tiny tugboats heading towards the oncoming tanker. They attach themselves to the monster ship and with little nudges, pulls and pushes steer it safely to the dockyard.
    If the whole of mankind is like a giant tanker with massive momentum of its own, seemingly unsteerable, can be directed with a relatively small amount of force. A little push or pull at the right place and time and one can control it’s course. At least to some extent.

    “In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill”

    • candideschmyles says:

      That tanker analogy is super 🙂

      • I agree, in terms of general direction we’re headed where we’re headed, but that can be influenced to speed up, slow down, change direction somewhat.

        Yes, very, very good analogy.

        • Thanks. 🙂

          I do very much agree with you it’s not a cause for pessimism but offers opportunities.

          If this giant dumb tanker would be totally unsteerable, just dully doing it’s Hegelian dialectic thing and end up wherever, and there’d be no way to influence it’s course, that would be cause for pessimism.
          The fact we can reason, understand the mechanisms and the process, and thus are able to exercise influence, is the view that provides perspective and possibilities. With one but. But only if people take responsibility. I personally believe most people really aren’t able to be responsible adult human beings. It requires emotional maturity and inner freedom of choice. A child can’t bear responsibility and taking on responsibility must always be a free choice, it can’t be imposed. That’s why people find all kinds of excuses. It’s not they like to shun responsibility (cause it makes one feel inadequate, not a pleasant feeling) it’s because they are simply unable. Immature.

  18. John Satre says:

    I just wanted to say this podcast is good, I’ll miss it. Good luck in new venture.

  19. El Duderachi says:

    Hello Tom,

    Thankyou very much for your thought provoking episode. Good work. I have been on the verge of using the HegDial-meme a few times when in conversations with believers or non-believers. Luckily, I was able to swallow my words, because I knew I didnt exactly know what it meant… You make some excellent points about the current political system. But one thing that I am fairly sure of, is that no matter what party has been in power the last 20-25 years over here (the amount of years that I have been politically aware. i’m in The Netherlands btw), they all seem to push the same agenda. And I keep a close eye on the UK too and not much difference there. For me, the final lesson was when a (so called) left wing party pushed us (NL) into joining the iraq war and then an even leftier party decided we should carry on our mission in Afghanistan. I truely feel that it doesnt matter if a left or right party is in power: the course is the same, be it with slightly different acompanying propaganda. The way I see it is that thepropaganda makes the shitizenry think, or rather pushes the public opinion, into a certain framework.

    …Not sure where the HegDial fits into this comment… must listen to your podcast for third or fourth time I think…

    Where ever you go from here: keep up the good work!


  20. John Satre says:

    Thank you Tom S,
    I thoroughly enjoyed every episode of this pod cast.

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