Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Final Days of Oregon Standoff

Peter B. Collins Presents Attorney/Rancher Todd Macfarlane

In this follow-up to our recent interview, attorney, rancher and activist Todd Macfarlane provides details of the final days of the standoff in Oregon, and explains some of the history of western ranchers vs. government disputes over grazing rights on public lands. He shares eyewitness accounts of the death of LaVoy Finicum at the January 26 roadblock, and speculates about possible government infiltrators, like “Mark McConnell” who insisted on driving Ammon Bundy into the roadblock but was not arrested. We talk about many aspects of the final days of the occupation, and the arrest of Cliven Bundy before Macfarlane explains important history of rancher disputes over grazing rights and fees.

*Todd Macfarlane is the attorney for the Finicum family and an activist for western rancher rights. The report we refer to by Montana rancher Hal Herring is here. The article in the Daily Astorian about the two sheriffs is here.

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  1. Thomas Skorich says:

    Is Mark McConnell a free mason?

  2. I do pause..
    On the last topic..
    About..Disputes over grazing rights and fees.
    Is that All..?
    In a Republic..!
    It would be a very small problem.
    on My Island.
    Meet a bison on Bornholm.
    I do not understand…!
    Best Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.

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