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  1. thymesup says:

    fr a couple of weeks i keep being discouraged at lack of ease in finding how to pledge to newsbud. your ad here is inactive. at kickstarter, i can’t figure how to find newsbud. no search bar i can see. frustrating. lynn b

  2. Hi Sibel,
    Just a suggestion hoping to help.
    I think it would be a easier access to have a direct link to the support page for people that are not the best at navigating around to donate to the cause. It may seem simple to some but having a big Green button that says donate here would take people directly to the donation page. I have spoken to a couple others that have found it difficult to get to the direct support page. The easier the better.
    Maybe each affiliate supporting this Spiro, Corbett, etc could carry a link as well it would make it very easy and quick to do.
    Can’t wait till your up and running!!!
    I hope this helps in some way..

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