Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Multi-Layered Cover-Up in “Finicum Shooting” & Subsequent Investigation

Peter B. Collins presents: Todd Macfarlane & Sibel Edmonds

Hours after the news conference where Oregon investigators declared the January 26 roadblock killing of LaVoy Finicum “justified”, Sibel Edmonds joined Peter B. Collins in a conversation with Todd Macfarlane, who had been representing the Finicum family. Unlike the hand-picked reporters at the briefing, we raise major questions about the justifications and review important details of the additional video and audio recordings released today, as well as the stunning revelation that 2 FBI agents lied to investigators (and 3 other agents backed them up) repeatedly in denying they had fired their weapons, leading to a fresh investigation of FBI wrongdoing by the FBI.

*Todd Macfarlane is an activist for western rancher rights, and was serving as the attorney for the Finicum family until recently.

**This is only one of many significant blacked out stories we will be taking on with gusto and integrity. Please do ‘Your’ share: Pledge and help us activate others to make Newsbud a reality.

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  1. Lawrence Shea says:

    Dear Friends,
    We all know I that it is extremely difficult to be intellectually objective at all times because our emotions are always present. With that said, it is very obvious to me that LaVoy Finicum’s irresponsible, belligerent, disrespectful, and unlawful behavior is what led to his very unfortunate and tragic demise. I can only hope and pray that he finally finds peace and love on the other side and that his family is lovingly cared for and supported by relatives, friends and neighbors.
    After watching the 12:35 minute incident video several times (posted on The Oregonian website), I can only conclude that Mr. Finicum’s intention was to become a martyr for his lost cause. At some point it would be useful for someone to count the number of times that Mr. Finicum challenged the Oregon State Police to shoot him. My guess is that it was somewhere in the neighborhood of two dozen times.
    Mr. Finicum was known to be armed and he was initially exhibiting extremely defiant, erratic and irresponsible behavior; one of his passengers was also armed. Generally speaking, members of law enforcement are not mind readers: they are usually too busy observing the behavior of the person that they are attempting to arrest or subdue. I can only imagine the communication that went from the state police team at initial stop to those members of the law enforcement team at the roadblock, after Mr. Finicum had fled the scene at a high rate of speed and thus became a fugitive from the law.
    A reasonable person would have concluded that Mr. Finicum’s behavior was dangerous, erratic, and very possibly suicidal. They would have informed their colleagues that the suspect was approaching their position at a very high rate of speed and that they should take every precaution because he might be desperate enough to attempt to break through the roadblock or fire his weapon at the police. This would explain why law enforcement was shooting at the truck before it swerved, and perhaps it may be why Mr. Finicum ultimately chose to swerve at the last instant. The fact that he only swerved his truck at the last possible instant also demonstrates his dangerousness and aggressiveness, as does his leaping out of the truck and continuously challenging law enforcement to shoot him.
    After watching the his death scene several times on a 24″ screen, which was merely inches away from me at the time, it appears to me that Mr. Finicum, after he lowers his hands, is going for the gun inside of his coat – right before he is killed by the state trooper. Although I would have preferred that the troopers had actually waited to observe him threatening them with a gun in his hand before he was shot down, one must remember that this is America in the “age of terror.”
    In a more civilized country, other means might have been used to talk him down instead of shooting him down. But in the final analysis it was Mr. Finicum’s defiant, threatening and aggressive behavior that fulfilled his desire for thanatos, I,e., for law enforcement to have his blood on their hands. He is not the first would-be martyr to provoke his own death. I am only sorry that the state police took the bait, but they were acting within the law, as sad as that may be. Suicide by means of provoking the police is fairly common in America, as is outright murder by the police.
    In my estimation, the Oregon State Police acted with great restraint up to the point where Mr. Finicum appeared to be reaching inside of his coat after he disobeyed commands for him to keep his hands in the air. Members of law enforcement are just as human as the rest of us and they have to react instantaneously based upon their perceived behavior of a potentially very dangerous fugitive. They do not want to be killed or injured on the job any more than anyone else does. Mr. Finicum made a choice to flaunt the law and to endanger himself, his passengers and several members of law enforcement, who were merely trying to do their job. It is obvious to me that Mr. Finicum wanted to die.
    I sincerely hope that Newsbud is going to be better informed by the facts before publishing a news story. The rush to judgment that was demonstrated by all of you, who participated in the interview, was acutely embarrassing to me, as it should be to all of you. Did any of you watch that 12:35 minute video with the eye of a bona fide journalist before you shamelessly prattled on nonsensically? Where on Earth was your collective objectivity?

  2. My data limit has run out so I havent listened to this. But it sounds like what happened was they ambushed him to murder him, or make him think he was going to be murded, provoked him, and then he got out and taunted them in frustration. That would be no excuse to shoot him except in the eyes of a psychopath. Just like shooting folks for having their hands cuffed, or sitting on a bench, or telling a cop his headlights are too brights and refusingthe subsequent illegal arrest. Due to the idolization of law enforcement, they have taken on a right to kill mindset. If only society didnt’t worship and accept such crooked acts as legitimate things may never have devolved to this point.

  3. Edit: The first group tried to murder him so he taunted the second group in frustration.

  4. Haven’t listened to the podcast, though watched the video of the shooting the other day.. Coming from a European point of view I find very hard to gauge, to look at it through American eyes. Had this happened here it would rock the nation and I’m pretty sure the government would fall over it. It’s just incomparable because of the gun laws and the level of violence people are accustomed too. To me it looks like cold blooded murder and what they put the people in the car through is akin to a mock execution. These are brutal police state, military junta images. “Yeah but he was armed”, “Police can take no chances”, “He was being provocative” etc.
    I do wonder what would have happened if Finicum would have been a black activist. With black women en children in his car. “If I had an older brother he would have looked like Finicum”, I can hear someone say. Hashtags about certain lives that matter all over the place. I’m not denouncing or ridiculing that cause, I’m observing how divided the people are. Why is it allowed to grow a movement that puts race at it’s center? Instead of placing police brutality or killings (murders) by law enforcement officers at the focal point? It isn’t a coincidence you don’t see any movements without some kind of division build into it. Why aren’t feminists movements screaming bloody murder about the terrorization of the women? “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” Right. All too busy ‘protesting’ with selfies I guess.
    It’s all nice boxed in. “Militiaman shot” says the headline and everyone knows if they should care or not. Not one of ours? O well, shrugs.
    There is a man shot by police. Shot in the back. Dying in the snow. A human being. I don’t need to hear the excuses. I want to know why people excuse it and look the other way.

  5. Steven Teng says:

    If you listen to the testimonies of Victoria Sharpe and Shawna Cox, they describe an unprovoked shot fired without warning by the police at the first stop when Ryan Payne stuck his upper body out of the window. Perhaps they had very good reason to flee the first stop? If it is true that the FBI and OSP blocked out body and dash cams it is very hard not to raise the possibility of premeditation. I can see nothing on the aerial footage that will either prove or disprove the most important parts of Victoria Sharpe’s and Shawna Cox’s stories, which are very consistent with each other. The other witness, I cannot remember his name, seemed to speak in the lexicon of a police officer. I understand he was released very quickly by the police. I did hear Shawna Cox express her belief that he was a traitor or informant. If video, or other evidence, existed which clearly exonerated the FBI and OSP I have to suspect we would have seen it by now.

  6. Found time to listen with the attention it deserves. Todd Macfarlane brought up the quote “methinks thou doth protest too much”, I was thinking of “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth” while listening.
    Because the way I see it tis in the end becomes the argument. “Well if he just had…”. Fill in the blanks. If he just had been more meek what it boils down to. I’d turn it around. He was killed because he was a strong-minded man? What kind of reasoning is this? Those who use the “should have been meek” argument are basically saying “We’ve got such a dysfunctional system it can’t handle headstrong people other than killing them.”
    Would encourage Todd and all others involved to stick to it because you are 100% right in my opinion. They killed this man needlessly. It needn’t have happened. And who created the conditions? That’s who is responsible. Finicum didn’t create the conditions. He reacted. Other people might have reacted differently, makes no different, it’s besides the point. And even in his headstrong manner Finicum was deescalating when proposing they all go to the sheriff together. Though it was probably already too late at that moment. The stage had already been set leading to the inevitable outcome.
    It’s pretty disgusting the way they now blame the victim. The person that was murdered. Going beyond “he brought it on himself ” to “he wanted to be shot”. It’s to loathsome for words. And for the family, not only did they take a husband and farther from them, now they tell them he did it himself. What kind of soulless people are we dealing with? Again Finicum didn’t create the conditions on that road. He didn’t set the stage.
    Anyway I hope with Sibel there are still decent people out there who won’t go along with the whitewash and cover-up and will come forward.
    Thank you for the podcast. Stay strong!

  7. Lawrence Shea says:

    After multiple viewings of the video on The Oregonian website (03/08/16), which climaxes with the shooting death of LaVoy Finicum, I can only reach one conclusion, i.e., that Mr. Finicum wanted to become a martyr. I counted at least 15 times that Mr. Finicum taunted and challenged the Oregon State Troopers to kill him, and he eventually gave them ‘legal justification’ to do just that.

    My conclusion is based upon reason; it is not based upon emotion. I am not emotionally attached to this unfortunate incident in any way. I find it very sad and unfortunate that Mr. Finicum made the fatal choice of lowering his hands in an apparent motion to reach for the gun inside of his coat. Had he obeyed the state troopers. he would still be alive today. Did the state troopers shoot anyone else? No! That was because everyone else obeyed their commands to exit the vehicle. All of his passengers obeyed the commands of law enforcement and so they are all alive today. LaVoy Finicum chose to die, when he lowered his hands and went for his gun. There is no way that he did not understand what the consequences of going for his gun would be; he knew it would mean certain death. I say this to those of you who refuse to see the reality in the video: there are none so blind as those who will not see!

    Furthermore, one does not need to be a mental health expert to recognize that LaVoy Finicum was exhibiting profound suicidal behavior throughout the entire video. Attempting to impose one’s will upon heavily armed state troopers, while at the same time taunting them to kill you, is not a life-sustaining strategy. The popular song. “I Fought the Law and the Law One,” comes to foremost to my mind.

    Mr. Finicum was full of his own self-righteousness indignation and self-importance. Moreover, he was overcome by his own passionate rage. His desire for death reminds me of the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s famous line from his poem “The Masque of Pandora.” This line, which is spoken by Prometheus, is based upon is a very ancient and timeless proverb and the line states; “Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad.”

    Given Mr. Finicum’s surname, I imagine him to be of Frisian ancestry. Many descended from that freedom-loving tribe, such as General David Petraeus or Oscar Pretorius [sic], have classical sounding Latin names. The Frisians made an excellent mercenary cavalry for Julius Caesar’s army, when he invaded Britain. Ironically, ‘fini cum’ in Latin translates into ‘end with.’ Lavoy Finicum’s life was literally in his own hands; he chose to end [it] with a suicide-by-cop. He displayed tragically irresponsible behavior in the moment and his stubborn self-centeredness sealed his senseless fate. May, Almighty God rest his soul, provide for his family, and comfort his friends. Amen.

    • Coincidentally I am a born Frisian. Finicum however is a Irish name (from Finegan).. I do recognize his character. A headstrong man who is going to be heard. One you don’t point guns at but simply walk towards the car window and calmly talk with. Offer a chew or mint and simply talk to and with. Any good policeman or law enforcement officer should know how to approach people. It’s police job 101 to assess.
      What did they do instead? Set up a roadblock and a kill box. It is not about Finicums character but you couldn’t do a more piss poor job of apprehending a person who doesn’t respond to the threat of deadly force the way they like people to. If you wanted the man dead, this would be exactly the way to do it. It’s gross incompetence at best and deliberate murder at worst.
      Like Todd pointed out with changing policies concerning car chases, you pick the one less likeliest to result in casualties. Police and government have a certain monopoly when it comes to the use of force and this comes with great responsibility. To use in such a manner it’s the least likely to escalate. If you want to ‘reason’ they didn’t choose the worst approach possible you’re going to have to twist a lot more words my friend.

    • “Furthermore, one does not need to be a mental health expert to recognize that LaVoy Finicum was exhibiting profound suicidal behavior throughout the entire video. Attempting to impose one’s will upon heavily armed state troopers, while at the same time taunting them to kill you, is not a life-sustaining strategy. The popular song. “I Fought the Law and the Law One,” comes to foremost to my mind.”

      And on that note, it doesn’t take a mental health professional to realize that only a complete psychopath, or perhaps a person with a great deal of experience with being shot at, is going to be thinking clearly a logically after being ambushed and shot at by one party and then being confronted by another party which had the same intentions. The first party tried to murder him. The second party did murder him. He was a man with no hope and no way out. There was no logical or reasonable option for him, so he, figuratively speaking, threw his hands up in the air, and then taunted them in frustration. Also, even if he had been going for his gun it would have been within his rights to do so. The first party tried to murder him. It would be reasonable to conclude that the second party had the same intention. Attempted murder is attempted murder regardless of who attempts it.

      There is a great danger in the country. A dialogue has been created in which it is justifiable for the police to kill someone for just about anything. Our society has deemed it okay for cops to murder people for, and these are just examples, being homeless and waving an open hand in the air while sitting on a bench, resisting kidnapping for telling a cop his headlights are too bright, and now resisting an attempted murder by cops. That the agents lied is telling. They know the law and they know they were outside it. And now we have you here in this weak attempt to sway public opinion with this ridiculous “intellectual” posturing act.

      You people know no bounds. And that is what it dangerous. Society must change the dialogue with which it addresses you “authority” types. It must stop cheering on the murders of outliers, otherwise, and as is becoming more comming, it will be suffering the murders by cop of the more mainstream americans.

      The true threat here is the immunity of authority and the worship of authority. Now we have around 30% of children ending up in the penal system and bing beaten and harrased by authority on a daily basis, not to mention their exploitation by every educational and medical “authority” that can get access. The relentless hubris by authorities who claim to be there to serve and protect, all the while murdering and beating their way through life will eventually lead to a societal collapse. These children will grow up resentful of authority as they have been so thoroughly abused by it. And their elders will grow more distrustful a resentful as well.

      This will lead nowhere good. And every murder, framing, lie, and half truth will add to that pile. I am only glad I do not live in an inner city where this societal metldown is likely to first occurr.

      Given the hubris and remorseless psychopathy of authority, I see little hope that such a meltdown won’t occur.

      But now that the whites and blacks, and likely latino’s too, all share the same distrust for the same problematic enemy, perhaps a more respectful society can be built out of that meltdown.

      Lucky for me I won’t have to be part of it.

  8. The meltdown, that is.

  9. Raymond Kitchen says:

    I wouldn’t feed the Trolls! “L” is clearly one of them trying to stir up the debate here.

    I have watched the phone video and the aerial video. They both fit well with each other. To me this looks like murder. Not sure if it was planned or not but definitely the authorities were aggressive in the way they dealt with this. They are suppose to be trained professionals in de-escalating situations in non-violent manner. WTF?

  10. Lawrence Shea says:

    I think that we have all watched the same video, wherein Mr. Finicum swerves to avoid crashing into the roadblock and then hurriedly and aggressively exits his vehicle as he raises both of his arms straight out to the side, thereby demonstrating that he has no weapon in either hand. Throughout the entire time, Mr. Finicum is encouraging the state troopers to “Go ahead and shoot me”; “You’re gonna have to shoot me, etc.”

    Well, when Mr. Finicum lowers his hands and reaches inside of his coat for his nine mm handgun, the state troopers obviously felt as though this furious and out-of-control gentleman was going to start firing his gun at them. So, they made the instantaneous decision to drop him. Anyone can have the opinion that the state troopers committed a murder when they shot Mr. Finicum down. However, an objective, dispassionate and thoughtful assessment of Mr. Finicum’s final seconds of life is more likely to yield a strong argument of self-defense on the part of the state troopers. Mr. Finicum initiated his own status as a fugitive when he chose to flee after his first stop by law enforcement. There are none so blind as those who will not see nor as those who see only what they want to see. This condition is known as self-inflicted emotional blindness.

    I would like to suggest to those of you who simply cannot let go of the Finicum mini-drama that you focus instead upon the upcoming anniversary of the state execution of Martin Luther King Jr., This anniversary takes place on Monday April the fourth at 6:01 PM. Dr. King was a real martyr, who was executed by his own government for being a strong dissenter against his government’s criminal policies. He posed a genuine threat to the criminal enterprise, known as the USA. A good place to learn about this is William F. Pepper’s excellent book, “An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King.” The same faction and forces that executed JFK also executed Dr. King. Since that time, America has become nothing more that a de facto fascist military dictatorship run for and by arch-criminals. It’s time to wake up children!

  11. I finally watched the video of this. Both cell and airial.

    1) Lavoy was being stupid. Although it was clear that he was taunting them, daring them to make a P.R. mess, which they did. And which always seems to happen in these things is the illegitimate delayed release of evidence, which adds to the bad P.R.. This isn’t any different than a tree hugger daring the bull dozer to run them over IMO. Or a protester daring an Israeli bull dozer. Of course, we know that the Israeli dozer pilot would just run them over anyway.

    2) It is hard to tell what is happening from the airial footage. He could be going for something, but he was sure doing a poor job of it with the constant up and down of his hands. More likely a balance issue if in leather soled boots. He appears to be responding to the yelling from multiple directions he was getting. He should have just stood straight with his hands in the air instead of moving around, but likely wasn’t thinking clearly due to tue stress of the crash and being surrounded. The problem is that his stance and movement do not indicate an attempt to draw, unless it was one clumsy attempt. His hands would not have kept going up and down like that if he had attempted to draw, supposing he even was armed at all. My bet is a balance issue. If he is trying to draw a shoulder gun, why is his hand moving back? Not on the collar or buttons of the jacket, but moving back, away from his body, and his right hand is going toward his hip… Unless he wore a gun on his hip in a cross draw manner, which I recall he didn’t, it was a straight draw manner, there is no way he was going for a gun. Look at tue angle of his right arm. And why don’t we have body cam footage? They turned that off, and it would have cleared any wrong doing if there was none. It pisses me off that turning off a body cam is not a felony.

    Nothing will be definitive until the audio is matched up to the video. Has anyone done that? That really needs to be done. Why is there no audio? And how many times was he shot?

    And I am wondering, Why didn’t they just tazer him, and what was that idiot who ran in front of the truck doing? And why did they confront the protesters anyway?

    From what I have seen the whole thing could have been better handled on both sides. Doesn’t excuse the shooting though.

    The vids I watched were the J.KNIGHT (phone) and Conservative Outfitters (airial) ones. If there are better, please let me know.

  12. If he is trying to draw a shoulder gun, why is his LEFT hand moving back? Not on the collar or buttons of the jacket, but moving back, away from his body, and his right hand is going toward his hip… Unless he wore a gun on his hip in a cross draw manner, which I recall he didn’t, it was a straight draw manner, there is no way he was going for a gun. Look at the angle of his right arm. It is pointed downward, not up as it would need to be to draw from a shoulder holster. And why don’t we have body cam footage? They turned that off, and it would have cleared any wrong doing if there was none. It pisses me off that turning off a body cam is not a felony.


    I watched it some more, and his left and and right hand were going toward his left hip. Which would explain why he suddenly lowered his hands after having them sky high.

    If you find a bullet would above his left hip, this really was murder.

    • Here’s a link to the autopsy report
      It is alleged he had a pistol in his left, inside pocket of his denim jacket at the time of the shooting. There is a photo showing the gun in the pocket. I believe the family has said that the gun did belong to Lavoy. Only the OSP and FBI people involved know if the gun was in the pocket or not when he was shot.
      Either way, that roadblock should’ve been a little further down the road, on the straight stretch, IMO. And the attempted cover up of the two shots by the FBI HRT team is inexcusable.

  13. I think in the future better tactics are in order. Being provacative may feel necessary, but is counter productive in the long term. Unfortunately they do have a very legitimate sounding story now. I wonder sometimes if they hid the data just to get people suspicious. Kinda like they do with apparent faked injuries at actual manufacutred terror attacks. The turning off of the body cams was one of the main things for me. Although I am now doubting my view.

    They could have brought it down more peacefully. It seems like both sides were gunning for a confrontation after seeing the vids. But only the authorities were really ready to back it up. Maybe chaining themselves to the building would hage been wiser. In the future it may be wisest to totally and visually incontrovertably disarm. Guns are good for self defense in acute situations, wild life, mugging… etc.., but a protest is usually not the best place for them. It would have really changed things for this to have been a completely unarmed protest, with chaining/anchoring activities.

    Better protest tactics are really needed. Still need to see report.

  14. It is possible that he was reacting to Gunshot wound #1. It could explain his movements, along with his slippery western boots. But we won’t know without good audio.

    One thing, has the family been given photos of the autopsy? Direct access to the body? I see only 3 bullet wounds mentioned in tue report but have heard of 9.

    We need a body cam law. Purposely turning it off should be a felony. It breeds and incites doubt and fear within the public to turn them off purposely. It also cpuld count as evidence of guilt in a court of law were the LEO’s brought to court, so there iw no good reason to turn them off, ever. Failures to keep them on under normaly circumstances should be a misdemeanor unless it can be shown it was purposely done or repeatedly done, and then it should be conaidered a felony. 3 non critical failures to keep it on should be a felony. 2 Critical failures (where it is sorely needed (a shooting for example) should be a felony. Failure to have a body cam should be a felony, and both vid and mic must be of high quality and in working order.

    Furthermore it should he required that all evidence be put in public domain as rapidly as it gained in the event of a shooting by an officer, wnforced with felony level charges if not. This would help remove doubt and fear which the turning off of the body cam has caused here.

    These two issues are the biggest problems for me in doubting the LEO version of events. And both could he easily remedied.

    I have to wonder why these police organizations are not more adamant about such transparency because if we had that level of transparency, along with prosecutions against really crooked cops (like the one that shot that kid for telling him his headlights were too bright), a lot of this tension could be eliminated. The bad cops would go to prison, and the good ones would be much safer without an angry public so fearful of them.

    I am hopeful that the growing distrust of LEO will aid in the acceptance of laws like this. It could all be eliminated with more transparency. We also need to consider citizen courts for prosecuting clear violations of law by any government related personel. This would allow real criminality to be brought to an end, and tensions to fall.

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