Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: US Role in Unfolding Coup in Brazil?

Peter B. Collins presents Journalist Pepe Escobar

Following the dramatic April 17 vote to impeach Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff, Pepe Escobar unpacks the layers of corruption in his native country and suspects an American role in the effort to take down the pro-workers PT party based on NSA surveillance of the state oil firm, Petrobras, and of Rousseff personally. We talk about the “Car Wash” corruption scandal that touches most elected officials, the brazen effort to remove a president who has not been charged with a “crime of responsibility” as required by law, and the scheming of the vice president, Michel Temer, who will serve as acting president if the Senate sustains the impeachment attempt.

*Pepe Escobar is a globetrotting reporter who writes for RT, Sputnik and TomDispatch. He is the author of Empire of Chaos and several other books.

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  1. This crap has been going on forever in latin america. But what can be dine about it?

    • Do not elect Your..
      “Puppet-Show Man or Woman”.
      If I could vote..
      In the USA…!
      For a new President.
      I would vote for Bernie Sanders.
      But I can not..
      Because I come from another nation. (Denmark).
      Bernie Sanders would not be the one..
      To save US all..
      He would be a great step..
      In the Right Way..
      To Walk.
      Best Regards
      Jens and Bornholm.
      Ps. Car Wash all over our World.

  2. Ups…Sorry..
    Washington..! ( did I spell that right ).
    I mean no offense..
    Best Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.

  3. I think..
    I have 50 dollars..
    To Spend..
    In a world, of alarm.
    I will invest them for now…
    At Peter B. Collins.
    See You on the other side.
    I will be There.
    Best Regards
    Jens and Bornhom.

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