Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Hastert Coverup Cemented in Place

Peter B. Collins presents Sibel Edmonds

In the last week of April, the judge who sentenced former GOP Speaker Dennis Hastert to 15 months in jail described him accurately as a “serial child molester” while, perhaps unwittingly, he cemented in place the coverup of Hastert’s serious crimes (not limited to pedophilia) as a Congressman and Speaker. Sibel Edmonds has accurately, and courageously, exposed much more of the sordid history of Hastert; in over 9 months, no other media outlet we’re aware of has even raised the most obvious question: did Hastert stop molesting boys when he went to Washington? Edmonds knows that the FBI and CIA videotaped many of his sexual adventures, strong evidence that Hastert’s conviction for lying about structured transactions is the most serious attempt at a “limited hangout” coverup since Nixon. So far, it’s holding nicely for its creators.

*Sibel Edmonds is found and publisher of BoilingFrogsPost. Her most recent book, a novel called The Lone Gladio, includes some scenes based on the real Dennis Hastert Story. The complete archive of Hastert coverage is here.

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  1. Lawrence Shea says:

    The name of our country should be changed to USA Criminal Enterprises Unlimited, Inc. Dennis “Nest-Feathering” Hastert and his ilk are only symptomatic of the corrupt form of what passes for governance in this pathetic and totally corrupt empire, in which we live. We are ruled by the most powerful criminal syndicate on the planet, with its corporate and financial influence, its destructive military muscle and might, its illegal system of spying on all of us, and its cozy collusion with the propagandizing and fawning mainstream media.

    The system is all about having the goods on the other guy or gal, so that they can be coerced into doing something that they would not ordinarily do otherwise, by means of, threats or blackmail. ‘You’re gonna pay us da protection money or we’re gonna burn da joint down.’ If you are willing to get with their program, the system will allow you to get rich, if you can maneuver it without getting caught. All the while you can try to fulfill your warped fantasies and wet dreams. Ooh, can I be prezident and fly around on Air Farce Won! Sure, just bend over and squeal like a stuck pig.

    By all means, expose all of the corruption and criminality – expose it, expose it, expose it! Apathy is the greatest enemy. The goons have most of us running on treadmills like a pack of maniacal gerbils. Who has time for this deep and scary political stuff, anyway? Most people are running from paycheck to paycheck. There is a fine line between realism and cynicism, and even though I believe in the goodness and sincerity of most human beings, I am skeptical that any of this exposure will make very much of a difference. However, you will continue to have my support.

    However, think of poor unfortunate Michael Hastings. The system that you are attempting to expose is run, as you well know, by mass-murdering criminals, who will not hesitate to kill anyone who stands in their way (“They would do anything to materialize their every wish, oh, yeah.”). By all means, expose their crimes and misdeeds, at the very least, the exposure makes for entertaining reading, entertaining watching, and entertaining listening. Just don’t set your expectations too high, and remember – if they ain’t really threatening or coercing you, then, you ain’t really a threat to them. Have a blast!

  2. Um, peterm, reread what he wrote. Shea is not on your side. He does bring attention to a critical issue though. Are there any remedies at all that can be taken?

  3. I can not Wait..
    For Mothers Day..
    To Come.
    I Will Be There.
    Best Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.
    ps. I will not give Up.

  4. VoiceOf Arabi says:

    I have enjoyed listening to this podcast. if i listened to this few years ago, i would have said, another podcast by “conspiracy theories” nut jobs, but today, i find this plausible, and will believe that it happened not because of the information i have heard here, but because of all the “other” indication that the system is corrupt.

    My awakening came after a trip to Russia, followed by a trip to China and Vietnam that made me see all the information that i received via the main stream media is distorted.

    according to the bell curve, around 80% of people are sensible, law abiding citizens just like you and I, however, the same percentage are basically trusting and will believe the news given to them by people in authority.

    Everyone can see that the 80% of people can easily win over the 20%, however, they will not while they are brainwashed by the 20%. Therefore, Media/Press/News, call it what you want, if this is not free and independent, this will never happen. So, thank you for doing your part in enabling the free and independent news media..

    Question, how are we going to achieve this??

    question2, Is USA the best place to start this task? or should this process start in countries that are less exposed to the brainwashing machine of the MSM ?? Why not try to win the people in Vietnam, Malaysia, Venezuela, Iran, etc…

    and i agree this have to be fully independent from corporate and government influence… But is it really bad to play countries against each other for the benefit of free press (getting one time donation for telling the truth about another countries enemy), if you make your action transparent to your audience?

    Obviously, this movement did not reach “The Tipping Points” or “Critical Mass” (both are interesting books), but it certainly have the potential to do so if you can steer it in the right direction. This is scandals / betrayals / cheating / killing / laying, which are all topics that loved by the 80% on that bell curve… they just need to hear it, and not think this is mad people babbling.

  5. The Tipping Point..
    Will Happen..When..
    Critical Mass..Breaks Down.
    The refugees from Syria and Africa.
    Why do they flee to Europe.?
    Not to Riyadh..!
    Or Dubai..!
    Or…To a Land off freedom…!
    Best Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.

    • VoiceOf Arabi says:

      Hi Jens,

      I don’t know why they flee to Europe, but i can guess it is for the same reason why people want to immigrate to USA… They believe The American Dream (which people heard it is also possible in Europe), which is essentially what is causing the distortion in the whole world.. People in America are waking up slowly to how false the American Dream is, but the powerful propaganda machine still control the masses, and until that’s broken, we will be swimming against a very powerful current.

      For me, a more demanding question is… Why is “THE KINGDOM” of Saudi is trying to bring democracy into the Republic of Syria???

      • For more Power.
        To Their Kingdom..
        Just like the old Day’s..
        In Europe..When we, fought..
        And killed..War’s..
        Tribe against Tribe…
        Belief against Belief..!
        I am just a small Islander..
        After all is said an Done.
        Best Regards
        Jens and Bornholm.

  6. Hmmm..
    “There Is No Doubt About It.” …
    It is just like a fairy tale…
    The Obama Dinner speech…
    In Apr 30, 2016…!
    Say What..! Obama…Or who Ever.
    Sorry..I did pause…
    Now were was I going…
    I mean…
    Just like A fairy tale, it was.
    Next one please…
    To pluck a feather…
    By…H.C Andersen.
    Best Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.

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