War Industry Muster with Christian Sorensen- “Corporations & Locations of U.S. War/Space Industry”

War Industry Muster discusses one U.S. military contract from the past week and briefly talks about its implications regarding U.S. foreign policy, government spending priorities, and overall militarism. This week, we provide an overview of the Pentagon's stateside infrastructure that is facilitating the weaponization of space. We cover the major bases of operation and the U.S. corporations that profit from the militarization of space.

Christian Sorensen is a military analyst. He focuses on war profiteering, and is based out of the Boston area. He is a U.S. Air Force veteran.

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  1. steven hobbs says:

    Damn, Christian! Hat’s off to you! And, importantly NewsBud for bringing you. What a drilling down into the belly of the beast. A lot of attention given, and devotion to this investigation. I’ll revisit detail. Thank you.

    Visuals are cool too! What a piece of work you’ve presented. Doubt that pleb thugs get such a schooling [better to keep cells ignorant of others]. Thank you for such a detailed, and explicit overview. Great contribution.

  2. I just got an email, which I HAVEN’T opened…

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    That is what appeared in my spam box. That is what shows before you click on it.
    Why would fedex send me “confidential personal information”? I have never recieved such an email from them before. And what is up with that link title and only having one “/”?

    Am I just paranoid or is this really like one of those emails Luke Rudkowski and Stuart Rhodes got that one time?

  3. I am starting to wonder about this. I just got another email about a package that wasn’t delivered. Obviously luring me to open the email, which I haven’t. What makes it more strange is that I have not recently sent a package and the last one I did send was delivered last week.

  4. Clerk definately got the brief package. This is odd.

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