War Industry Muster: An Overview of the Pentagon’s Relationship with U.S. Academia

War Industry Muster discusses one U.S. military contract from the past week and briefly talks about its implications regarding U.S. foreign policy, government spending priorities, and overall militarism. This week, we provide an overview of the Pentagon’s relationship with U.S. academia. We name the major U.S. universities that cooperate with the Pentagon, and we briefly explain how each institution aids and abets the U.S. war industry.

*Christian Sorensen is a military analyst. He focuses on war profiteering, and is based out of the Boston area. He is a U.S. Air Force veteran.

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  1. It is not just in the USA..
    All of this take place..
    It also take place in my..
    Little Denmark..
    After all..Is said and done.
    You say Pentagon..
    I say Hok..In Danish, it means..
    (Army Operational Command (Denmark) ).
    Have We lost our, moral high ground…!
    I Just Wonder, where we are going.
    In the World of the West.?
    Best Regards, across the sea’s .
    Jens and Bornholm.

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