From Russian Media This Week- Operation Gladio B: US State Dep Threatens Russia with Unleashing Terrorists on Its Soil

Who Is Who in the Russian Newspaper World & What Is Being Reported in Russia this Week

In this first edition of the Russian Newspaper Monitor, a new weekly show produced by Newsbud, Professor Filip Kovacevic gives an overview of the Russian newspaper media scene. He also discusses the front-page news stories from Rossiyskaya Gazeta (RG), Izvestia, Kommersant, Pravda and Komsomolskaya Pravda on a whole variety of topics, including the Russian view of the U.S. policy in Syria, Putin's visit to Kazakhstan, the new generation of Russian strategic bomber aircraft patrolling the Pacific, the Russian military draft, and the political positions of the Russian Communist Party. Come and join us in this one-of-a-kind overview of Russian media landscape, and what’s been cooking there this past week.

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Show Notes

  1. Rossiyskaya Gazeta [Russian Newspaper] -
  2. Izvestia [News Reports] -
  3. Nezavisimaya Gazeta [Independent Newspaper] -
  4. Kommersant [The Businessman] -
  5. Novaya Gazeta [New Newspaper] -
  6. Pravda [Truth]-


  1. Komsomolskaya Pravda [Komsomol Truth] - (daily)
  2. Argumenty and Facty [Arguments and Facts] - (weekly)

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  1. Very impressive. Looking forward to learning more from this reporter.

  2. Marijke Taelman says:

    Dear Sir,
    Wonderful initiative to know more about NEWS IN RUSSIA. A similar initiative into NEWS IN CHINA could be most interesting too.
    May I ask what is Your knowledge about Sputnik – Russia Insider – RT’s credibility or percentage CRITICAL versus percentage STATE CONTROLLED or OTHER INFLUENCES CONTROLLED ?

    Thank You.
    Looking forward to the next edition,
    Marijke T.

  3. Bizantura says:

    Funny that “state controlled” of Russia or China’s media is often viewed by Westeners as even a “critical” problem. Our media is equally state funded and if they where doing their job why would we desperate need NEWSBUD?! If anything Westeners should worry how much % their own state funded news outlets are spouting today.

    Knowing very foreign languages in this day and age is a big plus. Sadly Chinees and Russian are so difficult to learn but I thank them for translating their news agency’s news in English even if, stresse if, they spout 50% propaganda it is better then our 100% propaganda and American war hubris.

    Truth be told, I am ashamed to be a Westener and would move out of the Westen hemisphere if I could alldough I admit no place on earth has a safe zone anymore and I believe it is up to Westeners themselves to set their own deadly created rubbish strait.

    After my rant enjoyed professor Kovacevic’s insights and await more.

  4. says:

    Great show. It suggests that the Russian people have access to a wider range of information than we do in
    the U.S. We are victims of soft propaganda. Institutions like National Public Radio are no longer free to report the news. In the 1980s they offered information that was often critical of our government; since then they have gradually taken on a role similar to role played by Pravda in Russia in the 1980s. We seem to have switched places with Russia since the 1980s.

  5. What a unique feature you’ve added to BFP/Newsbud. Bravo!

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