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Today is the first day of our new Kickstarter campaign, and we need your support. Thanks to you we made history in Phase 1 of our Kickstarter Campaign, becoming the #1 most funded journalism project! Now we need your support more than ever for Phase 2. Please join our effort and support a one of a kind people funded media with integrity- Because, together, we can!

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  1. It would be nice to know how many kickstarter phases there are going to be altogether. Somehow, when the phase 1 goal was reached I thought that Newsbud was 100% funded for the next year or so. I may have misunderstood but that is the impression I got. I’d like to see the kickstarter funding succeed and I think more people will be reached with the free content model. Also, Newsbud is offering subscriptions as a reward for supporting the kickstarter campaign while at the same time saying that if the funding goal is *not* reached it will have to go to a subscription based model. Logically then if the funding goal is reached then a subscription will not be necessary. Is anyone else confused?

  2. Update: I did some further reading on this site and on the kickstarter site and found out there will be a total of 4 phases of fund-raising for a total amount of about 600k USD. So that answers the first part of the question in my previous post.

    • VoiceOf Arabi says:

      Hi Wes Smith,

      So, do you have a preference between Opensource or Subscription??

      I personally believe that the average person does not appreciate/value “free” things, and a mixture of the two might be needed to make this work.

      But it will be interesting to see the outcome.

      • I would prefer open source. I like the idea that the information is free to all and readily accessible via search engines. Either way I think it is a cause worth supporting. Another way people might want to contribute is by providing transcripts for the videos. Then if the site has to go to a subscription model the transcripts could still be available for free.

  3. Newsbud is failing. They have only raised $50k and have 12 days to make $80k. People are losing interest. Notice how they fired that one guy who used to do all the reporting. A lot of people did not like how he would not ask serious questions when interviewing guests on the show. I think there are better causes to support.

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