The Reconfiguration of the World Order & The Dawn of a New Hegemonic Era

In this exclusive Newsbud Roundtable Sibel Edmonds, Professor Filip Kovacevic, Peter Lee, and James Corbett examine the current geopolitical climate, and discuss the possible end of US hegemony and what the dawn of a new multipolar era may bring. Do not miss this in depth one-hour analysis with top regional experts, analysts and commentators hosted by Spiro Skouras and offered exclusively to Newsbud Community Members.

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  1. Sam Bissonnette says:

    Wow! Just awesome seeing that much brain power in one session! Great to see James with the gang. Question for Filip/Peter: Peter made the comment about Iran being the only adult in the room. How much of that is directly attributable to Pres Ahmadinejad? He seemed to be Putin before Putin. I can’t imagine any of the Mullahs is Iran being anywhere near as reasonable or statesmen-like.

    Like Spiro, I wanted to jump in too! lol! A big question is whether or not the US will even survive the Trump era. Not just because of Trump, but the forces arrayed against him will probably leave the US as a steaming hunk of rubble. I’m not sure you can even call it a civil war. It is just brainwashed Americans responded to what they are told. For every idiotic thing Trump does, he has a vast cheerleading section of mostly white America. As for the “left” it just may end up everyone not feeling like white America destroying every city and eventually, when Trump responds, it is game over for both sides.

    Reason..has left the building. The next “age” will be called the Collapse of the Angle-Saxon world. 😉

    • Larry Hoover says:

      Sam: referring to your questioning “whether or not the US will even survive the Trump era” and “the forces arrayed against him…”
      In my view, Trump is the champion of the majority of the 99% who are being stomped on by the 1% who have unlimited resources (central banks printing and distributing currencies to their operatives). It is like David and Goliath.
      I do not agree with your characterization when you write “for every idiotic thing Trump does”. When seeing and acknowledging the massive plundering of the masses all over the world by a minority (using their monopoly on resources and military power), and the relentless brainwashing (by the corporate media) that has put the masses in extreme disadvantage, to refer to Trump as “idiotic” is to assume the attitude of the opposition (1%, Deep State, Shadow Government, internationalist bankster cabal, the Corporate State). It is like calling David “idiotic” for going against Goliath, because someone had to stand up to him. From all appearances, David did not have a chance. From all appearances, Trump (and all of us in the 99%) don’t stand a chance. But, we shall see.
      On another point, your reference to “white America” seems to support a narrative of rampant racism. There is no doubt there is racism on all sides, but it is being agitated by the 1% to distract the 99% from the real problem. The notion of “white privilege” is a narrative being pushed by the 1% who are predominantly Jews: if anyone holds a privileged position in the existing world order, it is the Jews. They will dominant and retain their privilege, regardless of how the world hegemonic struggle proceeds from here. False flags and deception are their specialty.

  2. Amber Sayman says:

    Hello! I noticed 05:12 to 30:54 doesn’t play properly. Could y’all fix that, please?

    Thanks! <3

  3. Sukran Mustafa says:

    Hi finding it difficult to watch as it’s constantly pausing and expand button doesn’t work.

  4. Sukran Mustafa says:

    In fact previews work well but when logged in actual video doesn’t work. Tried other videos for members also not working. Takes a long time to load and then pauses constantly.

  5. Jewry have been pushing for a war between America and its allies with Russia. They have not stopped. Their goal is no only Russian in terms of resources and technology but the Orthodox Christian Church.

  6. The Western world being predominantly urban makes its civilians an easy target for cyber oppression via cashless society, biometrics. I agree with James, why pay for a standing army, when you can get the job done with a bot. I think the MIC must be run by 15 old boys. A 200 pound robot on wheels with the speed of a cheetah – ‘That’s so cool….’ I saw that movie, it did not end well for the humans. Please let us skip the ‘inevitable’ robot v robot wars stupidity.

    Future: standing armies disappear, people spend a few years/decades? terrorized by cyber oppression, rise up – smash the machines. Hello, 1840s Luddite Movement. People start growing their own food again and discover the advantages of decentralized power and the novelty of interacting with the actual world. We have an entire planet to play with, why do we want to disappear into a virtual world? We HAVE a world.

    By all means, Prof. Kovacevic, be metaphysical – more of it. The future will be whatever we allow.

    Thank you for the interesting roundtable.

  7. victor friese says:

    PLEASE USE A PLAYER WITH A LOWER 360p resolution!!!

  8. Donald Flett says:

    I am a new subscriber although I have followed the speakers elsewhere for quite a while now. Very good and open discussion on large, important and wide ranging topics that you cannot hear anywhere else. Keep up the good work.

  9. Have you guys heard of video compression? Your video file is 4.3 GB!!!!! Compress it please!

  10. Kristopher Grove says:

    Excellent conversation, with much to digest. We are living in very interesting times and as the continued pressure is put upon the populace of the world we will inevitably see continued chaos with the hope of unity to follow!

    It really is a complicated game being played, but with minds like these speaking truth we shall prevail!

  11. ferus o'toole says:

    There’s a glitch somewhere. It’s impossible to watch.

  12. Russell Linz says:

    Nice discussion props , what Ive found in my experience and study might have been missed by the contributors . The population issue, and I speak scientifically not culturally. Studies have been done in controlled populations (mostly rats & mice) of the increased homicidal & violence in these populations when reaching a certain “tipping point”. I submit the value of life diminishes in highly dense populations (china & India examples are legion) that equation might figure highly in the the Wests new nationalist tendencies. When populations become less desirable or valuable as in the past some leaders may consider war as an acceptable risk as Mao did in the sixties in discussions with the Soviet Union.The danger lies in the thought perhaps losing a few billion people would not be a bad thing if it is for the greater good.

  13. I had no issues playing the video. I’m using averagely fast ethernet. Is it wirelss that struggles? Maybe have a choice of res?

  14. Let Kovacevic talk, he’s the only one that does not repeat himself over and over.

  15. Martin Giuffrida says:

    Same pausing problem. Please fix as you know news constantly changes. Thanks

  16. Jonathan Michael says:

    Same pausing problem using wireless. Will try tomorrow with cable. I’m using MacBook Pro, 2012 model, in Australia. Never had problems like this in my current house before. Thoughts newsboy people, or anyone else?

  17. Ross Flowers says:

    Well guys, y’all finally up and did it – you put out the special I would overcome my absolute loathing of PayPal for. Congratulations, can’t wait to click play.

    • Hi Ross, Welcome to Newsbud Community! Just so that you know, PayPal is not the only payment service we accept. We also use Authorize Net (Regular CC payment for annual subscription) and Checks (for annual Subscription). I share your disdain for Omidyar’s PayPal- totally understand where you are coming from:-)

    • Aaron Adkins says:

      Wow. I had no idea Ross. I didn’t have to go through In fact I had just finished going through that nightmare signing up to Corbett. 8-10 tries before it went through. Admittedly, my monthly allotment of Gigs was choked off but they’ve always gave me fits. I finally got him paid up for the 5 years i’ve owed him though. Anyway, when I went to subscribe here, all I had to do was enter my info right on the subscribe page. I was stoked. Slow net n all it went right through, and I let out a resounding \YES/ !! which freaked the cat out 😀

      Speaking of slow connection, and I realize this probably belongs in the posts below, but I’m here so if you’re reading Sibel. Congratulations on getting Newsbud going!!! I have a non-tech bandaid until video issues can be fixed if need be. I used to edit vids for people like Broc, and I imagine you’ve given him managing permissions on youtube. In which case when he uploads he probably makes it UNLISTED until he’s given a thumbs up, whereby he simply makes it PUBLIC. In this case he could put it on your channel (temporarily) and keep it Unlisted. The URL link (or YT player) could be used in the hidden subscribers only section above. On a honor basis of course, and if anyone is caught sharing it remove it, and never do it again. I say this because even when speed is choked off I can still download YT vids and watch at my leisure. I often do this so I can listen while walking to work.

      Again, Congratulations! Love you people. You help me to stay up to date with things I don’t always have the time to look into. Thank you. 😉

  18. Fran Keller says:

    Very disappointed that neither of my devices will play. See that I’m not the only one. No future for me with this.

    • Hi Fran, we just started implementing this new Subscribers’ Only content. We are still working on improving delivery. For example: providing Streaming version. With that said: currently over 80% of our subscribers have been able to view the videos with no problem. I understand it boils down to internet connection speed/bandwidth. You have two options at this point: 1) be kind and understanding and patient, and see if the soon to come streaming version solves your problem. 2) send us an e-mail, get your money back. The choice is yours, and we understand if you want to opt out. I am not going to spend tons of time (so precious in this field) apologizing and responding to statement of problems when the answer here is clear. We are not a multi million dollar Sugar Daddy funded organization. We are wearing multiple hats, deal with very limited budget, and most importantly a start up budding site. Period.

      • Sam Bissonnette says:

        Hi Sibel,

        If someone could just shrink the file, it might solve the problem. I download it and this one is 4.3 gigabytes. With freeware like clone2go video, you could shrink it it to a tenth of that size. Folks could just download it. At 4.3 gigs it IS a high quality video, but it is also the largest vid I’ve ever downloaded.

        Don’t hurt me, I’m just trying to help! 🙂

        • Hi Sam, That is one of the options we will be trying. For ex: offer (High Res) and (Low Res) versions if for download. The other option we are working on: Streaming instead of downloading (We use Amazon Cloud Server). One of the issues we are dealing with right now: Our old version of JW Player license being replaced with the new one. And to top all this: whatever we use must work with our subscription software & platform. The good news: we are working on it, and have been for the last 3 weeks. The bad part: things (tech related stuff) sometimes take forever to resolve … when you don’t have your own dedicated IT people … I for one am so technologically challenged;-) Thank you for your patience.

          • Sam Bissonnette says:

            Hi again,
            If I can use something, then ANYONE can use it!
            James posted this free video downolader:
            I use the free version of clone2go to shrink files:

            Anyone can use those those. If you could embed there somewhere, you can work on the important stuff and folks could download/shrink files by themselves. That should solve everyone’s challenges.
            Peace! 🙂

      • I really love the spirit of this movement Sibel! People are so superficial that the only comments they leave are about their own issues. I think this comment section is an example of the fatal flaw in our conciousness right now as human beings. The way we interact with each other lacks respect and dignity. I appreciate that in the way you carry yourself as a woman and truth teller. The group of experts you have brought under the same roof are amazingly complimentary. Phillip shines in these discussions as well as James with his years of experience. I find myself drawn to this community you are creating and I want to be a part of it as much as I possibly can.

        My question for you Sibel and the reason for this comment is that I currently live in NE Portland OR and I am blessed to have much time on my hands and I was wondering if there was any work or service I could offer you guys would be my pleasure. My email is and I would love to hear from you about what more I could offer the movement. I think of myself as a restless soul hungry for wisdom and your conversations have opened my mind a great deal. I look forward to talking more on the future.

        Hare Krishna
        Liam Coy

  19. kate gibbens says:

    Much deeper than initially expected. Colonialism has not died in the last… let’s say… 400 years…
    The multi-polar aspect is much less pluralistic then appearences would indicate…
    Though I disagree with Prof Kovacevic on superficial matters (in emulation of James Corbett) he does seem to have a profound grasp on eugenistic world issues…
    I hope the most powerful elements of the global deep state realize that humanity is more unique and important than simple DNA samples would indicate.
    Sibel Edmonds seemed to be a highly competant moderator. Spiro is irresistable. I look forward to another such geopolitical brainstorming conversation.

  20. ferus o'toole says:

    It’s still not working glitch somewhere. Can you post it on the tube or add a mp3 download option.

  21. Mark Ribbit says:

    I’m afraid I must echo all of those above (the 20%) who are having problems with these member’s only videos.

    For me it’s quite the irony. The videos I most want to see, and am entitled to watch, I can’t.

    What I don’t understand is why they can’t be recorded/delivered (for members only) in the exact same way all the other videos
    are on the site?

    Just one more question. What is different about these member-only videos exactly, that causes them to be unviewable for so many of us?

  22. Jonathan Michael says:

    Hi Sibel, Spiro et al,
    I wasn’t meaning to”kill the messenger” with regards to difficulties viewing. Just finding it strange that i am unable to watch this particular video when i am able to watch all of the other great videos that the Newsbud (apologies for spelling error in my previous comment) Team has put out over the last few months. I am more than able and willing and happy to be patient with the tech side of things. I think what you guys are doing is great. I am with you guys for the long haul, as we all seek to make an overdue change from the mainstream “news”.
    keep up the great work!!

  23. Jonathan Michael says:

    Hi Sibel, Spiro et al,
    I wasn’t meaning to”kill the messenger” with regards to difficulties viewing. has put out over the last few months. I am more than able and willing and happy to be patient with the tech side of things. I think what you guys are doing is great. I am with you guys for the long haul, as we all seek to make an overdue change from the mainstream “news”.
    keep up the great work!!

  24. Jonathan Michael says:

    sorry about duplication : (

  25. John Phillips says:

    I would like to watch this video if would just load properly. Are you making the video available to watch/listen too. If so, change the formatting so we may! Best Regards

  26. Attempted to watch this segment a few times and keeps buffering, then crashes (as well the other subscriber video). Please address this issue.

  27. William Field says:

    Seems to me the “promoters” & “perpetrators” of “US/UK/EU/Western Foreign Policy” are basically “Global Zionists” (or their lackeys & shills)….and they also control “the mainstream Media Narratives”…and, the FED, The Bank of England & Euro &???….& The IMF & WB …So?
    AND along with David R/Kissinger/CFR et al they have been behind most all post WW2 WARS.
    Also seems to me they are aiming for total Word domination & control by increments….(& out to trounce Russia!) …& concurrently also feed Wall St & the MIC with bucks ….Also, I suspect the main strategy is to divide… & particularly to divide Muslims & Christians…(& in part with large Immigration/ refugee flows into West).

    Seems to me they control Western political establishments with money for deficits & donations & Govt Jobs etc…& of course also the insane “crooked Media narrative” ….(genuine Western politics & debate is completely non-existent! Propaganda seems the main game!)
    Lastly ignorance is the only problem ..(& is so everywhere on earth)…..Trouble is, it’s not the “concern” of, or “in the interest” of the “Status Quo” for folks to be better informed. …So seems the aim is leave them ignorant & thus control them & use them as lackeys.
    So, seems the internet & people power is the only hope….
    BIG THANKS here is due to Newsbud, RT, Ron Paul, Antiwar (despite it fault)s, & many others out there…..there are reasons to be hopeful for the future. Or perhaps at least IF these mad Globalists don’t want to try & trounce China &/or Russia & ?? to remove any “future threats/competition” …& of course also succeed in their plan for “World domination”.
    Lastly I think, of course we have an increasingly Multi-Polar World….Many now have Nukes & China is already a Mega-Power to be taken extremely seriously ….& is rising rapidly……& strengthening it’s allegiances…..
    Seems we now have a “Mexican Standoff” with unthinkable possibilities.
    PS I think we also at least need to stabilise increasing Global population.
    Bravo all!

  28. Monty Thielen says:

    “The bad part: things (tech related stuff) sometimes take forever to resolve … when you don’t have your own dedicated IT people”.
    In the endeavors which you are engaging in it might be pragmatic to move the IT department up the ladder on your list of priorities. When “things” don’t work, all the great efforts of journalism are somewhat undermined. JMHO
    BTW – I also am unable to view the video. Not complaining. Just saying. Judging from the comments related to the issue it would appear the “non viewers” may be just a tad more than 20%.
    On a positive note, I am finally able to log back in to my account on my new 6 month free subscription provided with my support of kick starter. HOORAH!! Been waiting a month, but now I finally can log in and comment on videos that I can’t watch. LOLOL
    Sometimes things get so absurd you just have to laugh. 🙂

  29. Would be very helpful to provide video file in more compressed formats for faster d/l and convenient viewing on mobile devices.

  30. the only thing that passed you friends is that there is no nuclear weapons , think about it and everything will clearer to you

    • William Field says:

      Seems to me the fact that only a few powers currently have Nukes means “de-militarisation” & “non-nuke proliferation” can be far more easily achievable. In fact our interventions only create the impetus for MORE Nukes.
      De-miliarsation requires non-aggression & building trust. We do the opposite.
      People are making money out of the status quo & as long as they can control “capital & capital creation” and the MSM & Political narrative they don’t want ANY change. Just Military spending alone is over $1,700 Billion p.a. and thats just Military! ….& that does not include Trade & investment flows.
      At the same time, as I write, there are Children in Yemen today dying of starvation & from bombs & weapons sold by UK, USA et al…..& FURTHER needless interventions by our “friends & allies” (or puppets) in Mid East.
      Perhaps you ought think about that & it will be clearer you.
      The gist of your comment is “Protection” but my view is the whole show is a “protection racket” …& based on murder, theft & deception.
      However I am alway open minded & any tenable insights welcome.

  31. John Phillips says:

    So, there has been no attempt to improve the accessibility of this video. That says a lot about Newbud! What is your purpose?

  32. For this kind of content and analysis, I will be able to be extraordinarily patient with any technical issues!

    So happy to have this resource which is unique. Curious about Sibel ‘s comments regarding the unique structure of Newsbud, does she mean the combination of viewer funding with the collection of independent analysts spread worldwide?

    Love the China viewpoint as well as I am based there.

    Thank you!

  33. Jean-Luc Girard says:

    Link do not open.
    Thanks to reset this page.

  34. Still unable to view this video.

  35. victor friese says:

    Please offer the file as a compressed mp4 download. You don’t even have to have the player. Just the file.

  36. victor friese says:

    And to you Trump supporters, he hangs out with the Clinton’s and Epstein on his pedo island. How can you still be so deluded as to think Trump is not a part of the deep state? The whole CIA fight with Trump thing is a scam.

    I get so f-ing sick of people acting like he is a hero to the masses. Did you not learn your lesson with Obama?

  37. Mugly Wumple says:

    Regarding CyberWar. The tools of the trade empower individuals and fringe groups to create vast disruptions. Stuxnet, determined to be state sponsored because of the resources needed to collect so many zero-day exploits, is now in the wild. Pieces of it have shown up in the latest crop of malware. New state-sponsored cyber attacks will likewise be released into the wild, creating a large and powerful arsenal for anyone to employ.

    Our infrastructure is woefully insecure – see the lack of security on virtually all industrial controllers. Hospitals, townships, businesses have all been held ransom by a hacker with tools and exploits that are in the wild.

    When these independent attacks become larger and effect millions how will this affect the balance of power?

    • victor friese says:

      I just wish they would use those tools to create an interface so that everyone would have easy access to all the spy tools the NSA and such use. Then we could watch all those deep state bastards just like they watch us!

  38. Susan Abbott says:

    keeps pausing….. hmmmm … bummer

  39. Joseph Aylsworth says:

    Resolve your technical issues or the site has no purpose for me and I will cancel my subscription.

    • Joseph Aylsworth says:

      Ralph, the complaints posted by others go back weeks with no apparent response – the expectation to have dependable content streaming is reasonable for a subscription service.

      • Joseph Aylsworth says:

        Good point Ralph, my reaction was fueled by my interest in the video and frustration at not being able to complete the viewing.

        You’re certainly correct that there are a limited number of comparable sites, which effectively calls my bluff re: the ultimatum to leave 😉

        Appreciate the feedback and looking forward to the site really catching its stride.

  40. Mugly Wumple says:

    Regarding the trouble viewing. I’m surprised no one has suggested an audio-only version. It’s 95% talking heads anyway.

    • Mark Ribbit says:

      Many people have expressed their concerns re: trouble viewing this video. If memory serves correct, I believe someone
      has already mentioned an audio-only version alternative as a temporary solution. I think it would be a good remedy until
      the problem is fixed.

  41. Catherine Ansbro says:

    As others, it was challenging to watch the video and the discussion itself was excellent. The video kept buffering–and even after waiting 5-10 minutes it would have downloaded only a sentence or two.

    I agree with the commenter who recommended IT be bumped up in priority, for the sake of Newsbud’s development. It’s important not to annoy new subscribers with something that seems basic–even if the IT issues behind the scenes are actually not basic. It’s hard for a non-techie subscriber to understand why non-subscriber videos play fine, then the subscriber content doesn’t work right.

    Again, the roundtable discussion was excellent–Prof. Kovachevic’s perspectives especially so–his is the kind of thinking that encourages us to start now to create the world we want.

  42. William Field says:

    In Australia & I played the video within a few days of it’s original posting with no problem at all.
    Could this be a USA thing…..or even filtering?
    I will play it again & post if problems here now.
    Cheers all at Newsbud

  43. victor friese says:

    Um, newsbud did respond. They said that they are working on it and that they do not have dedicated IT staff which causes this to take a while to fix.

    It would be nice if you would at least let us download an mp3 file or highly compressed mp4 file.

  44. Great round table, love that fact that you all do not agree on every thing, that tell me that you’re each thinking independent of the other, and are willing to engage in a lively healthy, intellectual debate. Which I see as being beneficial to the audience, and those participating in the discussion. We live in a constant changing world, and our world views for this same reason needs constant reevaluation, and adjustment applied as needed. Great discussion point!

  45. victor friese says:

    Is there anyway to actually download the audio of this? I would prefer to listen offline. The vid file is too big to download.

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