Newsbud Exclusive Report- A Distillation DOD Spending Spree for February 2017

DOD Spent $26,544,044,000+ on 169 Individual Contracts in February 2017

The Pentagon issues a jumbled list of contracts every business day around 5:00PM local time. Our project distills an entire month of these contracts into an accessible form.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) spent at least $26,544,044,000 on 169 individual contracts during February 2017.  This amount does not include 18 Foreign Military Sales transactions worth $2,089,000,000.

FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)Through FMS, the U.S. government procures and transfers materiel to allied nations and international organizations.

BAE Systems received $63,969,918 for transmitter T-1687/ALE-70(V) countermeasures for Advanced Tactical Aircraft Protection Systems Program Office (PMA272) Air Expendable Countermeasures Program for USAF (19%); Australia (41%); Israel (32%); South Korea (4%); Norway (4%). Sole-source.

Boeing received $13,541,943 for electronic classroom upgrades and long lead spares for P-8A aircrew & maintenances training devices for Australia. Paid for with International Partner funds.  Boeing received $18,651,691 to install Operational Loads Monitoring System on one P-8A (lot 7) for Australia. Cooperative Partner funds ($18,651,691) obligated.

Boeing received $12,399,305 for Harpoon and Stand-Off Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response (SLAM-ER) spares for U.S. Navy (83 for $1,977,154; 15.95%); Saudi Arabia (143 for $4,913,562; 39.63%); Australia (5,734 for $2,189,643; 17.66%); Canada (50 for $1,371,188; 11.06%); Japan (96 for $1,101,488; 8.88%); Malaysia (17 for $309,852; 2.50%); Turkey (11 for $293,895; 2.37%); India (24 for $116,138; 0.94%); Taiwan (3 for $105,991; 0.85%); Thailand (1 for $20,394; 0.16%). Not competitive.

General Atomics received $11,894,645 for spare parts and support equipment for the UK’s MQ-9 fleet. Sole-source.

Navistar Defense received $35,077,157 for FMS (Pakistan): 40 MRAP MaxxPro Dash DXM, support items, and contractor logistics and technical support.

Oasis received $66,881,163 for engineering & technology acquisition support services (incl. advisory & assistance) to Hanscom AFB Battle Management Directorate. Involves unspecified FMS.

Pearson Engineering Ltd. (UK) received $7,953,502 for FMS (Afghanistan): mine rollers and interface brackets for counter-IED mine rollers.

Wolverine World Wide received $17,994,690 for tan temperate weather combat boots for U.S. Army and Afghanistan.


Boeing received $18,290,920 for AN/APG-63(V) 3 radar for use on Saudi Arabia’s F-15SA aircraft.

General Dynamics received $13,144,278 for FMS (Kuwait, Australia, Saudi Arabia): Abrams systems & sustainment systems technical support. Work in USA; Germany; South Korea; Kuwait; Poland.

General Dynamics received $60,749,739 for FMS (Australia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia): work on technical support for Abrams vehicles & derivative systems.

Intuitive Research Technology Corp. received $7,893,117 for FMS (Germany, Netherlands, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Spain, UAE, Qatar, Greece): programmatic support for the lower tier project office.

Kaman Fuzing & Precision Products received $9,293,377 for FMS (UAE, Bahrain): 1,050 Hawk safety and arming devices.

Navistar Defense received $440,000,000 for FMS (UAE): reset & upgrade of 1,085 MRAP MaxxPro Excess Defense Article vehicles. Includes delivery of specified sets, kits, packages, and technical publications.

Raytheon received $202,185,977 for FMS (Germany, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Netherlands, Qatar, Spain, Taiwan): PATRIOT engineering.

Raytheon received $1,066,297,129 to provide Qatar with an early warning radar system to be integrated into their air & missile defense enterprise. Sole-source.

Raytheon received $37,000,000 for FMS (UAE): subject matter experts to help UAE field, deploy, maintain Hawk missiles, equipment, and logistics support.


Arête Associates received $8,522,000 for AN/DVS-1 Coastal Battlefield Reconnaissance & Analysis (COBRA) Block 1 subassemblies to support Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Mine Countermeasures Mission.

Hadal Inc. received $14,171,492 for science & technology research on Office of Naval Research (ONR) Large Displacement Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Innovative Naval Prototypes program.

L-3 received $10,864,857 for Predator Mission Aircrew Training System (20 Block-30 devices, 20 dual Arc-210 radio hardware kits, 20 sets of seats).


IAI (ELTA North America) Inc. received $15,553,483 for procurement, delivery, training of 21 Man Portable Aerial Defense System (MANPADS) kits. Production in Israel. Delivery/training in USA. Sole-source.


Alion Science & Technology; Booz Allen Hamilton; CSRA; kglobal; Media Fusion received a shared $42,609,513 for communication integration & strategy, media relations, community outreach/relations, visual information systems & imagery marketing, public affairs professional & community development, capabilities integration development, communication information environment management & training, and public information materials development & production in support of Navy Chief of Information HQ and its field activities.

OfficeSource Ltd. received $10,674,602 for furniture (delivery, installation, disposal) to help outfit U.S. Navy recruiting stations.


Airlift Group ($204,242,835); Berry Aviation ($212,681,482); Erickson Helicopter ($101,151,156) received funding for air transportation services in USAFRICOM.


Two corporations received funding (Columbia Helicopters $11,080,848) and (AAR Airlift Group $10,370,572) for passenger & cargo air transportation in Afghanistan.

Northrop Grumman received $19,654,471 for sustainment of ongoing contingency operations in Huntsville, AL; Afghanistan; and Egypt. Sole source.

Propper International (Mayaguez, Puerto Rico) received $32,467,504 for hot weather combat boots for U.S. Army and Afghanistan military.

URS Federal Services Inc. received $29,849,059 to help with U.S. Army Prepositioned Stock-5 Kuwait and Qatar requirements.  Vectrus Systems received $33,174,935 for receiving, repairing, maintaining, storing, preparing for issue & issuing Army Prepositioned Stock-5 equipment in Kuwait.


Jacobs Technologies received $771,331,000 for worldwide enterprise operations & maintenance supporting USSOCOM’s Acquisitions, Technology & Logistics office.

Raytheon received $45,500,000 for LRIP II and full-Rate production of USSOCOM’s Silent Knight Radar system. Sole-source.


JJLL LLC received $58,241,459 to provide operations support (management & admin; commercial telephones, community antenna TV & other services; security; airfield facilities; passenger terminal & cargo handling; ordnance; supply; MWR support; galley; billeting; facility management; investment & services; utilities; vehicles & equipment; environmental) in the Philippines for USMC forces, Pacific; and Pacific Command Augmentation Team – Philippines.


Lockheed Martin received $8,153,741 to work on DARPA’s Multi Azimuth Defense Fast Intercept Round Engagement System (MAD-FIRES) program, phase 2, which aims to be accomplished in 30 months.

Space Systems/Loral LLC received $15,000,000 for prototype agreement for DARPA’s Robotic Servicing of Geosynchronous Satellites (RSGS) program.


Volant Associates LLC received $14,005,098 for Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (DI2E PDF) Framework Integrated Collaborative Environment. This aims to promote interoperability / collaboration of mission systems & capabilities within DOD & IC through developing a preliminary collaborative framework for DI2E community.


Draper Laboratory received $58,584,993 and received $59,602,152 for Trident (D5) MK 6 guidance system production with failure verification, test, repair, recertification of inertial measurement units, electronic assemblies and modules.

Florida State University Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS) received $13,325,445 for R&D activities associated with modeling, simulation and testing of U.S. Navy advanced shipboard electrical power systems and components.

The University of New Mexico received $7,045,544 to help AFRL with R&D on advanced processing of electronics components. Involves seeking innovative techniques towards advancing state-of-the-art technologies for investigating new semiconductor material systems grown essentially defect free, using standard semiconductor growth techniques.


Lockheed Martin received $10,300,000 for U.S. Reprogramming Laboratory (design, document, integrate, test) mission data reprogramming on F-35 Block 3F USAF and U.S. Navy operational aircraft.

Lockheed Martin received $1,059,239,000 for F-35 recurring logistics support and sustainment for USAF ($507,192,448; 48%); USMC ($205,489,386; 19%); USN ($138,706,452; 13%); non-DoD participants ($163,559,282; 16%); FMS ($44,291,556; 4%). Not competitive, per 10 U.S. Code 2304(c)(1).

United Technologies received $18,790,576 for supplies & services to implement engineering changes on F-35 lift fan systems, 3Bearing Swivel Module Conditioning Flow System, and production thrust recovery for USMC ($14,790,025; 78.7%); USAF ($3,394,535; 18.08%); international ($344,756; 1.83%); U.S. Navy ($261,260; 1.39%).

Bell-Boeing JPO received $58,319,151 for V-22 fleet software sustainment.

EAGLE (F-15)

Moog Inc. received $7,691,865 to remanufacture F-15 rudder actuators, between 50 and 285).


Boeing received $9,622,003 for necessary modifications to the pre-cost reduction initiative aircraft wing structure F/A-18 E/F service life extension program.

Ultra Systems Precision Air & Land Systems (UK) received $8,466,210 to repair LAU-7 high-pressure pure air generators (used on AV-8B, H-1, legacy F/A-18) and repair LAU-127 (newer F/A-18). Non-competitive, per FAR 6.302-1.


Boeing received $678,679,386 for 7 Lot 40 EA-18G & associated airborne electronic attack kits and 5 F/A-18E. Non-competitive, FAR 6.302-1.

Boyer Machine & Tool received $7,178,100 for machining requirements in support of multiple aircraft programs, including EA-6B, EA-18G, & F-18 aircraft, and Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane’s mission.


Northrop Grumman received $10,931,327 for non-recurring engineering services on E-2D full-rate production Lot 5.


Rockwell Collins Inc. received $12,887,772 for Increment 1 of the Common Very Low Frequency Receiver (CVRi1) program. Sole-source.


Boeing received $68,693,695 for P-8A Poseidon R&D, integration, testing efforts.

Boeing received $41,329,057 for P-8A systems & software engineering sustainment association re: aircraft obsolescence, improvements, enhancements. Not competitive, per FAR 6.302-1.


Lockheed Martin received $17,230,441 for C-5 contractor logistics support.


Northrop Grumman received $14,713,438 for C-2A outer wing panels. Sole-source.

Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials received $8,470,312 to help develop aircrew escape systems managed under Joint Program Office for Cartridge Actuated Device/Propellant Actuated Device Tri-Service Charter, Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head EOD Technology Division (NSWC IHEODTD) Indian Head.


Harris Corp. received $24,900,000 for Integrated Demonstrations & Applications Laboratory (IDAL) Research program at Wright-Patterson AFB. Support includes leading-edge system-of-systems warfare applications and advanced technology development. IDAL aims to advance critical technologies & weapon systems and technology readiness & operational assessments.

National Aerospace Solutions (NAS, Arnold AFB, AEDC) received $53,306,589 for test, operations and sustainment at AEDC.

Piasecki Aircraft Co. received $24,500,000 to develop & demonstrate Adaptive Digital Automated Pilotage Technology to improve advanced VTOL platform safety/survivability, performance, and affordability.

Technology Service Corp. received $11,820,368 for work on Rapid Reaction Technologies and Systems/Support Jammer Cueing at Kirtland AFB.


Airbus received $25,281,335 for UH-72 Lakota contractor logistics support, parts support and sustainment.

Lockheed Martin (Sikorsky) received $23,299,764 for aircraft spares and support for CH-53K system demonstration test article.

Northrop Grumman received $17,848,867 for Airborne Laser Mine Detection System (ALMDS), which integrates with MH-60S to provide reconnaissance and assessment of mine threats.

Raytheon received $13,976,878 for U.S. Army radio frequency exciters. Involves unnamed FMS. Sole-source.

Simmonds Prcision Products Inc. received $10,304,490 to overhaul UH-60 aircraft digital computer (min 84; max 494).

Textron (Bell) received $49,059,826 for long-lead items and components for 27 Lot 15 AH-1Z aircraft for USMC. Not competitive, per FAR 6.302-1.

Textron (Bell) received $423,413,136 for 25 Lot 14 AH-1Z aircraft.


DynCorp International received $39,217,792 for maintenance and logistics services on F/A-18, EA-18G, MH-60S, F-16A/B, E-2C assigned to Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center, NAS Fallon.

Lockheed Martin received $166,034,417 for full-rate production of 36 electronic Consolidated Automated Support Systems. Not competitive.

Sierracin Corp. received $10,076,628 for U.S. Navy aircraft windshield panels. Sole-source.

Teradyne Inc. received $10,138,465 for USAF versatile depot automatic test (VDATS) equipment parts.


Lockheed Martin received $10,396,703 for equipment and tech support on Aegis Ashore test and operational systems in Poland.

Lockheed Martin received $9,358,060 for Aegis Speed to Capability Development initiatives, completing development & fielding of Aegis Baseline 9 on remaining Aegis TI-12 destroyers and TI-12 and TI-08 cruisers.


General Dynamics received $126,524,000 for long lead time material associated with FY2019 construction of Virginia-class submarines (SSN 802) and (SSN 803). Not competitively procured per 10 U.S. Code 2304(c)(1).

General Dynamics received $58,691,232 for sustainment of U.S. and UK SSBN fire control system, U.S. SSGN attack weapon control system, and missile fire control for Columbia-class and U.K. Dreadnaught-class Common Missile Compartment program development.


BAE Systems received $42,941,944 for USS Vicksburg (CG 69) fiscal 2017 special selected restricted availability (SSRA).  BAE Systems received $26,665,643 to definitize USS Harpers Ferry (LSD-49) FY2017 phased maintenance availability.  BAE Systems received $11,351,440 for post shakedown availability (PSA) on USS Detroit (LCS 7).

BAE Systems; Continental Maritime of San Diego; General Dynamics received $120,481,242 for maintenance, repair, modernization and Chief of Naval Operations availabilities on surface combatants (destroyers & cruisers) homeported in San Diego, CA.

General Dynamics received $13,898,620 for planning and execution of USS Illinois (SSN 786) post-delivery work period.

Huntington Ingalls received $8,935,475 for USS George Washington (CVN 73) advance planning of refueling complex overhaul (RCOH). Not competitive.

Pacific Ship Repair & Fabrication Inc. received $17,486,040 for repair and alterations on USS Momsen (DDG 92).

Progeny Systems Corp. received $7,954,769 for engineering and technical services to upgrade & modernize existing and emergent information assurance (IA) systems. Involves tech upgrades and enhanced capabilities for integration into IA units and submarine warfare federated tactical systems subsystems.

Vigor Marine LLC received $24,412,704 for 120-calendar day shipyard availability for regular overhaul & dry-docking of USS Frank Cable (AS 40).


EPS Corp. received $10,957,883 for expertise in developing / testing underwater weapons & systems, like mines (land, surf zone, very shallow water, shallow water, deep water). Overseas work Montenegro (2%); Bulgaria (2%); Italy (1%).

Raytheon received $11,778,274 for communications & interoperability for integrated fires in support of ONR. Corporation aims to develop networking and communications enhancements for next-generation sensor netting, electromagnetic maneuver warfare, and integrated fires across the force.

Viavi Solutions Inc. received $26,415,000 for a telecomm test set for U.S. Navy.


APR Energy USA received $7,800,000 for six-month rental of an outdoor-rated, dual-fuel, mobile, aero-derivative gas turbine power generation system.

Mikros Systems Corp. received $35,157,851 to research Adaptive Diagnostic Electronic Portable Test Sets (ADEPTS), which combines 3 general-purpose test equipment (oscilloscope, digital multimeter, digitizer) into a single test box to perform maintenance on military radar systems. Not competitive.

Raytheon received $7,478,807 for end of life equipment and replenishment spare parts in support of DDG 1000 Zumwalt class destroyers.


BAE Systems received $41,348,229 for all work pertaining to communication-electronic platforms, equipment/systems and subsystems in support of Naval Warfare Center Aircraft Division’s Special Communications Mission Solutions Division. Not competitively, per 10 U.S. Code 2304(c)(1).

PSI Pax Inc. received $23,769,637 for professional and management support (systems design, engineering, integration, installation, training, operational support, in-service engineering) essential to Combat Integration & Identification Systems Division. Work on ship & shore combat identification, air traffic control, command, control, communication systems at Webster Field, St. Inigoes, MD.


ALOM Technologies Corp. received $14,250,000; Cyber Core Technologies LLC received $47,500,000; Cypher Analytics received $47,500,000; World Wide Technologies received  $14,250,000 for procurement of information communication technology/equipment (ICT/E), which includes a broad range of procurements identified by risk. High-risk = firewalls, intrusion detection systems & sensors, routers, semiconductor chips & switches. Medium risk = encryptors, hard disk drives, multiplexers & transceivers, servers, solid state drives, workstations & other devices. Low-risk = racks, cabinets, storage area networks, thin clients, power strips, other electrical protection & distribution devices.

Arkham Technology; Innoflight; Innove; P E Systems; X Technologies received a shared $50,000,000 for Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Division materiel solution analysis and related efforts on cryptographic and information assurance products.

General Dynamics; Harris; L-3; Leidos; Raytheon; Sypris Electronics; ViaSat received a shared $875,000,000 to provide total lifecycle support on cryptographic and information assurance products. Includes materiel solutions analysis, technology maturation & risk reduction, engineering & manufacturing development, production, and product support.

Tyonek Global Services Inc. received $9,071,595 for cyber operations training support at Hurlburt Field and Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland. Sole-source.


Blue Tech Inc.; Iron Bow Technologies; Red River Computers; Intelligent Decisions; NCS Technologies; Dell; Strategic Communications; GovSmart Inc.; Ideal Systems Solutions received a shared $2,500,000,000 for Army Desktop and Mobile Computing-3 (ADMC-3 PDF).

Dynamic Systems, Inc. received $8,165,453 for R11i/R12 Solutions Development Environment support.

SAIC received $9,699,808 for engineering and software support services.

TWD & Associates Inc. received $11,595,179 for IT support on software & systems applications supporting mission command networks, systems, and operations at NAVSEA HQ in Washington, DC. Not competitive.

VSolvit LLC received $7,096,259 for IT enterprise business systems support at Naval Facilities Information Technology Center, Naval Base Ventura County.


CDW Government received $34,108,675 for 31,729 general-purpose laptops to support Next Generation Enterprise Network and Secure Operational Network Infrastructure Capability FY2017 computer refresh.


Millennium Engineering & Integration Co. received $8,478,961 for the Safety Hazard Analysis & Risk Processing system at Patrick AFB.


The Aerospace Corp. received $23,800,000 for equipment engineering and unspecified work on space systems.

BAE Systems; Dynetics Inc.; Kbrwyle Technology Solutions; Northrop Grumman; QWK Integrated Solutions; Raytheon; SAIC; Teledyne Brown Engineering received a shared $3,038,000,000 for R&D on domain-one of space/high altitude & missile defense hardware / software solutions for U.S. Army Space & Missile Defense Command and Army Forces Strategic Command.

Malin Space Science Systems received $10,965,790 to work on space qualified visible cameras. (Specifically, increase thickness and/or material of housing case slightly to deal with radiation at geosynchronous altitude.)

Northrop Grumman received $19,558,839 to provide on-orbit operations and sustainment for the Space Tracking & Surveillance System.

Orbital ATK Inc. received $78,176,000 for Space Test Program Satellite-6 (STPSat-6) spacecraft integration and testing. Sole-source.

Raytheon received $49,997,847 for engineering, production, support PEO Command Control Communications Computers & Intelligence (C4I) Environmental Satellite Receiver Processor (AN/SMQ-11 & AN/FMQ-17) program. Sole-source.


Beshenich Muir & Associates received $30,319,319 to support MDA’s Human Resources Directorate re: HR operational transactions, human capital data collection & analysis, military personnel planning & management, workforce recruitment, and employee development.

Lockheed Martin received $540,834,051 and received $95,355,755 for Trident II (D5) missile production & deployed system support. UK funds ($50,714,400).

Raytheon received $128,450,262 for mobile sensors operations and maintenance, ensuring availability of Cobra King and Gray Star [PDF] radar facilities to collect 100% of tasked data collection opportunities.


BAE Systems received $11,181,372 to install four anthracite filters, which remove suspended solids from treated aqueous waste streams, and to modernize four multimedia sand filters at Holston Army Ammunition Plant.

Lockheed Martin received $427,344,817 for Hellfire II missile production requirements.

Orbital ATK LLC received $69,540,852 for 8,001 M1156 precision guidance kits.

Raytheon received $8,748,101 for contractor logistics support on TOW improved target acquisition system.

Specialized Materials & Chemicals received $22,440,000 for ammonium perchlorate (min. 120,000 lbs.; max. 2,000,000 lbs.), a highly explosive propellant used to produce 2,000-lbs. USAF penetrator bombs & Navy 2,000-lbs. BLU121.

Toyal America Inc. received $16,800,000 for aluminum powder spherical, Type IV [min. 367,200 lbs.; max. 8,000,000 lbs., 3-year span] used to produce PBXN-109 (plastic bonded explosive) at McAlester Army Ammunition Plant.


Engility Corp. received $35,136,920 for advisory and assistance services to DTRA’s J10 Nuclear Enterprise Support Directorate. J10 Directorate aims to develop, improve, and promulgate nuclear safety, security, accountability, emergency response/recovery, training, transportation & storage, infrastructure, technologies, and research activities to U.S. and allies.


Booz Allen Hamilton received $325,868,201 for worldwide Enterprise Information Technology operations to Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (JIDO).


BAE Systems received $14,478,971 for 71,045 labor hours allocated across two work directives in support of Paladin Integrated Management vehicles.  BAE Systems received $28,214,281 for 11 M88A2 HERCULES vehicles.

Brothers Body & Equipment received $27,892,904 for six personnel carriers, 16 medium tactical pickups, ambulances and spare parts.
DRS Network & Imaging Systems received $11,371,058 for wired housing assemblies for the Bradley fighting vehicle.

IBIS TEK LLC received $14,763,206 for 49 ISO containers [with 4 Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) 58-gallon armor B-kits] and 40 ISO containers (with 4 FMTV 78-gallon armor B-Kits).


Lions Services received $11,104,800 for Army combat helmet chinstraps.

Newpark Mats & Integrated Service received $27,793,077 for a heavy-duty composite mat system. Sole-source.


Northrop Grumman received $16,959,520 for depot level maintenance and repair on a variety of range finders and target locators.


Serco Inc. received $27,094,715 for lifecycle sustainment of physical security/access control and C4I systems in support of NAVFAC Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Ashore program at Navy installations worldwide.


DeRossi & Son Co. received $10,730,232 for U.S. Army men's dress blue coats.

Goodwill Industries of South Florida received $7,458,318 for various USAF uniforms.  National Industries for the Blind received $17,439,490 for various USAF uniforms. Both non-competitive, per 6.302-5, mandatory source.

Peckham Vocational Industries received $23,118,450 for cold weather fleece jackets for U.S. Army and USAF.

Propper International Inc. (St. Mayaguez, Puerto Rico) received $16,253,872 for hot weather combat boots.

Southwest Cutters-Justice Apparel Group received $7,153,500 for U.S. Navy physical fitness jackets (blue).


General Dynamics received $9,666,932 for the Intelligence & Electronic Warfare Tactical Proficiency Trainer (IEWTPT), which simulates warfighting equipment & tools to replicate training environment for military intelligence personnel, battle staff, system operators, collectors and analysts.


Agentase LLC received $8,659,565 for a chemical surface detector.  L3 Communications received $12,957,870 for a chemical surface detector.

Doyon Utilities received $48,170,000 for interim tariff rates adjustment. Doyon Utilities received $307,227,199 for interim tariff rates adjustment.

Equilon Enterprises ($449,473,339); Exxon Mobil ($218,399,646); Phillips 66 ($112,382,875); Petromax Refining ($109,135,351); Placid Refining ($63,520,000); Lazarus Energy Holdings ($60,259,815); Petromax ($55,130,979); Husky Marketing & Supply ($50,615,180); Wynnewood Energy ($46,371,894); Calumet Shreveport Fuels ($35,123,700); Hunt Refining ($33,058,662); Hermes Consolidated ($29,360,377); Epic Aviation ($23,582,558); BP ($19,243,387) received funding for various types of fuel.

Saft America Inc. received $27,174,561 for non-rechargeable batteries for U.S. Army and USAF.  Ultralife Corp. received $8,830,844 for non-rechargeable batteries for U.S. Army.

SunPower Corp. Systems received $96,252,862 to provide USAF with energy from an on-site solar facility.

EA-Baker JV received $90,000,000 for architect-engineering fuel systems leak detection services supporting USACE in executing DLA-Energy leak detection program locations worldwide.


Caduceus Healthcare Inc.; Consillium Staffing; Ghost-Loyal Source JV; Locums Inc.; Matrix Providers Inc.; TistCorp II received a shared $48,000,000 for temporary Locum Tenens services (physicians from various medical specialties providing services) at medical treatment facilities across the continental U.S.

Cardinal Health 200 ($2,250,000,000); Owens & Minor Distribution ($1,125,000,000) received funds for Medical Surgical Prime Vendor Generation V program (provides worldwide ordering/distribution of medical surgical supplies).

Center for Disease Detection received $12,952,029 for HIV testing and reporting services.

Endoscopy MD, LLC received $9,740,000 for hospital equipment & accessories for Defense Logistics Agency electronic catalog.  First Nation Group received $47,500,000 for hospital equipment and accessories for Defense Logistics Agency electronic catalog.

Intercell USA Inc. received $14,146,000 for the Japanese encephalitis vaccine.

SDV International LLC; Standard Technology Inc.; Technology, Automation & Management Inc. received $20,678,000 for medical record coding, documentation, auditing, and training services at Naval military installations including Naval Hospitals Guantanamo Bay (1%); Hospital Rota (1%); Sigonella (1%); Naples (<!%); Okinawa (4%); Guam (3%); Yokosuka (3%).

Stryker Orthopaedics Corp. received $486,313,618 for orthopedic products. Sole-source.

Toshiba America Medical Systems received $827,608,050 for radiology systems, accessories and training.


Humana Government Business Inc. received roughly $3,801,465,000 for healthcare delivery services to eligible beneficiaries in designated TRICARE South Region until implementation of T-2017.


AA Dental Staffing; Defense Health Solutions; Dental Power International; Green Apple Dental Management; Medforce Government Solutions; Southern Crescent Personnel received a shared $89,403,094 for various dental services.

Dental Health Products Inc. received $40,000,000 for general consumable dental supplies.


Cardno GS Inc. received $30,000,000 for encroachment management implementation services in NAVFAC Southwest. This provides land use planning; air installation and/or range installation compatible use zones; encroachment action plans; outreach planning materials; analytical assessments, geospatial analysis, traffic & socio-economic studies; strategic engagement plans; and strategic engagement electronic database.


Food Services Inc. received $8,423,492 for full food services at Joint Base San Antonio - Fort Sam Houston & Camp Bullis, TX.

BASE SUPPORT - Base operations (a.k.a. base support services) usually involve a combination of: facility management, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance, janitorial services, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, utilities, vehicles & equipment service, and waste management.

ACE Maintenance & Services Inc. received $15,249,529 for janitorial services at Naval Support Activity Bethesda.

Professional Contract Services received $14,173,872 for Directorate of Public Works base support operations at in Fort Sill, OK.

TRAX International Corp. received $23,808,829 for non-personal test support services in support of Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona.


CACI-ISS Inc. received $50,542,942 to work on the Army Integrated Personnel & Pay System.
CACI received $10,309,258 for comptroller mission systems support to Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller).

Cotton and Company LLP received $18,806,923 for financial statement audit services.

Mymic LLC received $39,100,602 for analytical services in support of Joint Staff, J8 Directorate’s Functional Capability Boards.

SAIC received $72,798,399 for enterprise-wide systems sustainment, management, enhancement, development & integration services for lifecycle administration, management and deployment functions of Army Human Resources Command and Active, Reserve, Guard, Retired, and other personnel, Soldier’s career pay and benefits.


Herndon Products received $67,399,269 to establish a total supply chain management initiative supporting bench stock items used on Letterkenny Army Depot maintenance / manufacturing lines.  Herndon Products received $7,123,598 to establish a total supply chain management initiative supporting bench stock items at Tobyhanna Army Depot maintenance / manufacturing lines.

STS Systems Integration received $8,070,000 for supply chain labor support services at Lackland AFB.

Travis Association for the Blind (Austin, TX) received $116,000,000 for warehousing, storage, logistics and distribution functions. Non-competitive, per 6.302-5, mandatory source.


Herman Miller Inc. received $9,427,519 to provide furniture and related support for Space & Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific workforce.

HP received $41,695,540 to provide Chief of Naval Operations Selection & Classification office with technical support & engineering services for enlisted force management systems / selection and classification standards & policies.


Eleven corporations (including KBR, which as been laying relatively low since Iraq War profiteering) received a shared $950,000,000 to help design and build new facilities & infrastructure, and repair / renovate existing facilities & infrastructure. May include remote, austere, or high-risk sites.


Del Valley Group SP (Toa Baja, Puerto Rico) received $12,035,194 for a 2D wall that will be used for a flood control project in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Direct Steel Inc. received $10,324,703 to build the lockmaster building, maintenance building, and fire pump house at Olmsted Lock & Dam.


CH2M Hill; Applied Coastal Research & Engineering; GAEA Consultants; ESC-GEV JV; AMEC Foster Wheeler HDR Civil Works JV; Arcadis U.S. Inc.; Anchor QEA-MWH Mobile JV received a shared $46,000,000 for architect and engineering to support civil works programs for USACE, Mobile, AL.

Enfield Enterprises Inc. received $25,000,000 for roof maintenance, repair and replacement at Naval Station Newport.

Kennall-Freese & Nichols received $10,000,000 for architect and engineering services for USACE, Fort Worth, TX.

RMAA-API JV LLC received $30,000,000 for architectural projects in NAVFAC Pacific.

Web LLC received $21,818,107 to repair and renovate aircraft maintenance hangar Building 3741 and demolish Building 2741 at NAS Kingsville.

# # # #

Christian Sorensen, a Newsbud Contributing Author & Analyst, is a U.S. military veteran.

A-RCI = acoustic rapid commercial-off-the-shelf

LRIP = low rate initial production

PEO = program executive office, the space where military and civilian officials direct a major acquisition program

SRA = selected restricted availability = implementation of depot-level maintenance and modifications with the goal of updating a ship’s technical and military capabilities

TI = technical insertion

*Editing consolidated similar contracts. Italics indicate notes from the editor.

**Any clerical errors are the editor’s alone. Each month, Boiling Frogs Post / NEWSBUD presents a distillation of the previous month’s DOD Contracts. Check back regularly.

***To avoid competitive bidding, DOD invokes 10 U.S.C. 2304, FAR 6.302, and FAR 8.405-6. DOD uses 15 U.S.C. 638 to avoid competitive bidding when dealing with small businesses. DOD uses CFR 206.302-4 to avoid competitive bidding when dealing with treaties and foreign transactions.

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