Newsbud Members Exclusive Report- CIA Hacking Revelations & the Murder of Michael Hastings

CIA Leaks Add Credence to Claim Agency Killed Journalist Michael Hastings

On this Newsbud Members-Exclusive edition of The Geopolitical Report, we delve into the WikiLeaks’s “Vault 7” series of CIA leaks. The latest trove details the agency's hacking operations compromising iPhone and Android phones, the Windows operating system, and Smart TVs. The disclosure also reveals the CIA's ability to remotely control car computers, an ability that lends further credence to the assertion the journalist Michael Hastings was assassinated for outing Gen. Stanley McCrystal and for his planned exposé on CIA boss John Brennan. Additionally, we delve into the CIA's long history of assassination.

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Show Notes

WikiLeaks Releases Trove of Alleged C.I.A. Hacking Documents

Sources Say CIA Hired Blackwater for Assassin Program

A Study On Assassination

C.I.A. Plotted Killing of 58 In Guatemala

Guatemala -- 1954: Behind the CIA's Coup

Making Heads Roll

A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

What we know about car hacking, the CIA and those WikiLeaks claims

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  1. Sam Bissonnette says:

    Awesome job on the tech front. Took less than a minute to download. 🙂

  2. victor friese says:

    It allows me to download the video, which is too big for me, but the audio will not download. It asked for my password, I typed it in, then it took me to a page saying that I must log in. Below is the link it took me to. Please upload the audio version of the previous member only videos. I REALLY want to listen to the reconfiguration of the new world order one.

    • Thank you Victor. Yes Newsbud. Please upload audio version of NWO roundtable ASAP.

    • Victor:

      We originally attempted to use an old version of podcast software for the audio player – it had numerous bugs, one of which you encountered. We have replaced it with a current audio version of the video player. Hopefully this functions better. please try it. If it tests out solid we will add audio to the previous 2 exclusive videos.

      • victor friese says:

        It seems to wotk (haven’t listened to it in full yet). I would still like to be able to download the mp3 to my hardware as it helps me keep track of what I have heard and haven’t, keeps it from being black holed like that george soros vid, and lets me have it available if I need to reference it for some reason.

        Plus my cell connection is crappy, and likes to load at 30 kb/s a lot of times, usually downloads go faster for some reason, so it would still make it easier to have the file. But it is understandable to not since it is member only.

        Thank you for fixing it to some degree though!

        • victor friese says:

          Was able to listen to whole vid. Still prefer to download though. Please alert us to when the other 2 vids are done. Also, that one dude is right about the emails. A single unified email per day would be preferable. I think I set it to spam.

  3. victor friese says:

    Oh, I should mention that when I did all that I was already logged in.

  4. Padraig O'Hara says:

    Mr. Kurt Nimmo,

    The Reactionary CIA murdering the radical journalists u meant to say
    Radical Defn: to be so close the absolute truth is to have your hand above the flame of candle ie to hot to handle.
    or to shine so much light on an important news story its like staring into our SUN.
    Reactionary Defn: to be 180 degrees opposite the truth to extinguish the flame by shutting the doors and windows so its 100% dark
    the Reich {Right} you will can only be REACTIONARY ie as far from RADICAL AS IS POSSIBLE

  5. Dr. Thomas Veigel Plechavicius says:

    Sorry, but Salvador Allende has not been killed but commited suicide with THW weapon that he received as a gift from Fidel Castro. I was in contact with the pathologist who was in charge of the case. The bullit came from deap below and hit the throat of the president.
    Officials of LAN Chile confirmed that a Boing 707 was waiting in Pudahuel Airport to bring Allende our of the country together with his family.
    Manuel Contreras answered to insisting questions from my side that he was happy with his dealth but the military leaders at that time didn’t want to create a hero.
    Pinochet was certainly no groom of the CIA because nobody could expect to become commander in chief of the chilean army.

    • Yeah, and JFK was actually a suicide by cop, or maybe suicide by CIA. Also, the Earth is flat. Check it out.
      If you’re a “Dr.” then can I be Richard Feynman?

  6. victor friese says:

    Oh, c’mon! What happened to the mp3? Please let me listen! And please post file sizes!

  7. Murray Morison says:

    Excellent, if chilling report. Thank you

  8. victor friese says:

    Please allow comments on the daily picks. I did not care for that rushed article about George Soros and his sparkling utopia. It is obvious by his behavior that he is a CIA economic hatchet man, whether he realizes it or not. Why the nebulosity… unfounded nebulosity? The man just prattles on and doesn’t lay out the foundation of his beliefs.

  9. John Phillips says:

    Ummm. The first 2 minuets for this “exclusive” are based on “reporting” via FOX News. You have got to be kidding. Really, FOX News and the establishment media is the basis for this exclusive? If the “media” is reporting this…is it news at all? This is OLD news and is quickly turning into “white noise.” Which is the true reason we are bombarded with this stuff every single day via FOX, CNN and the like. Torture, bombing civilians, target assassinations, corruption??? Anyone over 50 who has been paying attention knows this game all too well.


    • Ralph Davis says:

      Thanks for broaching this, John. It’s concerning along with some other issues in practice here that speaks to vacancy of editorial function. ‘Solution’ comes from disciplined editorial skill of high calibre and sensibility, and nothing short.

      White noise is also experienced through an overload of Newsbud generated e-mail. In the recent 48 hr. period I’ve received no less than 200 individual email item stories of varying origin. I’ve twice attempted contact with ‘admin’, read Spiro, who seems so overwhelmed in ‘generating content’ that he can’t find time to briefly reply to member suggested format ideas of reasonable and commonly practiced editorial consolidation as practiced by Zero Hedge story item notifications, for example.

      The last time that I questioned the email profusion I was summarily cut-off from all mailing any without explanation. Seems a bit passive/aggressive to me, .. as mere lowly contributing member looking for quality content over quantity. Rather one of the former than one-hundred of the later. Newsbud is not, can not and should not be THE singular source for ALL actual, authentically prescient journalism! Over 200 individual emails in 48hrs., Spiro!

      Time’s short,, Spiro? For us all. (And the ‘admin’ identity line thing seems truly inane, out of character and feels like dealing with phone company customer service. Pretentious, annoying and disappointing as hell, actually.

      Just saying; Please fix it.)

      • Ralph Davis says:

        So, now, days ago I post the above, and it’s as if no problem exists in flooding member’s mailboxes with literally over one hundred emails daily.

        That’s just standard, normal and fine. No need by anyone to address it or acknowledge it as anomalous, even strange, that mere generic news items should impose en masse as if they’re each just too urgent and precious to have a simple leader reference link in a consolidated listing menu that arrives once or twice a day to alert potential interest. Wouldn’t want that. Wouldn’t want even discussion of it.

        We, the mere incremental financiers of this site, apparently can’t complain about something like this and have even a dismissive, corporate-like rebuke in response, because of presumed understaffing. Certainly indifference to opinions about being subject to email inundation can’t explain ‘admin’ taking a moment to respond to even some crank reader that finds it odd that hundreds of individual emails avalanche into mailboxes and the only alternative we have is to eliminate all email with Newsbud, ..the site we helped fund and, like us and our comments or not, fail to warrant even a courtesy response from an needlessly overworked one-person understaff.

        As material criticism of the subject email and their content themselves; the many do not warrant this kind of individual attention in any event. They’re not of a critical nature so demanding of attention as to be so imposed.

        Maybe half of them are marginally interesting, but just a small minority are of the not-to-be-missed variety. ‘Generating content’ as the ‘admin’ inferred principal purpose is, in and of itself, the stuff we generally try to avoid from the minds of mass-marketeer ‘editors’, not ground-breaking journalism. I thought Newsbud was about editorial quality over quantity as its standard goal

        I’m sorry for your overworked plight, Spiro, but this is your job as ‘admin’ to address this. Hopefully, in a corrective way. So I’ll ask once again: Please fix it.

        • spiro skouras says:

          Hi Mr. Davis
          Thank you for your comments, I appreciate and understand your concern. We recently revised our daily picks format to make it easier for people to navigate. This resulted in a new issue, a Word Press automated platform issue. We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

          • Ralph Davis says:

            Now, there’s one of the nicest people on this hell-hole planet that we all know and love.

            Sorry to have had to poke you in the eye to elicit response on the issue, Spiro..but all’s well that ends with these damned emails!

            Thanks, ..and cheers!

  10. victor friese says:

    Also, yeah, whenever possible please use reputable sources. Fox is not reputable. You had a similar problem woth using bellingcat during yhe Turkey coup thing. I realize they can be used in spite of themselves sometimes, and I realize that dragging new members in by showing them what they may have once considered reputable spurces, confirming your stance may have its appeal, but you do meed to meet the higher standard you seek. And using these sources is best avoided when possible. I still don’t trust that coup attempt. Why didn’t they shoot down Erdogans plane? It looks more like Russia, the U.S. and Turkey made a deal to carve up the middle east as they see fit. Never forget the 3D chess board. Even these players may not know how they are being used.

  11. Russell Linz says:

    I find it amazing that somehow the CIA has become the fourth branch of Government in this country.The acceptance of media in their veracity and unimpeachable conclusions would be laughable if not so dangerously sad.I can only surmise that with their capabilities the entire elected government is compromised to some degree or another whether by design or accident the reality is they are accountable to no one.

    • Ralph Davis says:

      Well, they’re accountable to their neo-con directed, blackmailing/extortionist CIA and FBI-CI handlers.

      If you want some real-world and detailed insight into the methodology of control, visit George Webb.

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