The Navy’s $35 Million Scandal: Hookers, Booze and a Guy Named ‘Fat Leonard’

As the Marines grapple with an uproar over photos of naked women jarheads being passed around the internet, new revelations are emerging in a sordid, long-running Navy scandal involving alleged bribes over an eight-year period that cost the service tens of millions of dollars.

Earlier this week, the Justice Department released an indictment of seven Navy officers – including an admiral and four captains – and a Marine colonel for giving military contractor Leonard Glenn “Fat Leonard” Francis inside information, some of which was classified, in exchange for $25,000 watches, Cuban cigars, $2,000 bottles of liquor, stays in pricey hotels and champagne-fueled parties with hookers, according to The Washington Post.

In one incident at a Manila hotel, Navy revelers engaged in a multi-day party, guzzling all the Dom Pérignon available and costing Fat Leonard some $50,000, the Post said.


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