War Industry Muster- “Huntsville Alabama: Where the Heart of MIC Beast Beats”

In this episode of War Industry Muster Christian Sorensen presents us with a primer on where the U.S. war industry is located. He focuses on three main locations: northeast Virginia; Huntsville, Alabama; and San Diego, California. All of the information he presents was gleaned from the Pentagon’s list of daily contracts.

Christian Sorensen is a military analyst for Newsbud. He focuses on tracking who profits from war. He is a U.S. Air Force veteran.

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  1. VoiceOfArabi says:


    Very good report. You have done a wonderful job of reporting on those who wield so much power over many people, in aid to keep them in check. The report is short and to the point, and gives us leads should we want to investigate further.

    That said, I don’t believe the Military Industrial Complex is the problem. In fact, I see it as a benefit. It is the reason why we have so much development in the world all through the ages.

    After all, the African proverb goes “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”

    The problem is not with the big stick.. The problem is part of power base in America are no different to Hitlers Germany. So, Germans saw the Jews are inferior race that can be enslaved and killed. Part of the American power base today sees majority of the world as inferior subhumans that can be enslaved, and there are many examples like Vietnam and agent orange (that’s how you kill vermin), Iraq, Yemen, Afganistan, etc etc.

    The real problem is, the Power Base in United States of America also sees majority of American Citizens as inferior race (they called them “useless eaters”, and logic says they should be exterminated.)

    Overall.. good report, and i especially enjoyed the music at the end. thank you.

  2. Black Hole Wealth Management says:

    Really good concept for this video. I burst out laughing when I imagine this kind of content in the corporate media.

    It would be great if in a future report you focused on the primary global facilities and their functions.

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