One Man Fights the Dirtiest Bank in the World

In this Newsbud Community Members Exclusive episode Peter Lee presents whistleblower Nicholas Wilson who takes on the infamous bank HSBC, the British government, and the British media to expose hundreds of millions of dollars of fraud. At Newsbud we are determined to give legitimate whistleblowers a voice and a platform to get the truth out. And in this case, Nicholas Wilson needs your help.

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Show Notes

Mr. Ethical

Nicholas Wilson and the HSBC Blues

Why I have resigned from the Telegraph

Whistleblower wins 13-year campaign against HSBC

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  1. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello Peter Lee… What can I say… Fantastic job!!!!

    You have excelled this time, and I love your interview style and method… Keep up the great work!!

    Question to anyone at Newsbud (and i hope someone answers…. please!)

    Does the “member only” videos becomes public after a period of time?? If not, how can we share this video with others who are not members yet?? (BTW this video can turn them into paid members of the community but not “subscribers” 🙂 – )

    I also know this is a team effort, and everyone at Newsbud had a finger or two in making this report a success… so BIG THANKS to ALL NEWSBUD team.

  2. Karl Hahn says:

    Adobe Flash required to watch these videos? A closed source, proprietary format that’s widely known as the biggest vector for malware?

  3. victor friese says:

    Um, if everyone fought corruptuon as this man does, it never would have gotten so bad and we wouldn’t have him depressingly telling people not to stand up against this criminal crap. So, you know, ignore that last part of what he said.

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