Dugin: Master of Chaos & the NWO Made in Russia?

An Interview with Wahid Azal

This is an exploration behind the controversial figure Aleksandr Dugin who has been hailed as Russia’s New Rasputin and the brain of Russia’s Vladimir Putin- but is that really so?

Dugin’s influence in the current events and the geopolitical tango taking place between centers of power is very murky. His vast network is truly impressive when one begin to delve into and dig a little deeper. One could take a traditional approach in analyzing Dugin’s role but that has been already done.  Thus, we decided to investigate the rarely talked about aspects- notably what drives him in terms of philosophy and ideology. Buckle up and join us for a journey into the more occult aspects of the man that wields much influence- Aleksandr Dugin!

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Show Notes

The Most Dangerous Philosopher in the World

Dugin’s Occult Fascism and the Hijacking of Left Anti-Imperialism and Muslim Anti-Salafism

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  1. Excellent discussion. See Jaysanlysis.com or Katehon.com for more on Dugin.

  2. Dr. Thomas Veigel Plechavicius says:

    These terms are used not only in inflational way, it seems that the parts never studied the history of this italian polítical movement.
    Example: the “whites” in the russian civil war are called fascists meanwhile Mussolini was still editor of the most important socialist review and the fascist movement was even not existing in his dreams.
    The rest sounds like (I hate this word) a new type of cospirancy theory. Dugin Zionist? Dugin Nazi? No word about the deaper philosophical thinking.
    Sorry, but this Interview is far from the normal quality of Newsbud.

    • Imants Virsnieks says:

      Agree this is Newsbud in the wilderness; mumbo-jumbo about occult no obvious links to, or examples of Putin policies. Heidegger ?! Locke and objectivity in Mind Hack video!!? Stuff about occult in this one! Newsbud is out of its depth when it comes to philosophy and religion. You’ll lose your credibility fast with stuff like this.

  3. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Helo Ali Syed,

    I was only attracted to this report because it implied that, this character called “Dugin” is behind the politics Mr. Putin is playing….

    I was however disappointed, as in the whole report there was not much explanation or proof of how “Dugin” can possibly be the brain behind Putin.

    All i took away from this is… Russia is bad.. Russia is USA ver 2.0.. Evil Russia (really… who’s agenda is Mr. Wahid Azal driving???)

    I have an idea for you Ali Syed…. Why don’t you try to uncover the “Evil” that is Muslim Brotherhood is and highlight the body count they are amassing in Sinai, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Tunisia…. You will find they are a lot more “EVIL” than this useful idiot Mr.”Dugin”

  4. Sam Bissonnette says:

    A huge WTF, here! I can’t tell if was over my head or just under my feet. Perhaps an intro by Ali stating his interest/background in the topic might have helped. But with something dealing with Russia as it affects China and Turkey/Middle East, I would want the opinions of Prof Kovacevic, Peter Lee and perhaps Sibel. Not sure that the relationship to Putin was explored, so I can’t tell if that would be a waste of time.

  5. victor friese says:

    This was actually very interesting to me. Most people seem turned off by the occult subject, but it, yhe occupt, seems to be an area of philosophy that so few of us know anything about, but at the same time it seems to be the design by which the globalist cabal is manipulating the world to control it.

    I am ignorant of the occult philosophy, but would like to know more about it.

    My thoughts:

    To me it does seem that we are all being lead about by a sort of big show. The whole thing with Syria, where Turkey, Russia, and the U.S. are all going about military operations in Syria, apparently sometimes cooperating with each other, and sometimes not… and the Turkey “coup” where they didn’t bother to shoot down Erdogan’s plan even though anyone could track its flight path… to me it all seems much like Dugin’s work wherein it is designed to get the people who won’t look deeper to play their own little sort of ignorant role as puppets in forming a situation they do not understand.

    Keep in mind that chaos is merely calamity viewed from an ignorant and confused perspective. This keeps the ignorant out of control and the knowing in control. And to me that seems to be the driving philosophy behind globalism. Globalism is not dying. That is a rouse I think. It is somewhat common knowledge that globalists WANT a great 3rd world war to form a desire in the people of the world for a global government. I think what we are really seeing are the plays that will help lead us to that war, with North Korea being the most likely catalyst to set that war off.

    I have always wondered why every country on earth is beholden to a private central bank with private investors. These usurers play us off each other while they keep us distracted fighting each other whilst they sit at the top enjoying the gains and maintained power they get from it. Order out of chaos aka ignorance and calamity, that is their modus operandi.

    So, I must say that I do appreciate Ali looking into this. The problem is this topic is so utterly huge and complex that Mr. Syed will need a whole series to actually make sense of it. And I do hope Mr. Syed does look into it in full.

    From what I can tell:

    Lucifer means light bearer. In other words people who practice this doctrine conceal the light, aka reality, so that only they really know what is going on, while everyone else sits in the dark, and thereby becomes a puppet, whether by religion, philosophy, political party, economic theory or any other thing.
    It has become more and more clear, thanks to works like Corbett’s 3D chess video about how Mao was set up in China by Kissinger, that there is a global cabal manipulating us all for their own gain. And I think it is EXTREMELY important to delve deep into this issue, no matter who does or doesn’t like it. Take Sibel’s acceptance of the Turkey near “coup” last year. This played on her emotions because she doesn’t want to see her homeland turned into a hell hole, and thus she abandoned much critical thought in assessing the situation (no one, NO ONE, has been able to provide an answer as to why Erdogan’s plane was not shot down when its location was knowable to everyone with net access, which makes NO sense since the coup forces had air power to take it out). There is simply no way Erdogan’s plane would not have been shot down had that situation been as cut and dry as people want to believe. But yet she stopped delving deeper because she wanted to believe it was all that simple.

    We cannot fall for such superficial tactics, as exemplified by Dugin’s behavior in trying to appeal to both the anti semites and zionists at the same time to manipulate the situation he wants, any longer if we wish to really understand the world around us.

    So, while Mr. Syed’s trek into this rather wild territory was not as complete as it should have been, it is the start of something he must, in my view, complete. And I hope Newsbud supports him in completing this endeavour, as it is not something that is usually looked at soberly and critically.

    So, please get Ali to go much deeper into this topic, Newsbud.

  6. victor friese says:

    Also, I would like to offer a counter order to the type people like Dugin serve. I call it Dominism. In dominism the peoe understand the state, and those who officially and unnofficially control it, and all their tactics. In dominism those who occupy the state and other power centers are surveiled by the whole of the world 24/7/365, with no escape, and any in the government are impverished for life, with no hope of financial gain from their position. In dominism the internet and the soon to be internet of things is turned in on those who built it to surveil and control the power centers and goverents. Tka for example if everyone had a sort of medical testing device that could detect everything they come into contact with and measure every known perameter of their functioning. The data retrieved from this device could be instantly compared to data from other people, and thus scientific fraud, which is RAMPANT nowadays could be instantly shattered by bot designed to find patterns in data.

    In dominism, the greatest power of the government and power centers, that being their ability to get people to believe in the legitimacy and decency of these governments and power center IN SPITE of their illigitimacy, would be destoryed. Utterly, completely, and permanently.

    In dominism war becomes virtually impossible for two reasons. 1) There is no secrecy by which to plan it. 2) The belief of the people in the powers would be so shattered that the powers would have no ability to sway the people toward war.

    Dominism is not about a specific system, but is more about establishing a culture of ferality whereby the people dominate the powers ANY WAY THEY CAN.

    This is just a basic overview of some of the principals of Dominism.

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