CIA-NATO to Eliminate Turkish President Prior to April Referendum

According to Newsbud’s inside sources another assassination attempt on Turkish President Erdogan is being planned by the CIA-NATO prior to the referendum on April 16, 2017. This is a special edition in both Turkish and English with a few highlights of the coming Newsbud Roundtable with Sibel Edmonds, Prof. William Engdahl and Professor Filip Kovacevic, on the coming referendum in Turkey and drastic measures being planned by the Deep State to prevent it.

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  1. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello Sibel.

    Can you please add to the description of this podcast the summary of your Turkish message in English please. I have tried using Google translate live, but it did not work very well. But i gathered that you are taking a stand from the referendum.. You are either supporting Erodgan to becoming the next Sultan of the Ottoman Empire or you are against, and i am not sure which!!..

    I need to know, as this will help me understand Sibel’s and Newsbud’s stance as part of this unfolding political game.

    Off course, many people predicted an assassination plot on Erdogan’s life, as many Turkish citizens and neighboring countries don’t wish to see another Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. So, if he gets killed, it will be good riddance.

    For full disclosure, I am not Armenian, and i have no links to Armenia or even friends from Armenia, but until the day Turkey and Its ruler class stand and admit and apologies for the Armenian genocide, i will not consider Turkey to be a friendly country.

    I am an Arab, and during the Ottoman Empire rule of Turkey, they (the ruling class of Turkey and not the Turkish people) treated us Arabs like vermin in the name of Islam, which they used as a political whiplash to control the masses, Just as Erdogan is doing today in using the Muslim Brotherhood to whip the good and proud Turkish people into submission.

    I have a feeling that my message will be ignored as usual, but i will keep the faith, and will wait for a response.

    Thank you.

    • you should be ignored because your comments about turkey are biased. and all you do is talk shit about erdogan when you cant even understand what he even says.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hello EB94,

        That’s not very constructive or even mature. So, which part of my comments did you not like…

        Is Erdogan part of the Muslim Brotherhood?? (off course he is, look at his support for Mursi in Egypt, or Hamas in Palestine or connection with Qatar.)

        Is Erdogan trying to be the new Sultan of the Ottoman Empire?? (off course he is, just read all the analysis on the referendum. Which is not new for Muslim Brotherhood. They did the same thing in Egypt with Mursi, and few month later, Mursi was kicked out of government by the people!)

        Was there an Armenian Genocide by the Turkish Ottoman Empire ? (off course there was, i refer you to wikipedia page )

        Can I also step low and call you a shithead… off course I can, but i will not 🙂

    • Sezer Dalkilic says:

      Hello VoiceofArabi,

      Its clear you are anti-Erdogan and believe everyone is the same. By stating that many Turkish citizens don’t wish to see another Sultan. If this was the case during the coup attempt masses will have not came out on to the streets. Also the love for the Ottoman Era is still alive in Turkey after almost 100 years of its collapse and major attempts by Secularists to demonise it. Also time will tell what Turkish Citizen want when the referendum takes place.
      Next time don’t speak for Turks when you don’t even know what is going on in the country. I am also curious if you are a Muslim Arab or Christian Arab? This will tell a lot.
      Like you I am interested in Sibel Edmonds(Newsbuds) stance on Erdogan and the referendum. As a Turk I can tell you I understood what Sibel said. However rather than comment I would want her to speak for herself.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hello Sezer Dalkilic,

        From reading your post, i can tell you are a proud and well meaning Turkish citizen. I also understand your pride in the Ottoman empire, just as so many English people are proud of the British Empire, regardless of how many millions they have killed over the many years.

        I get my knowledge on Turkey from Turkish friends living in turkey today, and from Turkish political analysts that appear on international TV’s not associated with the Erdogan political power.

        It makes no difference if I was Muslim Arab, Christian Arab, Jewish Arab or an Atheist Arab (they exist). However, this by itself demonstrate the Evil that Erdogan and Muslim Brotherhood created in the mind of the average Turk. That’s why Turkey is supporting all the killing in Syria.. They are selling it as “religious factions” fighting each other.. By the way, This is what Erdogan will do inside of Turkey as well when the time comes. He will get Turkish Muslims fighting with Christians, Turkish Muslims fighting with other Turkish Muslims. (now a days called ISIS or Al Nusra Front)

        My advice to you my friend is read about history of British Empire, and then read about history of Turkish empire, but not from Turkish official publications. You will find that they are both bloody and evil empires. (just remember.. I am not talking about the Turkish people, who are great people… I am talking about the Turkish ruling class… The Sultans and the Wazeers of the times.)

  2. victor friese says:

    Um, I always thought Sibel’s stance was 1) She doesn’t want her home country to look like Libya 2) She doesn’t want a dictator even worse than Erdogan installed by the U.S. 3) Though she still doesn’t really like Erdogan.

  3. Timur Aydin says:

    Why is it so important for some of you to find out what Sibel or anybody else at newsbud thinks about Erdogan? Their news reporting is more unbiased than anywhere else, so you are getting the news, and it is up to you to analyze it and form an opinion. Do you always have to classify people as “pro-this”, “anti-that” ?

    It’s up to the Turkish people to decide if Erdogan is worthy of getting those extra presidential powers, and everybody else just needs to respect their decision.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hello Timur Aydin,

      Have you no idea how the “press” free or otherwise can shape up peoples opinion and get them to vote one way or other. I certainly don’t want to belong to a news organization that is shaping their readership wrongly, one way or other… and that’s why i am asking for clarification.

      So.. Newsbud should be about reporting the facts and highlighting when it goes wrong.. It is not about telling us what to think!!

  4. Karen Keener says:

    I wonder if the event in Syria was staged so we could “flex our power” for the Turkish people to keep them on our side.

  5. Padraig O'Hara says:

    at 4:00 min in roughly Sibel mentions “source” can I assume that source is here in USA?

  6. William Field says:

    Yes we need the English or subtitles please Newsboy…Keep up the GREAT work too! From a Australian fan!

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