US Navy Launches Information Warfare Center to Counter ‘Supposed’ Russian Interference

In this week's episode of Mind Hack, Jeff DeRiso covers the opening of a new center for Naval information warfare that is being framed as a response to the alleged “Russian interference” in the 2016 presidential election.  He also discusses the US military’s research into unconventional espionage during the Cold War, a fraudulent psychic healer in Toronto.  Finally, we examine how our minds are being re-wired by instant access to digitized information, and how this affects the social discourse.

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Show notes:

U.S. Navy Opens New Information Warfare Center

flashback: CIA documents reveal Project Star Gate

Toronto psychic charged with pretending to practise witchcraft

The Digital Storm: Blowing Away the Human Mind

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  1. Joseph Harrington says:

    Hey man, I like some of your psyop flashback reports like today and the last one in the Philippines. You should check out this story:

    Looks like some sort of patcon operation now adding scientology to the twist. I found this interesting and relevant to your show today. Ill be anxious to see what unfolds

  2. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Wow Jeff… my mind is about to explode… There was a lot to take in in that short report….

    It is excellent work, which has a lot to take in.. I will need a second or possible third viewing of this.

    Off course, what is happening today goes against everything we were told as children, just as you mentioned. The story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Two wrongs make a right – etc etc….

    In my opinion, and in response to your question… The US Gov (deep state or otherwise) are in the business of enslaving people. The goal is to enslave the whole planet, but to achieve this, they will have to enslave the American People first. So, all these experiments might be false and have no scientific value, but they have great peer pressure value, which makes others believe, and some others still believe in any thing.

    There was an experiment once, were one guy stopped in the middle of the street and stared at the skies, and soon, many people joined him without any reason to do so.

    a bit like a magician… You need someone in the crowd to yell “wow”, for the rest of the crowd to start believing.

  3. Nice work, Jeff! Somehow I missed the previous episodes, so I’ll look forward to checking those out. This show’s definitely a great addition to Newsbud, giving the platform a wider range of perspectives and opportunities for critical thinking. Keep up the great work! =]

  4. sherri831 says:

    I was interested that you mentioned remote viewing. My interests run wide in and I have read several books on remote viewing and listened to many interviews with remote viewers. I suspect that when the military stopped the program, it continued with private contractors.

    Courtney Brown has an interesting monthly remote viewing project called Time Cross. Trained remote viewers predict events for the next month–in March they predicted events for April. The remote viewing sessions are on youtube and are interesting to watch to see how the remote viewers work. Here’s a link to the current session.

  5. Jeff DeRiso says:

    I’m aware of Webb’s work, but have not personally been able to dig into the details of his research as of yet. There are many great researchers digging deep into the details of specific stories and finding relevant facts, which I appreciate. I will follow his work a little more closely to see if I can incorporate any of his findings into my working understanding of these “mind hack” tactics of control.

    • I second the importance of Webb’s work, and that NewsBud should be paying attention and developing some of the many strands that have been exposed so far. It might be more relevant to Sibel’s expertise (Turkey: Rat Lines in general; Brownstone operations to compromise officials as just a few that Sibel has reported on over many years), or John Whitehead’s expertise on the Deep State.

      Perhaps, Jeff, there are aspects relevant to your focus–e.g., the extent and impact of the multi-layered deception. How are these head games impacting us as citizens (in USA and beyond)? What do you think the average person can do?

  6. Jeff DeRiso says:

    Thanks for the kind comments and feedback. A couple topics I want to explore further in the future based on your feedback: human consciousness (is it a physical brain-based phenomenon? can it really be achieved by machines?), Emotional abuse (creating trauma as a tool of control) See you all next week!

  7. Bas Spliet says:

    Man, this is such a cool show Jeff!

  8. ferus o'toole says:

    Jeff this has been very helpful, Thank you i need to watch it again my brain is broken

  9. Ronald Malloy says:


    The Israeli mole once part of the white house staff stated “Never let a crisis go to waste.”. I would offer the thought that with the media forcing upon us the false narrative of “Russian interference” in the 2016 elections, this might be an internal US Government attempt to add yet one more spy agency to the toolbox of the government, and using Russia as their excuse. Its not well known among most that the CIA was involved and influenced dozens of elections, assassinated leaders and soon to be leaders, and along with George Soros, involved themselves with many of the former Soviet era eastern Europe states to slant and skew those states away from Russia. Just because it has a label of Navy attached, really means nothing. Much like the way they look at the federal Constitution.

  10. Swann’s connection to scientology may not be terribly important. I did some poking around to see what else I could uncover. It turns out that scientology changed a lot after Swann’s time, becoming a more nefarious cult-like organization. During the time in which he was involved, it may have been one of the only places where people with a broader-than-average range of sensory skills could socialize and play with how they might better understand and develop what was, for them, a familiar part of their personal “hardware”. In the talks I’ve seen Swann NEVER does anything to promote scientology, and in one of the scientology interviews he explicitly mentions this–that he felt strongly no one should ever be pushed into it. It may have simply been an organization that, for a period of time in his youth, was a “safe place” for someone with unusual abilities.

    I know someone who had an extraordinary experience in their teens, and numerous other experiences of expanded sensory skill/precognition, who eventually joined a religious order as where they lived they thought it was the only way they could come to understand and build on their experiences, or give them some kind of “framework” for understanding their experiences. After 15-20 years they had matured and finally left that religious organization, as they had grown out of that particular framework.

    Swann’s involvement with scientology deserves to be considered in context, both in his own personal development and in the context of changes in scientology. IOW I don’t think Swann was brainwashed by scientology, rather I think he used it for his own purposes and it may have had rather more benevolent aspects at that point in time.

  11. victor friese says:

    Oh! Could you (Deriso) cover Persinger? Especially that thing where whenever you lay down to go to bed at night all the sudden you can’t move or speak and for some reason you feel this horrible dread and exhaustion? That sorta thing was big in the 90’s. People used to associate it with aliens, probably after watching too much x-files. After hearing about that Karen Stewart thing, see Peter Collins episode 4-4-16,, I have wondered if that stuff was just a weapons test program.

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