Newsbud Community Exclusive-“The Pentagon’s New Rules for Killing Africans”

On this Newsbud Community Members Exclusive Edition Kurt Nimmo looks at the rush to move into Africa and exploit its abundance of natural resources. President Trump has opened a new front on the continent and has authorized without congressional approval additional military operations in Somalia against al-Shabaab. Prior to this, AFRICOM, the United States African Command, US Special Forces readied for deployment to fight the terror group Boko Haram. The US wants to reduce the activity of its main competitor in Africa, China, in particular its undermining of the globalist loan sharking operations run by the World Bank and the IMF. Donald Trump will allow AFRICOM to continue its attacks and raids in Somalia and elsewhere in Africa resulting in death and misery for the people of Africa.

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Show Notes

Trump authorizes more aggressive airstrikes against al-Shabab in Somalia

Pentagon seeks to expand fight against extremists in Somalia

US AFRICOM Commander Calls for “Huge” Military Campaign in West Africa

The president who loved generals: Trump’s foreign policy will be led by the military, not diplomats

Trump transition team reviewing military rules of engagement

Trump gives military more authority to launch Somalia strikes

Trump Eases Combat Rules in Somalia Intended to Protect Civilians

AFRICOM’s Secret Empire: US Military Turns Africa Into ‘Laboratory’ Of Modern Warfare

US military Africa Command – AFRICOM

Mali and AFRICOM’s Africa Agenda: Target China

Yemen: Reported US Covert Actions 2016

Trump’s head-spinning and secret plans for foreign policy

AFRICOM and the USA’s Hidden Battle for Africa

The Militarization of the African Continent: AFRICOM Expands Operations in Cooperation With Europe

African Natural Resources Center

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  1. spiro skouras says:

    Great job Kurt!
    This is and will prove to be a very important topic / region.

  2. Kimberly Haynes says:

    Important info for Americans! My husband finished a 3-yr contract flying job, based in Entebbe, Uganda, and then N’Djamena, Chad, last year. I had NO idea, until then, the things that the U.S. is involved in there. Thank you for sharing this with your Newsbud audience!

  3. John Miranda says:

    Execellent!! Interesting to note a member of the Newsbud team no longer fawning over Dictator Donny and his Trojan Horse MI Complex Fascist Corporate Cabinet From Hell. Who knows? The otherwise stunningly brilliant Newsbud team may wake up before we’re all in forced labor FEMA camps for dissidents.

  4. Shelly Dockery says:

    This makes me sad.

  5. Beau Boeye says:

    Thank you NewsBud for shining light on what’s being done within Africa; it’s a region that doesn’t get much coverage.
    I imagine most average citizens would have no idea we have such a vested interest within the Africa continent.

    • And thank you, Beau, for your encouraging comment. Nimmo is simply amazing. I am so proud of our team members. We’ve been operating as Newsbud for only 9 months, and we have come a long way (We still have a long way to go). Thanks to you and all our community members’ support!!

  6. Mr. Nimmo, great job as usual. I am so proud to be a subscriber!

  7. Karen Keener says:

    We are going to have a lot to unravel after the last four or five administrations’ wrongdoing. Hopefully, the American people start to recognize this and step up to the challenge of defunding the criminal organization of government.

    • victor friese says:

      Oh, we are stepping up to that challenge right good as it is! Why, we have 44 million people with student loan debt in this country and less than half are actually paying it back! We have 95+ million people, working age adults, who are no longer part of the labor force, we have … what was it? Half the country on some sort of welfare? Etc… and so on! Yup, we are gonna defund them right good!

      Why is that NATO has only death, debt, intimidation, blackmail, massive corruption, impoverishment, extremely high infant mortality rates and the like to offer, but yet they are confounded as to why their NATO system is collapsing? It almost looks like it is being done by design.

  8. victor friese says:

    Hey, will you let us know when you start doing to low res vids? And please show the download size next to the vid.

  9. victor friese says:

    1) What was the Chinese dude at the 11 minute mark saying? (I am using the audio version)

    2) You talk about how the strikes by Afrikom will lead to civilian deaths… but how did these militants come to be? That’s where the real story is. How did africa become so unstable in the first place? If the U.S. was just killing these hatchet freaks, that would be one thing, but you need to go into depth on how that mess came to be and how the U.S. behavior will lead to a worse situation.

    3) Go into depth on the IMF, BIS and their effects on impoverishing nations throughout Africa, Latin America and elsewhere.

    4) Also go into how U.E. cirporations sabotage governments like Venezuela. I reall reports where companies would destroy food to worsen the plight of a government amd then claim it was somehow the government’s fault.

    5) Newsbud, if you ever get the chance to have an Africa or Latin Amercan expert, please snatch them up! It would be great to know how the IMF, BIS, and food and energy and mining companies screw these nations up. We know they do it, but we need a constant detailed flow of info on these areas to paint a more accurate and articulate image of these areas and HOW they do it. These areas serve as prime examples on the behaviors of these BIS, IMF, food and resource companies.

  10. victor friese says:

    That should be “U.S. corporations”, not “U.E. cirporations”.

  11. Colin Green says:

    I hope lots of Americans watch this and gain a better understanding as to the evils they commit and allow their taxes to be lavished on.

  12. I’m really interested to know more about this, and it’s a great topic to cover. Unfortunately it’s still impossible to watch–only 2 seconds of content stream at a time, then I have to wait 10-60 seconds for another 2-3 seconds.

    (The recent roundtable was the first content for members that I could watch “normally”. I had great hopes, hoping whatever technique was used for that one would be used here.) PLEASE I really want to get this info! The audio-only is not a substitute. What you have to say, Kurt, is too important.

    Another production issue–can you please reduce the volume on the background music, or better still stop it entirely most of the time, or use it occasionally as punctuation. It’s distracting, especially when I’m trying to absorb new information.

    Content / reporting wise I suspect this is outstanding–but trying to absorb it in 2 second bites makes it really challenging to fully appreciate and absorb.

    • Dominikus Reiter says:

      I have the same issue. Super interrested in the content. First half of the video even went fine, but since then experiencing those 2-3 vs 10-60 second hickups! please add lowres version or download option. Thanks

  13. Dr. Thomas Veigel Plechavicius says:

    What you say about Germany in today’s Namibia is not true and just repeats communist Germany historians lies.

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