NATO’s Weapon of Choice-Transatlantic Banking Powers

Newsbud presents and welcomes the newest addition, Pye Ian, to its team.  Mr. Ian is an independent economic researcher and analyst with undergraduate degrees in economics and political science from the University of California and a Master’s degree in finance from Cambridge University. In this exclusive interview with Sibel Edmonds Pye Ian discusses his latest article NATO’s Currency War against Turkey, and explains how NATO uses mega banks and rating agencies in its covert war against target nations’ perceived noncompliance with its geostrategic goals.

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Show Notes

Newsbud Exclusive- NATO’s Currency War against Turkey

Why Turkey’s Growth Data Has Economists Scratching Their Heads

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  1. Congratulations on adding Pye Ian to the Newsbud team. I look forward to his contributions. This was a great start, showing how we can recognize dodgy wording in financial articles that indicates a political slant or agenda.

  2. richarda says:

    Thanks for that summary on the coverage of the Turkish economy. It highlights the information assymetry where “economists” appear to have a monopoly on the truth, whereas the real position is almost exactly the opposite. I would mention that Video is not the best medium for these discussions, and as I hadn’t read the prior article by Pye Ian, I am still a little in the dark, but the comments about weaponising economies, finance and currencies in enlightening. I look forward to hearing more from Pye Ian.

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