Newsbud Academy- “Foundations of Anglo-American & Russian Geopolitics”

What drives the behavior of Great Powers? Why are some states successful while others fail? What factors can sustain an empire? What are the challenges of the emerging multi-polar world in the 21st century? All these questions and many more can be answered with a proper theoretical framework. In this one-of-a-kind course, professor Filip Kovacevic argues that geopolitics provides precisely such a framework. Sign up today and join us for the first Newsbud Academy online course to be held on June 10-11 via Newsbud.

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Show notes:

Newsbud Academy Info & Registration

The Russian Newspaper Monitor with Prof. Filip Kovacevic

Professor Filip Kovacevic Bio


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  1. victor friese says:

    Can you make it to where to videos and stuff for this course are available for members after it is over? I cannot afford the course (I am not saying it is overpriced at all, I am just broke), but am curious about it. Will there be books to buy, or is it just lectures?

  2. Will this course count toward CEUs for professional development purposes? If so, how many (6 hour course = 6 CEUs)?

  3. Wendell Wood says:

    Link to register, please?

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