The Hidden Power Behind Fake News and the 2016 Election

In this community member exclusive edition of Mind Hack, Jeff DeRiso continues to investigate the hidden forces behind fake news, the 2016 presidential election, and Brexit.  What are Information Operations and how do they affect public perception?  Also discussed are tactics that use social science and data analysis to engineer a profitable outcome for corporate interests.  In a time where early adopters and disrupters dominate the marketplace and VR is the next big thing, should we take the time to pause and reflect before we become immersed in someone else’s version of “the future”?

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Show notes:

The Link Between Brexit And The US Election, MI6, Fake News And Dark Money

flashback: 2000 - Army Psyops Division interns at CNN & NPR

How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons

‘We’re running with scissors’: Why some experts worry about VR dangers

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  1. albatross0612 says:
  2. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello Jeff,

    Fantastic reporting my friend, and you sir confirmed many of the theories i have in your first segment, and enabled me to connect many new dots in the rest of your report… (and DAAMMMNNNNNN, you look so young, are you allowed in into bars? 🙂 – You sir super clever and have very bright future)

    unfortunately, I don’t use Twitter, facebook or the rest of the “mind altering” tools of the state, for the same reason described in your report, so i can not reach you via twitter, and this is the only tool i use.

    But here is my suggestion on a puzzle that you might be able to solve… Currently, three countries driving the “western agenda” and they are USA, UK and France. These 3 countries are 100% in agreement when it comes to foreign policy, yet internally, they will not even agree on simple policy.. How is that possible? especially keeping in mind that these 3 countries hate each other, and have spilled blood between them over the many years.

    also.. this “partnership” is fluid, so it will not stay in these 3 countries for long, and it may change country at will, as they don’t really care for the country in question, but the foreign goals.

  3. Either resolve your bandwidth problems OR facilitate D/L for subscribers. Otherwise . . . I will terminate subscription.

  4. Dom Ceja says:

    Great video and information, especially in regards to Cambridge Analytica. Speaking from my software engineering mindset, could you guys please utilize a HTML5 video player that allows users like me to increase the playback speed of videos. I like to listen to videos in 2x speed. Time is limited. Other than that keep up the great work! Great video!

  5. Christopher Yeager says:

    Flash is a terrible security risk and I don’t allow it on my computers. Please find a better solution.

  6. Neil Gardner says:

    I had previously read a [Guardian article]( about Cambridge Analytica’s purported involvement in support the Leave Campaign in last year’s referendum on EU membership. However, the main broadcasters, the government, academia and big business have long been heavily biased in favour on continued EU membership. The deciding factor were the much higher levels of net migration and a huge influx of low-skill workers dominating many sectors that until recently employed working class Britons.
    Cambridge Analytica specialises in business intelligence and as such is a gun for hire for any large corporate customer. I seriously doubt it’s exploits had any significant effect on the referendum.
    Just a week before the referendum, Labour MP and staunch Remain Campaigner Jo Cox, was mysteriously murdered by a lone maverick (with a history of severe mental illness) who sympathised with fringe rightwing grouplet known as Britain First. The mainstream media treated this as a Brexit murder. Within days the polls swung by at least 5% towards Remain ( While polls are often skewed by unrepresentative sampling, the leading online bookies gave the Remain side the greatest odds of winning. None gave higher odds on a Leave win. The result clearly indicated dissatisfaction with the kind of globalisation unleashed on British workers and a clear desire for greater self-determination. The Irish, Dutch, Danish and French electorates had also rejected further European integration in referendums. The Irish got a second chance to approve the Treaty of Nice in 2002. However, I don’t doubt the governing Conservative Party will use Brexit as an excuse to forge new globalist alliances. In reality both the US and EU are declining trade blocs and the EU may not survive heightened migratory pressures from the Middle East, mass unemployment and growing inequality between regions.

  7. Helen Halliday says:

    Too bad few people use the words “few and “less ” correctly. Few people like me are less happy when they realize how uneducated even those few people with higher degrees use these words correctly.

    I taught my 8 year old the difference and how to use them correctly. You, too can learn.

    If you can count it, then use “few”
    fewer people swim in the lake because there is LESS water.
    I have LESS interested in your video because fewer words are used correctly.

  8. William Field says:

    Great work thankyou….”Manufacturing consent” with a pack of lies!…Good Business for a few…

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