McMaster of War

H.R. McMaster, President Trump's national security advisor, is working behind the scenes to send tens of thousands of ground troops into Syria to take out the government of Bashar al-Assad. On the edition of The Geopolitical Report, we look at how Barack Obama set the stage for an escalation of U.S. intervention in a “civil war” engineered by the CIA and the Gulf Emirates. We also take a look at McMaster's record in Iraq where he mistreated detainees and his association with the convicted criminal and former CIA director David Petraeus. H.R. McMaster is Donald Trump's Master of War.

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Show Notes

R. McMaster Manipulating Intelligence Reports to Trump, Wants 150,000 Ground Soldiers in Syria

Trump Said No to Troops in Syria. His Aides Aren't So Sure.

Unlike Obama, Trump defers to generals’ advice on military strategy

US Army Investigator Accuses National Security Adviser McMaster of War Crimes in Iraq

McMaster casts doubt on US sending more troops to Syria

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster: U.S. Wants to Eliminate 'Murderous Regime' in Syria

McMaster: Trump open to more military action in Syria but seeks 'political solution'

Trump administration stops disclosing troop deployments in Iraq and Syria

Iran is ‘world’s biggest sponsor of state terrorism’, says US Defense Secretary James Mattis

New CIA Director Mike Pompeo Has Hawkish History on Israel and Iran

Donald Trump became a war president even sooner than predicted

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