We’re at the Tipping Point on North Korea…and Who’s Lying About that Aircraft Carrier?

This week on China Watch with Peter Lee: North Korea takes a hostage and plans for a nuclear test.  North Korea diplomacy a la Trump to be tested this week…without the USS Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group.  What happened? The answers to that and more only on Newsbud’s China Watch.

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Show Notes

NK Media’s Broadside Won’t Impact China Policy

DPRK Says No Dialogue with U.S. without Washington Abandoning Hostility

North Korea said to detain third U.S. citizen

Carl Vinson Strike Group Departs Singapore for Western Pacific

Deterring Revisionist Powers with Admiral Harry Harris

Photo: USS Carl Vinson Transits the Sunda Strait

Trump Unleashes Generals. They Don’t Always See the Big Picture

Carried away: the inside story of how the Carl Vinsons’ canceled port visit sparked an international crisis

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  1. Harley McCauely says:

    Great show, Peter!
    For those Newsbud members interested in “Asia Brief with Peter Lee”, I found it by using the “CATEGORIES” function in the upper right corner.
    Just click on “Select Category” and select “Asia Brief with Peter Lee” immediately below it.

  2. Thanks, Peter. Fascinating insight into the playground of geopolitics. Shocked that POTUS is not in fact in charge of the US. Surely the US has ticked all the boxes re definition of a regime now.

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