Annals of Insubordination: The Lasting Legacy of MacArthur’s Attempt to Start a War with China

This week on Asia Brief with Peter Lee: How close did we come to World War III in 1951?  A lot closer than you think.  The untold story of Douglas MacArthur’s last ditch attempt to start a war with China.

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Show Notes

President Truman’s relief of General Douglas MacArthur

USS John A Bole (DD-755) Ships History

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  1. Sam Bissonnette says:

    Thanks, China Hand. I was trying to find this after you mentioned it.

  2. No mystery. Standing armies + ignorance (ego) + corruption (MIC) = war.every.single.time.

    MacArthur, one of a long line of idiots.

    Not all US industries have been offshored. The US continues its proud tradition of serving the world with war criminals for over a century. Or two.

    Humility is for saps.

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