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Dear Friends & Supporters: We have launched our Kickstarter Phase 3 Campaign, and we need your help again. We have 45 days to raise $115,000, and we know we can do it with your support! We have taken enormous steps forward thanks to your funding of our previous two campaign phases. Now we need your help to achieve this next step so we can continue building our 100% people-funded independent media outlet.

Please help. Make a pledge and put the word out by telling everyone in your social-media networks. Without you, we cannot achieve our dream of a media outlet that is nonpartisan and accountable only to its viewers and to the truth. Make a donation, subscribe, and activate others. They have rendered we the people irrelevant; together, we will make them irrelevant!

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Newsbud Phase 3, Support a 100% People-Funded Media Outlet

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  1. spiro skouras says:

    Thank you!
    I have to say,
    I am so proud of Newsbud, and I am so proud of our community!
    Each and every one of you are an essential part of Newsbud.
    None of this would be possible without your continued support.
    This is only the beginning, we have big plans and high aspirations and because of you, we can and will succeed!
    On behalf of Newsbud thank you all!
    Spiro Skouras
    Executive Producer

  2. Karen Keener says:

    I’m sharing this video with my friends with a compelling plea for them to support Newsbud. Since I started watching Newsbud and became a subscriber, I feel like when I talk to people about the complexities of what’s going on in the world, I know about news, up to date, unbiased information from more countries than anyone I know. The mainstream leaves most people spending hours searching various country specific topics to find out about an isolated incident here or there but not like this giant comprehensive picture of the world and how it all fits and works together currently. No other media does this in any country that doesn’t share a heavy bias in favor or against the country that it is coming from. There’s no other single source like it. I can’t go anywhere else (single source) to find out about Russian news sources’ takes on various countries AND how China, Pakistan and India are “playing together” AND how the US, UN and NATO organizations work together in any variety of countries throughout the world. Not only is no one else reporting on this, if they do report on a single issue, it’s not trustworthy because who knows if Swiffer (for example, who sells ads in a paper) doesn’t have a manufacturing plant in the country where the topic took place. You know? Advertiser funded news can’t be trusted. You are truly one of a kind. I feel like dollars spent on Newsbud are the loudest anti establishment dollars anyone can spend today. Good luck, Newsbud. I hope more people come to find the value in this that I have by subscribing.

  3. wholy1 says:

    yo NewsBud staff, would love to RE-subscribe AND donate also but . . . sadly fear that all your wonderful collaborating journalist/writer’s efforts will be for naught if you fail to resolve the streaming latency problem OR [at least] provide D/L capability to your paying subscribers I-M-M-E-D-I-A-T-E-T-L-Y. I have been a subscriber to Corbett for quite sometime with no complaint and knowing your past close association with him leaves me completely perplexed. The focus of the content you provide is great, sad to see you fail because of a delivery issue.

  4. victor friese says:

    I was waiting to see if you needed my money as I am broke. I just donated $10, but why is it sooooo sluggish this time? Is it being throttled? I guess that you have the same set of donor and the big ones are tapped out?

  5. victor friese says:

    What will happen if it does fail? It could still succeed, if every twitter follower just donated $3 like Chi-Yeung Chu said. Why is that so hard? 3 freaking dollars…

    • Hi Victor,

      This is why we are counting on our subscribers- Newsbud community members. We will continue but we’ll make all content available only to Newsbud community members. We may have to slightly cut back on the number of video presentations- or, we’ll ask our community members to step in and help us maintain the current level of production. In many ways, we, the Newsbud Team, are as enthusiastic and determined as ever. We hope our members here feel the same way.

      P.S. I have no idea why Word Press was holding certain comments for moderation- we adjusted the filter (For ex: if someone used the word ‘YouTube’ then that comment would automatically get trapped in moderation category. Strange.

  6. William Field says:

    Some say there is Israel links to 911, what are the facts?? …And is it true that Larry Siversein & Frank Lowy, the 2 fellows who took out the 99 yr Lease option/son WTC just a few weeks prior to attack, and also collected billions from the 911 Insurance claim/s, are both Jewish Zionists?…& also in Lowy’s case, Ex Israeli Military?

  7. William Field says:

    Dr Alan Sabosky say “Israel did it” All the evidence in the world….Were their fronts not pushing fir war against Iraq yrs bed=-fore 911..or please, what am I overlooking?

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