Iran in the Crosshairs

On this edition of The Geopolitical Report, we cover the Trump administration’s move to nullify the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and demonize Iran as the leading state sponsor of terror in the world. Trump’s secretary of state Rex Tillerson says Iran is up to no good in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Lebanon. However, when history is examined without a jaundiced eye, we see that it is the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Israel that are responsible for many of the problems in the Middle East. If all the facts are taken into consideration, we quickly arrive at the conclusion the United States is the leading exporter of terror in the world, not Iran.

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Show Notes

Tillerson: Iran complying with nuclear deal, but still sponsoring terrorism

Syria and the city of Deraa: How the CIA engineered the civil war in Syria

CIA Interventions in Syria: A Partial Timeline

No, Yemen’s Houthis actually aren’t Iranian puppets

Coping with Crumbling States: A Western and Israeli Balance of Power Strategy for the Levant

The U.S. Role in Iraq’s Upsurge of Violence

The Chaos in Iraq is by Design. The Goal is to “Break up the Country”

Water and Israel's Occupation Strategy

sraeli War Crimes Committed In Lebanon In 1978 And 1982

Analysis: Hamas history tied to Israel

CIA Red Cell special memorandum on ”What If Foreigners See the United States as an ’Exporter of Terrorism’”

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  1. William Field says:

    Excellent work indeed, thanks very much KN & all… great all this great work is so coherently now on the record…keep up the great work.

  2. TopHat says:

    Thanks for covering this topic–US Iran policy background–about which there is so much US misinformation!
    That 2006 map is amazing–the one showing how the US was thinking the middle east region could be divided up along sectarian lines. Very revealing. Please continue to use maps in the presentation. It helps absorb the information in a deeper way.

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