How a US Fiasco in Macau Birthed North Korea’s Atomic Bomb

Newsbud Presents the Community Member Exclusive Series Asia Brief with Peter Lee. This week: The inside story of how the Treasury Department botched its sanctions game against North Korea and China and directly led to the first North Korean atomic bomb test. Do not miss this in depth presentation of historical facts that directly led to the current situation that the mainstream media is fomenting in order to expand interventionism.  Newsbud is 100% people funded, support independent media and make a pledge to Newsbud’s Phase 3 Kickstarter today.

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  1. stephen healy says:

    Great report Peter Lee!! this needs to be distributed far and wide. our MSN never puts things in context

  2. Ludovico Doebbeling says:

    Thank you great article, first time I am able to watch subscriber only video without streaming issues. Keep it up !

  3. TopHat says:

    What an amazing story! Talk about bad US policy causing unintended consequences. Did they ever improve that law from its messy original GW Bush version?

    I’m grateful for the low-res streaming option! It works well, and now I can watch the subscriber-only videos happily.

  4. Some of the best content on Newsbud.

  5. thorny says:

    Thanks, Peter for the latest instalment in A Day In The Life of the Empire – bullying, stupidity, paranoia, more stupidity.

    Was that $25 mil from a personal North Korean account? Because if their govt is going to miss $25mil, then maybe we should do a Kickstarter for them.

    By their own criteria, the US should be sanctioned into the ground. As should Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UK…..

    I would like to turn on the news for one day and NOT hear what the US thinks. Seems since the early 90s, anytime something happens the media neck is snapped in the direction of the US for their disapproval/approval.

  6. Peter Lee says:

    the funny thing is, half of the $25 mill wasn’t even the NK government’s. It belonged to British American Tobacco & some JV investment outfit. But the USG gave all the money to Kim Il Sung!

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