Stealing from the Citizenry: How Government Goons Use Civil Asset Forfeiture to Rob Us Blind

In jolly old England, Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor. In modern-day America, greedy government goons steal from the innocent to give to the corrupt under court- and legislature-sanctioned schemes called civil asset forfeiture. In fact, one year, law enforcement took more stuff from people than burglars did. Police agencies have used their ill-gotten gains to pay for illicit drugs, prostitutes, guns, armored cars, electronic surveillance gear, luxury vehicles, travel and a clown named Sparkles. This is how the American police state continues to get rich: by stealing from the citizenry. It’s a new, twisted form of guilt by association. Only it’s not the citizenry being accused of wrongdoing, just their money. What this adds up to is a paradigm in which Americans no longer have to be guilty to be stripped of their property, rights and liberties. All you have to be is in possession of something the government wants. This is what has become known as “policing for profit.” We are now ruled by a government so consumed with squeezing every last penny out of the population as to be completely unconcerned if essential freedoms are trampled in the process. Our freedoms aren’t just being trampled, however. They’re being eviscerated. At every turn, “we the people” are getting swindled, cheated, conned, robbed, raided, pickpocketed, mugged, deceived, defrauded, double-crossed and fleeced by governmental and corporate shareholders of the American police state out to make a profit at taxpayer expense. Enough is enough.

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 Show Notes

Policing for Profit: The Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture

Law enforcement took more stuff from people than burglars did last year

DEA regularly mines Americans' travel records to seize millions in cash

Justice Thomas Defends Victims of “Policing for Profit”

Texas police shake down drivers, lawsuit claims

Illinois Traffic Stop Of Star Trek Fans Raises Concerns About Drug Searches, Police Dogs, Bad Cops

Highway robbery? Texas police seize black motorists' cash, cars

Tennessee Asset Forfeiture Bill Seeks To Abolish Abusive Police Practice

'Innocent until proven guilty' should mean what it says

Hidden cameras reveal airport workers stealing from luggage

Drug cops took a college kid’s savings and now 13 police departments want a cut

DEA Steals $16,000 In Cash From Young Black Man, Because He Must Be A Drug Dealer

How the TSA and Drug Enforcement Administration Joined Forces to Seize Cash at Airports

Drug Dealing and Legal Stealing

Feds Give Up Trying to Seize a Motel Based on Drug Offenses by a Few Guests

Police Seize Car, Drive 56,000 Miles, Sell It Without Charging Owners With a Crime

Illinois Traffic Stop Of Star Trek Fans Raises Concerns About Drug Searches, Police Dogs, Bad Cops

Asset seizures fuel police spending

Trump hosts LE at White House, pledges support for police

Jeff Sessions Loves Asset Forfeiture. Will Congress Grill Him at His Confirmation Hearing

Police Union Head Wonders Why Everybody Suddenly Wants Them to Stop Stealing People’s Stuff

Massachusetts Body of Liberties

Stealing from the Citizenry: How Government Goons Use Civil Asset Forfeiture to Rob Us Blind

Battlefield America: The War on the American People

Rutherford Institute

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  1. Wow. So many people around that table and not a wit among them. I HOPE that was for the cameras and that was not the typical quality of briefings given to POTUS. However, actions suggest that is exactly the kind of dumbed down, clueless dialogue going on. The statement from that guy at the beginning was so prejudicial and lacking in context it amounted to a lie. POTUS had no nuance or experience or care to ask intelligent questions. I doubt the previous administration was any better. Probably just as dumb but with longer words.

    It’s official, power attracts low-level consciousness.

  2. victor friese says:

    They acted so dumb that I do wonder if it was an act. Psychopaths like to act innocent when they are not. Maybe it was a case of that?

  3. It was amazing seeing the kinds of advice given to President Trump. No one willing to speak up with other sides to the issue, despite Trump’s questions. The issue was presented to him in a way that was outright misinformation. This post was a good introduction to the topic.

    A request–John Whitehead, please spend proportionally more time on what constructive actions might be taken. You said to focus on the local–excellent suggestion, but what might that look like, for readers who do not have experience? Please be more specific–focus on actions and advice that empower. Also, are there specific individuals at the national level, or Senators or Reps who sit on key committees? If we know their names & contact details, then readers from those states will be in a stronger position to make their voices heard.

    Don’t just tell us about a dire situation, tell us about other people’s successes, or what things to do (or not to do). What should we do if we have something confiscated? Record interactions with a smartphone? Contact who–lawyer, media, sheriff? Please give us more ideas about
    what to DO!

    • Good point. although I understand the difficulty in going from observation to action and also in avoiding depression. Diving into these matters results in cognitive dissonance. This state of mind is explained in among other things ‘9/11 – Cognitive Dissonance’ on youtube. Recognizing it allows dealing with it.
      The Issue is that the people receiving their money from extrajudicial entities, among others some corporations, ministries and the MIC, keep these entities alive out of egoism and/or fear of personal misery. Because of them, the bad entities are able to deliver nothing but revenue and margin. Not any trace of ethics is in the way of maximizing these without an upper limit. Corps, as opposed to natural persons, are not liable inside the legislative frameworks that we know of: humans can be sentenced to death, even killed without a charge, without a court, by the nearest illiterate policeman or by a drone operated from the US or UK. Contrarily, the bad institutes in business and pulblic services (incl. the US gov) are never sentenced to death and are in the ost important cases ‘immortal’. The Wachovia/HSBC cases are telling, and the way in which the chemicals industries incl. pharma and agribusiness buy public servants, manipulate laws and public opinion is stunning. Shell still sails in the Arctic with a rusty drilling ship that is so badly maintained it should be out of service, Monsanto, Syngenta, pionees and Cargill ruin the tiny layer of life around our planet and pharma markets its ‘unsafe and ineffective’ chemicals by lies and deceit, supported by the currupt FDA and CDC. I wish I was exaggerating. On the end of the day, it is the banks that hide behind the lousy claim that they only provide the debt; it is the influential minority shareholder who only cares for wealth of himself and of his family while hiding behind S-corp, C-corp, LLC and vehicles alike; it is the law firm that gets filthy rich by unscrupulously working for pharma & agribusiness, big oil, the MIC, banking. The personnel often does not know about the connection between their daily job and the consequences of it in a larger context, others don’t have to care “Wir haben es nicht gewußt”, and who cares is inclined to leave.
      So, where could one start to dismantkle these? Even the banana republic USA refuses to respect the ICJ, ignores Congress, ignores theNational Security Council, ignores international conventions on human rights.
      Public servants in general change jobs far too often to acquire a deep understanding of the subjects they are working on, and of the context theyr operate in. When they need to know something, or when they need to please their superior, they call a relationship within a corp who acts out of loyalty to the system that issues his paycheck. If MP’s would keep their contacts ‘clean’, corruptive employees would not be very successful. I personally do not know of any MP who is not financed, or otherwise financially motivated, by the deep wallet of his relationships with ‘real jobs’. From democracy to lobbycracy?

      A way to start?
      1) start by using your academic grades to obtain a position in these institutes to change the system from within. This is the proven succesful way in which some families infiltrated governments and the largest transnationals.
      2) make the advertisement sector reject any advert that sells chemicals by merely mentioning positive claims.
      3) hold law firms accountable for the consequences of the conclusions, the prejudice, the jurisprudence they create.
      4) confront scientists with this ‘truck system’ for grants, which I do not view as strictly necessary because it used to be an electorate government handing out funding.
      5) avoid buying anything that you do not need, anything that contains unnecessary chemicals. Start with limiting your purchases to organic, plant-based food: you will end up eating less, therefore your dependence on the system decreases. People will follow your example.
      6) arrange your work and private lives so effective that you do not need to carry your cellphone all day long, and go by bike: set examples.
      7) buy your corporate friends a subsrciption with Newsbud;
      8) raise your kids in a way that they will reject anything unethical, and raise them to fight with their pen: create their picture.
      9) stop complaining because the effects are geographically and socially confined and, to the politicians and corporate teflon managers, protests are viewed as pathetic. better act, and this is where the Newsbud team and you add value.
      10) Spread this word in Asia because debt acceptance programs and propaganda to repeat the Western decay period in Asia is running strong.
      11) ???

      Good luck.

  4. stan wasserman says:

    Welcome to Amerika

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