Selling War

On this edition of The Geopolitical Report, we examine the role the establishment media and government play in formulating and disseminating war propaganda. Beginning with the Spanish-American War and the First World War, propaganda became more prevalent and sophisticated, especially after the introduction of the propaganda and public relations techniques of Edward Bernays. Bernays said propaganda is an essential tool in modern society and is considered “the executive arm of the invisible government.” We also take a look at the success of the modern corporate media in shaping consensus for war through fabrication, lies, half-truths and omission and how these techniques resulted in over fifty percent approval of President Trump's recent attack on Syria.

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Show Notes

Donald Trump Polls: Most Americans Approve of Syria Strike

War Propaganda: Syria’s Destruction by the Lies of the Western Media. “Washington will Never let Go, Their Target is World Hegemony”

War, Propaganda and the Media

Edward Bernays’ Propaganda

Propaganda of the Spanish–American War

Propaganda in World War I

American propaganda during World War II

The Cold War

U.S. Propaganda in the Vietnam War

The Iraq War and the Power of Propaganda

CNN and Psyops/font>

The media loved Trump’s show of military might. Are we really doing this again?

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  1. thomasotoole says:

    Wow, that was superb. thank you!

  2. Great job. This needs to be a full length documentary.

  3. Travis Harrison says:

    Fantastic job, Kurt and team. I wish I could share this one with some friends.

  4. Greetings Newsbud Community Friends,

    We would love to hear your feedback on making ‘Low Resolution’ video streaming to those of you with very slow internet connection/low bandwidth. Please let us know. I know our IT fix responses are slower than we’d like to see due to a very limited budget, but our team never cease to work. Thank you all.

    • Ludovico Doebbeling says:

      Solved my problem. I’m not sure if my problem was due to low bandwith on my part, but I can see the low resol streaming very well. Not so the Hi res as it interrupts constantly. For me the low res does just fine. Keep it up. Love your programs. I understand Sibel and Spiro live in the northwestern US. In that region is Dane Wigington, Solar Energy expert that is sounding the alarm on the geoengineering (Solar Radiation Management) going on over all our Skies. I live in Argentina, and as of last year we are being massively sprayed here too (non scientific term: Chemtrails). In addition to the nanoparticles being released in these clandestine programs not being the most recommended stuff to breathe, it hides behind it a massive preoccupation of the power structure with the state of the global climate. If your subscribers have not heard of this yet, I am sure they will be extremely interested in what Mr. Wigington has to say. His site is . Take Care

    • Hi Sibel, yes the low-res version works fine for me. Thanks for adding these, as I was unable to watch these exclusives before.

    • The low-res option is a big improvement. I’d like this option to be even lower resolution because there are still lots of multiple-second pauses while streaming (about 12 2-5 second pauses in a 5 minute viewing period–which only occurs with the members-only content).

      I’m signed up for Filip’s course and I’m concerned about missing things.

  5. bruinschuss says:

    Awesome work Kurt. Of all the Newsbud videos, I share yours the most.

  6. David E Burden says:

    Excellent piece. Kudos to Kurt for another job well done.
    Perhaps a short follow up by John Whitehead explaining to those who might question the legality of Trump’s unlawful, unconstitutional aggression toward Syria. As well as how, and why all of these “Police Actions” are unconstitutional, and are in fact war crimes. He could spice it up with some facts about why George W. Bush and Dick Cheney never leave the boundaries of the “UNITED STATES”.

  7. victor friese says:

    Seems to work well. Good! May want to put size of video next to video for users on data plan.

  8. Yes, this would make a worthy documentary. This point needs to be reminded over and over again. The US as a country should be renamed ‘Dr Strangelove’. That is its identity now – military/bellicose/beilligerent/ignorant/uneducated. When we think US culture, we think military, alphabet agencies and propaganda. The constant provocations for war are beyond greed and are fully into the territory of psychotic. When are we going to collectively name that horse and fire all of them and start again?

    For me the most obvious proof of the US’s militarized/propagandized culture is that no one can be anti-war without hastily underlining several times that they are ‘for the troops’. As if one has anything to do with the other. ‘Thank for your service’ without any idea what the service person did in the name of their flag in a country far from them, that never threatened the US. This is not a culture I encounter in the rest of the world. It’s weird and it reminds me of 1930s Germany. Whether you consider the cause just or not, we are ultimately deifying murder. Like Clinton laughing at the brutal murder of Gaddafi – when I ask Democrats about that I get the sounds of crickets – see 1930s Germany. Also that ridiculous scene outside the WH when Bin Laden was ‘killed and dumped at sea’. Killing is not something, no matter the reasons, to be celebrated.

    There is no more enduring and profound way of supporting military personnel than making sure they never have to see action. Especially when they are being told to participate in war crimes that are ruining the lives of innocents everywhere and generally making the entire planet a miserable place to live.

    Maybe we need a video series – ‘Reality Check’.

  9. Wow, these are always good, but this one is particularly excellent. The use of external video clips as source material to underline specific points is handled so effectively and the video editing, balancing between clips and still shots of items like movie covers and advertising propaganda is truly first rate that it would make Ken Burns blush.

    I didn’t read all of the comments, but I saw some mentioning how much they’d love to see this as a full length documentary. As much as I agree on a personal level, as I’ve stated before and will do so again, there’s something to be said for the way Kurt presents topics both comprehensively yet concisely. I always learn something new in these video presentations, even if I’m already pretty knowledge about the topic at hand, but one of the things that I keep in mind when I’m watching videos, particularly at Newsbud, is whether or not the material is presented in a way which which might be particularly accessible to some of my friends and family who are less knowledgeable about the subject matter.

    Case in point, there was a really excellent article Filip Kovacevic wrote which I shared with my Mom. She was interested in but found it technically verbose in a way which wasn’t that accessible. I’m not pointing to that as a flaw in Filip’s work, but it was just a reminder to me that some of the background context to the type of analysis Professor Kovacevic or for example, Peter Lee, provides that I might take for granted is new material or conceptually foreign (pun intended 😉 ) for others, therefor I always have it in the back of my mind whether or not any particular article or video will make for something that will interest someone or a certain group of people who might be “awake” but perhaps not “wide awake”. Having that sort of balance at Newsbud, still without having anything watered down (to expand on the aquatic reference) is like having a pool next to the hot tub. I might jump right in the hot tub, but someone else might dip their toe in it and decide “it’s too hot in the hot tub” (a la Eddy Murphy’s James Brown impersonation on Saturday Night Live 😉 ) but if the pool’s right there it’s more likely they’ll eventually get in the hot tub once they go for a swim or at least get their feet wet.

    Now, regarding the video playback one of the things that I recommend for combating the problems with the slow speed, is to lower the bit rate on the audio. There’s a decent amount of reduction that can take place in this department which can be done without “cheapening” the production value to the extent where it’s even noticeable to most people. Even if you have to take a hit, so to speak, in overall video quality I think you’ll find few in the audience who will mourn the loss of fidelity over the loss of time and patience watching the place marker spin while the video buffers… just a suggestion

    Anyway, once again, excellent video Kurt. Keep up the great work!

  10. Kurt, great job as always! It is fascinating seeing the historical background, including those images from earlier war periods and the propaganda that was used.

    I was surprised you didn’t mention Project Mockingbird! Even Walter Cronkite had intelligence background. Maybe this can be included when Newsbud does a full-length documentary (or two!) on this topic. 🙂

  11. David Ambuul says:

    I really like the video and the fact that certain points have footnotes. The more this is done the better. Many people looking for good news sources are afraid they are being sold fake news when beliefs that fall far outside the MSM are put forward. So again, thanks for the footnotes and original sources noted throughout!
    I knew something was up as Alex Jones began to hire female faces that look like Fox News anchors. Then the backing of Trump with an uncritical eye of interpretation when Trump obviously betrays the base that elected him. For example, today InfoWars is running a story about an arms deal that Trump made with Saudi Arabia that is billed as the “largest single arms deal in US history….” It is an action by Trump which obviously moves toward war with Iran, Russia and China -but not instantly, so that most of his base remains fooled. And it is Alex Jones who is helping this propaganda machine toward future war by not only not directly calling Trump out on continuation of war via arms deals, but even by the source of the article itself which is CNBC! That is terrible aggregating to say the least; complicit propaganda seems more accurate.
    Thanks for Newsbud! I just subscribed today because it is becoming evident that unbiased and scholarly news (which is truly concerned about the welfare of people of goodwill worldwide) is no longer something that can be found free on the internet. These sources are being forced out, China-style in the West. I hope you all hit your subscription goals, and will begin telling my friends and family about Newsbud, because without sources like this, it is truly possible that all widely disseminated voices of non-consent to establishment lines disappear, as was the case in Nazi Germany!
    I don’t have much money, but real information and my freedom are more important than the little money I have. Thanks again!!

    • David,

      First, welcome you to our Newsbud community. Reading your sincere and articulate comment tells me we (our community) has gained one more critical-thinking, awake and aware, member.

      Also, thank you for your much-needed encouragement expressed kind and sincerely. I have to say- it made my day, and I am sure Kurt Nimmo and the rest of our team members feel the same way.

      Looking forward to your comments, feedback/suggestion.


  12. William Field says:

    Thnx Kurt & News bud..really fantastic!!
    PS 1) This is so good it’s a pity it’s subscriber only…perhaps it might be possible to go on Utube or wherever as …Ex Subscriber content for the public after say 30 days??
    2) I think the Lo res is quite ok of all’s the comment that is really is important to get out there for all….gradually the MSM is getting less credible…but sadly it is still far too efficacious.
    3) The thing about all this “Anti-war debate” that is worth probing is it has “possibly” kept the “West” more safe….seems to me the debate ought be moving in some way towards “verifiable global de-militarisation for mutually beneficial safety, trade & development”……?….Isn’t this what the Chinese wants?….
    4) I think we also ought be probing the notion that after WW2 when USA & Russia militarily had the whole World in the palm of their hands …why was there then a cold war instead of a pact to end “Nuke Weapon proliferation & wars” forever?…Seems to me the Cold war was really about extending the Profits of the Status Quo…
    5) Lastly, also seems to me the true “Elephant in the Room” is “Dollar/Pound/Euro” hegemony….perhaps that ought need probing also?
    CHEERS KURT…you are a true hero!

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