Children of the American Police State: Just Another Brick in the Wall

It’s difficult enough raising a child in a world ravaged by war, disease, poverty and hate, but when you add the police state into the mix, it becomes near impossible to guard against the growing unease that some of the monsters of our age come dressed in government uniforms. The lesson being taught to our youngest—and most impressionable—citizens is this: in the American police state, you’re either a prisoner (shackled, controlled, ordered about, limited in what you can do and say, and your life is not your own) or you’re a prison bureaucrat (politician, police officer, judge, jailer, spy, profiteer, and so on). Then there is what kids are being taught in school. Unfortunately, as constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead makes clear, America’s public schools have become microcosms of the American police state, containing almost every aspect of the militarized, intolerant, senseless, overcriminalized, legalistic, surveillance-riddled, totalitarian landscape that plagues us adults. Indeed, if your child is fortunate enough to survive his encounter with the public schools with his individuality and freedoms intact, you should count yourself fortunate. Most students are not so lucky.

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Show Notes

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Children of the American Police State: Just Another Brick in the Wall

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Rutherford Institute

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  1. Imran Esmail says:

    I enjoy the information and giving us an idea of where our societies are heading. I feel though, you give no emphasis on the corrupt culture that is being created. The lose of ethics, manners, etiquettes, and tradition. The lose of respect for elders, for parents. The culture of mistrust being fostered. The corrosive individualism that is taking over. The breakdown of the family structure. It isn’t just authority from the top… it’s from the bottom as well. Why don’t you speak to those in power corrupting the youth. Corrupting our morals. Confusing our understanding of ourselves. Look at the movies and music industries. The TV shows that are being pumped out. The advertising to youth. The school curriculum…

    • James Sisneros says:

      I agree with Imran on all the points that are made. Our society has lost respect for all levels of authority. We have become Rome before its fall!

    • Russell Linz says:

      I agree, he fails to cite the increasing violent statistics of juvenile offenders that precipitate these responses.The weak students and teachers are victims every year of increasing student crimes which include rape,robbery,felonious assault.He decries the attempted cure but not the disease. Obviously the mass school shootings in recent years do not figure in his opinions.

  2. Ludovico Doebbeling says:

    Love this guy.

  3. Biddie Dee says:

    This is one area where we still can legally not participate. Well almost not. We can homeschool our children and give them an education. The almost part is, I think they must pass a state test each year. But that can be taught quickly using the same method the state uses. Just get them to regurgitate the answers to that particular test. But most of the schooling time can be used to educate them. They can learn how to survive and provide for themselves. They can choose subjects they desire to learn. Most of them will totally enjoy learning things like science, physics, math etc. As long is it is not taught the way it is in a typical school. They would even learn at greatly faster speed than typical schools. I can tell you this from my personal experience. I arrived in the position of teacher quite some time back. This was in a private situation, not public schools. I was teaching incredibly fast, and the students and myself were having a great fun time, because I was a total goof off. I had to slow down the pace because the fun would end too fast. This was not an issue though because they were learning faster and better than ever.
    The reason why typical schools sux is because most of the students have no idea what is being taught since all they are doing is being forced to remember countless things, and a lot of them can not. Even if they do remember, likely most of it will fade away quickly. There is nothing to comprehend using this method, and so they do not think, do not develop their brains and mind.
    My method, and the only method, is teach / learn through application. And that is super easy to remember and thrive at. Super fast and efficient. And can be a lot of fun as long as the teacher likes to goof around. Goofing around, I suspect, adds to the learning speed and efficiency.
    But main thing is, we absolutely must get our children out of these state run prison school systems. All they do is condition them to be the best possible dumbed down slaves.

  4. Where are the PTAs? What is going on with parents who are co-operating with their schools being militarized?

    Anyway, yes, get them young, if they grow up thinking it’s normal to have their fingerprint scanned to get a meal, armed police watching them for their protection, then they won’t kick up a fuss as a adults in a no-cash, biometric society. So the theory goes.

    The last time we saw this kind of collective abrogation of morals and responsibilities, millions went to war, knocking seven bells out of each other. One side got greedy and took on Russia, millions of corpses later, Dresden was reduced to a smoldering smudge. A low point in human history. We seem to be aiming for the lowest point at the moment. With nukes!

    • Thorny, I get to see them daily, those parents- They have become desensitized … almost to this point of no return. When you start telling them,. pointing these things out, they give you this zombie-fied look- They simply don’t want to ‘get’ it.

      • Have school shootings entrained them to believe militarizing the schools to protect them is being a good parent/teacher?

        Yes, it is hard living in a two-speed world – those that take the world at face value and those that have stirred from their trance and see the layers.

        A few can wake up the many. I believe in the collective consciousness. If we can groupthink into accepting a police state and eternal war, we can groupthink into peace.

  5. Karen Keener says:

    More reinforcement for the decision to homeschool/unschool. Someone commended me this weekend on my “choice” to homeschool. I explained that for me, I see no alternative. Parents grapple with a decision to allow their grown child to prison for violent and criminal behavior (they spend their last resources fighting it) but just hand their kids over to this without a second thought. I don’t get it. Many of the kids in schools having been well indoctrinated in inmate style behavior by junior high and high school are as dangerous to fellow students as a gang member in jail. Society is in a sad state and the random acts of crazy people are just that, too random, to justify that a police state would prevent any such behavior. The more we pull our kids out of the system, the better for everyone else. Clearly, it’s not the other way around as the mainstream would have you believe.

  6. Judith Williams says:

    I am so glad to be back to a new boiling frogs show. Great setup and guests!! Go Sibel!!! I live in a little town north of Boston. Try talking to anyone here and they would tell you everything is grand in the USA. It is a NO NO to even talk politics outside the mainstream propaganda narrative. So, my question is…Are most of these police-type tactics happening in poor community schools in the inner city? This might help explain why the middle class is sound asleep on this and so many other issues.

    • Judith, I live in this mainly upper-middle-class neighborhood- the elementary school here has several BS drills a month! All it does: traumatize children; fearmongering and also conditioning them. Simply ludicrous.

  7. If this type of police “discipline” had been in place when I was in grade school I’d probably be dead or in jail now. I had issues with attention and learning disabilities that led to frustration and sometimes “acting out”. Some teachers were authoritarian types which led to some antagonistic relationships and frequent disciplinary actions. However, there were always teachers who appreciated what I was struggling with, respected me, knew I was a good kid, and were willing to advocate for me, bringing me back into the fold where I could be productive and learn instead of becoming totally turned off and alienated from any educational institutions and the benefits of being able to learn and grow intellectually and as a member of a larger community of my peers.

    Most teachers, even the more authoritarian types, tend to have some capacity to work with children and young adults to deescalate situations in ways which can be proactive, not just punitive. Police aren’t trained to intervene in these manners and there’s ample evidence that many lack the capacity to deescalate situations without raising the level of disruption, violence, trauma, and at times significant physical harm to the parties involved.

    Teachers themselves have become increasingly handcuffed (pun intended) to a system where helping their students “achieve” requires curtailing their focus to a conformed and contrived set of motions that have little to do with independent and free thinking. It appears that the regiment has likely by necessity expanded towards teaching kids how to comply with and show deference to authority as a prerequisite for not falling victim to harsh disciplinary action (including jail), often over irrational applications of a “zero tolerance” response to legalistic abstractions of theoretical case scenarios which, while they may even sound like good ideas in the abstract, in practice defy common sense and reasonable contextual interpretation.

    I’m sympathetic towards parents who want their children to experience some of the necessary and valuable aspects of being in a learning environment where they have a chance to grow and learn how to interact with their peers, but can no longer stomach the level of indoctrination, conformity, and now the threat of traumatizing and potentially dangerous encounters with police which reinforce a deference to authority even in its most crass and inappropriate implementation. Still, as Sibel noted, in the abstract most parents view the transformation of the educational system as described above as benign adaptations which have yet to pass the threshold of alarm. The worst of these transformations are likely taking place in areas where parents have the least leverage to object to items of concern.

  8. William Field says:

    What brilliant comments & summary by Kurt…..Bravo!…..It’s like Religion, “believe in the State” or else…& after Iraq & other BS, how can anyone still not know Govts are NOT to be trusted at all costs…they kill folks by the Millions based on packs of lies…..How ironic that Web services providers are now charged with “filtering “Fake News”” (when in fact it’s the MSM & Politicians that re the true fake News)….& then “they” decree free speech is now a crime….as for the removal of Habeas Corpus by, so called, “Anti-Terror Laws”…Really???…
    I suspect folks are catching on & both Obama & Trump were elected on the Anti-war rhetoric…..then LOOK what they did afterwards ..with MSM nonchalance???

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