China Goes on Offense against America in East Asia

This week on Newsbud’s China Watch with Peter Lee: China Feels OBOR afterglow…and Goes on offense!.  With Trump MIA, the PRC moves on Korea and the Philippines…against Taiwan and Singapore…and into Malaysia.

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Show notes

North Korean secret cyber unit ‘likely behind’ NHS ransomware attacks

Duterte says China’s Xi threatened war if Philippines drills for oil

It’s high time to give Tsai an ultimatum

China says Japan-China meeting on South China Sea inappropriate

China invests S$14 billion in Melaka Gateway to replace Singapore

How Malaysia’s 1MDB Fund Scandal Reaches Around the World

The gomen cancelled a deal between 1MBD and China.  Does that mean we’re not friends anymore?

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  1. Thanks Peter for the interesting insight, Newsbud is doing awesome work on opening up my word to a lager than expected real world. Thanks to you guys, the subscribers & kickstart supporters for making it happen.

  2. Nice hair cut, Peter. 🙂

    Do you keep a chart on your wall for all the geoplitical in’s and outs?

  3. Donald is feeling up the Roman Fortress. What a….Merikan.

  4. Another great report from Mr. Peter Lee. Thank you!

  5. William Field says:

    Great & thankyou very much Peter…

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