Mind-Reading Machines, Medical Miracle or Dystopian Disaster?

In this week’s edition of Mind Hack, Jeff DeRiso looks at another remote voice projection device, developed by UK scientists, which uses an ultrasonic speaker.  He also examines an Elon Musk admirer’s approach to covering brain-computer interface tech, and explains why he thinks this discussion should be more nuanced.  We’ll begin to examine the ethic of human experimentation within the CIA, as well as how cognitive enhancement drugs affect intellectual competitiveness.

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Show Notes

This 'telepathy' speaker lets you talk to someone metres away without making a sound

Rise of the mind-reading machines

C.I.A.; What Did the C.I.A. Do to His Father?

How to give your brain a chemical boost, and whether you should


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  1. steven hobbs says:

    Great presentation, context, history, present tech, I didn’t know.
    Useful to think of other (Musk) psy interpretations. May not be conspiratorial in usual sense. May simply be techno autocratic consciousness framework; if I may coin a multi-syllabic.

  2. Martin Homberger says:

    I think Elon Musk has a real fear of the AI apocalypse. To suggest it is just his propaganda for profit doesn’t tackle his arguments about the dangers of quite simple AI systems that have their own goals. And OpenAI is open afterall.

    While perhaps you don’t share Musk’s fears about AI you interpret his actions through your own fears about how such technology could be used commercially or politically. I share both of your fears!

    Btw I always look forward to your videos. Great work.

  3. Mehdi Krit says:

    Just stopped by to say great show keep it up!

  4. Elon wants us to become machines so we don’t become overrun by machines? He’s a very funny guy.

    Woohoo. Machines on ‘improvement’ chemicals…mmmmmm… Can’t wait.

    I think this literally soul-sucking combination would be enough to bring the reincarnation cycle to an end.

    Are we sure some of us aren’t already machines?

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