9/11, Saudi Arabia, and the 28 Pages

Is Saudi Arabia responsible for the terror attack of September 11, 2001? In this episode of The Geopolitical Report, we look at the heavily redacted 28 Pages of the final chapter of the report of a 2002 congressional intelligence inquiry into the attack. The Sept. 11 commission found there was no evidence to indicate that the Saudi government or Saudi senior officials individually had supported the attacks, and the kingdom’s government has consistently denied it had any role in the plot. Defense lawyers representing five men accused of orchestrating the 9/11 attacks want access to an unredacted version of the 28 Pages. The 28 pages say nothing about the involvement of the United States government in the 9/11 attack. There is ample evidence the demolition of the World Trade Towers and the attack on the Pentagon were an inside job and something the Saudis wouldn’t be able to accomplish on their own.

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Show Notes

9/11 Defense Lawyers Push for Access to Unredacted 28 Pages

9/11: Time for a Second Look

THE NEW PEARL HARBOR: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11

Bush Sought 'Way' to Invade Iraq

Bush team 'agreed plan to attack the Taliban the day before September 11'

U.S. War Plans & The Saudi Arabia Debate: U.S. ally an enemy?

The Classified 9/11 ’28 Pages’: A Diversion from Real US-Saudi Issues

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  1. David E Burden says:

    Very good report Kurt. Everything you said in the video goes along perfectly with my own research, as well as the efforts of many others.
    Anything the Saudi government, (or anyone aligned with or associated with the Saudis), did, was on behalf of the UNITED STATES government. The “special” partnership between the Saudi Arabian government and the UNITED STATES government has been ongoing since the 1970s when Richard Nixon took us off the gold standard and a deal was struck for the Saudis to sell oil in US Dollars ONLY, as well as investing heavily in other areas of the U.S.
    In return, the imposters pretending to be our government in Washington D.C. profess that the Saudis can do no wrong, as they assist them in spreading Wahhabism. In fact THEY are the largest exporter of terrorism in the world. Their human rights record is one of the worst in the world, if not THE worst. Yet all the politicians in DC can swauk about is how terrible Iran is.
    In fact, Iran has not initiated hostilities against any other country since before the united States was even a country.
    If anyone is interested in why the US and Iran have been at odds for all these years, all one has to do is look up: “Operation Ajax”. There you can see how the CIA sent Kermit Roosevelt, (a card carrying CIA Agent), to Iran to purposely start riots, conduct bombings, and generally foment as much trouble and dissent as possible, and then blame it on Mohammad Mosaddegh, the elected prime minister of Iran. His government was henceforth overthrown in a coup d’état aided by the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency, (CIA), and the United Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Service, (SIS). The US & UK then put into power, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, (known as Mohammad Reza Shah), or “The Shah of Iran”, who was a brutal dictator responsible for many atrocities. The US and the UK however, had no problem with this, because the oil was flowing again, and profits were good.
    In the same way that Iraq was provided with weapons to initiate war with Iran during the 1980s, now the Saudi Arabian government is being provided weapons so it can act as a proxy for the US in Yemen, Syria, and other Middle East countries that the Western Powers wish reduced to “Failed State” status, much the same way that Libya was reduced to rubble, (while Hillary Clinton cackled), and where now there are slave auctions in the streets.
    These greedy assholes care NOTHING about human rights, they don’t care how many women and children are murdered, so long as they can continue to rape the Middle East for its valuable natural resources. “Perpetual War for Profits”, not people, but greed is the motivation, and war is the most profitable business ever conceived. All hidden behind the facade of safety.
    The excuse for all of this is based on the phoney “War on Terror” which all got kicked into gear because of 9/11.
    All the while, stripping us of our rights and our liberty based on the lies foisted on us by a “False Flag Attack”. For more on this subject, go watch John W. Whitehead’s series; “Battlefield America”, found on NEWSBUD only.
    On this Memorial Day, May 29, 2017, as we remember our fallen soldiers. Let us also consider that ALL of them since World War II, have died in illegal, unconstitutional wars, as Congress has not declared war since 1941-42.
    These illegal and costly conflicts, (call them “Police Actions” or whatever), were fought not to protect our country, not to maintain our freedom, but to enrich certain people who are already wealthy beyond reason, to grow the “Military Industrial Complex”,and for dark political purposes, that are hidden from the population. Today would have also have been John F. Kennedy’s 100th birthday. He desired peace, and paid for his efforts towards it with his life.
    Welcome to to “The Land of the Fee and the Home of the Slave”.
    For the Republic,
    AKA: Stronghorse

    • John Miranda says:

      Kurt, between you and Dave, this is THE most coherent analysis of the terrible situation the Western world is in that I have seen to date.

      And neither of you used that misleading phrase, “Deep State.” The MI Complex is the MI Complex. Period. They are the puppets of the Swiss bankster Capitalists, whose objective is to literally and figuratively own the world. Just look at Greece as an example.

      Excellent. So far 2 people out 7 billion get it.

      • William Wanklyn says:

        Make that three. My video crapped out at ~11 min., so missed the end, but this analysis seems not to include the Israeli interest in the whole mess, not to mention Bush family interests in certain bond transactions. 911 seems to have many facets.

        • Robert Schanne says:

          Thanks Kurt for a great and bringingit back to the obvious lie that is the 9/11 Commission Report.
          David – you put in pretty much everything I was prepared to say and more – thank you too.
          To me, our relationship with Saudi Arabia should be the poster child with the evil that is the US. It clearly show the hypocrisy of our ruling elite.
          How can you pledge to defend human rights across the globe and yet support such an oppressive regime?
          How can you use 9/11 to justify invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq (yes, I know … technically it was of WMD, but they also use the anthrax which is connected to 9/11 and tried to tie Saddam to 9/11) when most of the alleged hijackers were from Saudi Arabia?
          I could go on, but you get the picture. I still have friends and family who believe the US is this beacon of democracy and protector of truth … Saudi Arabia is an effectove tool to open their eyes.
          Also Kurt – i appreciate you bringing the AE911Truth into the story line near the end – all you need are honest eyes to see those buildings came down in controlled demolition, but it is important to acknowlegde that science backs up this position.

          William – the Bush connection to 9/11 could be a video unto itself. From the Hammer fund to their relationship with the House of Saud and the bin Laden family, I am pretty sure someone has written a book on that one.

    • William Field says:

      David, Thankyou very much for this excellent comment! You make is so clear. Bravo!
      Perhaps this old list might re-inforce the “modus operandi” you refer to….
      US interventions;- 
49 Greece 
50 Korean War 
52 Cuba
53 Iran
 53 British Guyana 
54 Guatemala 
55 South Vietnam
 57 Haiti
58 Laos 
60 South Korea
60 Laos
 60 Ecuador 
63 Dominican Republic 
63 South Vietnam
 63 Honduras
 63 Guatemala
 63 Ecuador 
64 Brazil 
64 Bolivia 
65 Zaire
 66 Ghana
 67 Greece
70 Cambodia
70 Bolivia
 72 El Salvador
 73 Chile 
79 South Korea
 80 Liberia
 82 Chad
 83 Grenada
 87 Fiji
 89 Panama 
91 Irak&Yugoslavia
 93 Somalia
 99 Yugoslavia (Serbia&MN) 
01 Afghanistan 
02 Venezuela 
03 Iraq
04 Haiti 
07 Somalia
 09 Honduras
11 Libya
11 Tunisia
13 Egypt
14 Ukraine
 …& so on
      PS I also note it is not only “Safety” used to justify these interventions ….It is even worse than that, we also get the ….the ludicrous assertions & sales pitch that we need to “go help save these poor folks from their Evil Leaders”…..in Iraq it was we would be greeted with “Sweets & Flowers”…remember?

      • David E Burden says:

        Yeah, I remember. We were to be greeted as liberators. It would only take a few weeks. Etc., etc., etc. And those asinine color coded fear mongering “Threat Level” charts. The “Lamestream Media” did their job well.
        That old list should be required reading, IMHO. It represents a long, sordid, and sad tale. Does it not? Especially for a nation that once stood for such great and proud ideals.
        Sadly, there is not much we can do about the old list, except post it once in awhile, and point it out to posterity. It’s the “…& so on.”, that I’m most concerned with at present. Mostly with; How do we stop it? How to wake up more of the population to what is being perpetrated in their name?
        I once thought that the “Media” was being controlled by the CIA and other such mysterious entities. But once I researched and investigated the matter further, I learned that they don’t have to be “Controlled” because the same corporations that own ALL the news media. Not some, ALL. Are the exact same corporations that own the war making factories, the banks, the M.I.S., and most of the politicians responsible for this fiasco.
        We should all be thankful for NEWSBUD. As well as for The Corbett Report, and a few others, that are doing such a good job of getting the truth out.
        Those same greedy bastards have transformed “The Land of the Free, and The Home of the Brave” into “The Land of the FEE, and The Home of the SLAVE”. And I, for one, am mad as hell about it!
        Remember, propaganda has no need to be true, it needs only to be repeated ad nauseum.
        Never give up brother. I hope you are ready for what is coming.
        For the Republic, …if we can reclaim it, and keep it,

  2. Kurt Nimmo says:

    Thanks, David. Good analysis.

  3. Kurt Nimmo says:

    Yes, this subject deserves an entire feature length documentary, especially now that people are no longer paying attention to 9/11. It’s difficult to squeeze every angle on this immense topic into a 16-minute video. It might be a good idea to do another one in September.

    • David E Burden says:

      I think the September video is an excellent idea. I’ll be looking forward to it.
      This subject is at the CORE of the scandalous and tyrannical things being done to the people of this country, as well as the people of the whole world, when all the ramifications are considered. All based on greed and lies.
      IMHO we should never let this subject die until a real investigation, a criminal investigation, is done and the perpetrators are brought to justice. There have been many competent scientists who have done their own investigations & tests, and some are very good. There are some quacks spreading pasture patties as well, but what is called for is a real official congressional investigation, including ALL the evidence, and done in a very public way. Yes I know, it has been done, in other countries. That’s not the same as it being done here, within our jurisdiction.
      I’m quite certain you have this well in hand, but if I can assist in any way, (suggestions, research assistant, anything), I would do so gladly, because I firmly believe you are doing us all a great service. In fact,I think that if you and John Whitehead, (constitutional, domestic legalities, etc.), teamed up on such a project, you might be able to use both of your time slots in order to be more thorough and solve the time constraint problem. I don’t know if such a thing is even possible, I have no knowledge of how your network/system is set up. One can always hope though. 😉
      In fact, the entire NEWSBUD team is remarkable. I’m old and busted up now, and hence I’m on a limited budget, but I do not have ANY regrets about becoming a subscriber. I just wish I could afford to do more.
      Thank you again sir.

      • Robert Schanne says:

        Also, two of the more recent developments are former NIST researcher Peter Michael Ketcham speaking out about against the NIST investigation and the study at the University of Alaska Fairbanks by Leroy Hulsey that proves WTC 7 could not have collapsed due to the fires. I believe his report is due out in August – keep an eye out for that. Pretty sure the MSM won’t tell us about it.


      • David, you will always have a place here- with or without subscription. Here I am going on record, and in the future if/when things get tight just send us a note and quote this response and we’ll make sure you remain connected. Thank you!

        • David E Burden says:

          Dear Sibel,
          Wow! That is very kind of you to say such a thing. I’m truly touched, I can hardly think of how to respond. Which is obviously a very strange and rare occurrence for me.
          So I’ll just say “Thank You, Dear Lady”.
          I think I will be OK unless something changes drastically, but it’s certainly a wonderful gesture. One befitting a person of your stature.
          I’ve long been an admirer of your work. I’ve been a whistle lower myself a few times. Obviously not on a scale such as you had to endure, but I do know the feelings of frustration, and anger. So I’ll also say: “Good Work”. Would that others had the courage and fortitude to take such a stand for liberty in the face of tyranny.
          Peace, long life, and many continued successes Sibel.
          AKA: Stronghorse

      • David E Burden says:

        Thank you for your reply. And thank you too, for never giving up. We need as many people working on this as we can muster.
        I guess I’m outing myself on the age thing here, but I actually remember where I was, and what I was doing, during both the Kennedy Assassination , and the 9/11 false flag attack. So I guess both are of my generation.
        When “THEY”, not “HE”, murdered President Kennedy, I was in my second grade classroom, in a small town in Northeast Missouri, feeling bored and awaiting the recess bell so I could get outside.
        When the Towers were hit, I was in a white Freightliner, #1188, sitting at the Nashville, Tennessee airport, awaiting getting loaded for a run to Oregon. Later that night, when I stopped by my mother’s house and visited her and one of my sisters, (who was also visiting Ma), of course it was the main topic of the entire conversation. Both of them wondered how in the world I could say with so much certainty, that it was a false flag. Even though most of the details were not known yet. I said that for the Twin Towers, (and building 7), to have fallen in the manner they did, that what we were being told was caused by fires, was absolutely impossible. We were being lied to again. What the world was being told, defied the laws of gravity and the laws of physics. It just can’t happen the way they said it did.
        They were both sceptical about me being so certain, so I took a pan from mom’s cupboard, and put it on her ‘gas’ kitchen stove, and lit the fire under it. Once I got Ma calmed down from thinking I was going to ruin her pan, I explained that if that pan didn’t melt, then neither did the steel in those towers. Not by a petroleum based fire unassisted by forced air. It simply cannot be done. I couldn’t even get the pan to “SAG”. Needless to say, they were both stunned.
        So, when people ask me; “When did you have your ‘awakening’ about 9/11?” I tell them; “It was on 9/11”. Furthermore, if you ask anyone who knows me well, they will assure you that I haven’t shut up about it since. 😉
        For the record, I’ve never given up investigating John Kennedy’s murder either. In fact, when I still had my “Cop Habit”, (before I wised up and started driving big trucks), most of those cop years were spent as a criminal investigator. I tried relentlessly to get someone to allow me to do something similar to what Jim Garrison had done, but nobody would even give a chance. I’m what ya might call a “Hard Headed Old Fart”. Which pleases me greatly. 😉
        My advice to everyone is always; “Question everyone, and everything, ALWAYS”. Even me. Don’t take anyone’s word for it, verify it yourself. If you REALLY do want to know, research and verify.
        Thanks everyone. For tolerating my long winded rants. I just can’t seem to help it.

        • Robert Schanne says:


          Here is one rarely discussed point about 9/11 … what about all the planes flying beyond their VMO? How could poor pilots fly these planes beyond their VMO for several minutes? To me, this is at least as obvious as the CD of the towers that the official story is BS.

          Would appreciate your thoughts.’

  4. William Field says:

    Why have my comments re possible Israel links to 911 been censored?
    I think free dialog is crucial if we want to get closer to truth …and for Newsbud to show “Integrity” & “Credibility” .
    Futhermore something else I think needs probing is the people involved with PNAC & it’s funding?….How many were Zionists or profiting from pushing Israel’s barrow?…..& apart from them, the links of the others “selling the need for war on Iraq” years before 911?… and their possible links?…….I suspect many know who they are.
    For many watching the ball for many years prior to 911 the War on Iraq was obviously a fraud ….and the fact 911 was used to sell it is obviously highly suspicious.

  5. William Field says:

    Why have my comments re possible Israel links to 911 been censored?
    I think free dialog is crucial if we want to get closer to truth …and for Newsbud to show “Integrity” & “Credibility” .
    Furthermore something else I think needs probing is the people involved with PNAC & it’s funding?….How many were Zionists or profiting from pushing Israel’s barrow?…..& apart from them, the links of the others “selling the need for war on Iraq” years before 911?… and their possible links?…….I suspect many know who they are.
    For many watching the ball for many years prior to 911 the War on Iraq was obviously a fraud ….and the fact 911 was used to sell it is obviously highly suspicious.

  6. steven hobbs says:

    Concision much appreciated in this tight reminder. Learned some more about 28 details. Thank you

  7. Judith Williams says:

    I was in H.S. when JFK was shot. I remember kids were crying but I was into boys and oblivious to politics. During the hippie movement I started to hear about the lie of a lone shooter. I began to be interested in what was going on around me. When 9/ll happened I was shocked at first but by then I was one to question and research. I watched loose change and read “Crossing the Rubicon” among other research. I have to say, however, I am angry and saddened that after AE911 truth still almost half the American public still believes the official story and even if they don’t they can’t seem to connect it to all that has happened since. Thank you for this great report. I didn’t realize exactly how Saudi Arabia was involved. With all the corruption in our Govt not to mention the trillions in debt, I don’t believe this is going to end without an even bigger horror show. I have little hope. I know I should and I decided to become of member here because I know I will hear truths but what do we do about it???? Where is the outcry? The “liberals” are focused on bashing Trump, like this has worth (not that one should not look at what he is doing) but where were these people when Obama and Bush were killing and bombing. Well, this is a negative rant…..sorry. I do appreciate News Bud. Despite my negativity, I still want to know what is going on. Thank you

  8. andreas johansson says:

    There is a connection between top MI6 agent Jonathan Aitiken and the hijacker Atta.
    Jonathan Aitken (MI6, Arms dealer)
    Le Cercle (intelligence network)

    In 1999, DNA testing confirmed that Petrina Khashoggi, putative daughter of billionaire arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, was Aitken’s biological child, the
    result of an affair with Khashoggi’s then-wife Soraya.

    Adnan Khassoghi (arms dealer, Iran-contra, brother-in-law of Mohamed Al-Fayed)
    Mohamed Al-Fayed (Egyptian businessman, former business partner of Cairo attorney El-Amir Atta)
    Mohamed Atta (Atta’s father, Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta)

  9. David Löfdal says:

    Yeah Kurt! Spot on. As always.

  10. Lance Baker says:

    Thank you Kurt your commentary is just right up my ally !! Please stay wit News bud brother it will be the shining light we all are looking for and you with all of news bud will crush the lying main stream media ! Thanks again for you contribution ! Lance R Baker

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