Pedophile Hastert Case- Clinton Scandals, FBI & the COINTELPRO II Directive

Welcome to Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds. A new accuser has come forward alleging sexual assault in a lawsuit filed against Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert. The accuser claims that Hastert sodomized him in the 70s when he was 9 years old. This lawsuit comes several years after a hush money case revealed allegations of sexual abuse against Hastert from his days working as a high school wrestling coach in Illinois.

I know there’s been several catch-names for the prevalent criminal- blackmailing trends among high-level politicians: Pedo-Gate, Pizza-Gate, etc. However, to truly understand the big picture, the truth, we need to go back more than two decades. I am going to take you back twenty years to when the FBI’s covert and illegal operations targeting high-profile US officials began.  I will go on-record with the White House Covert Order during Bill Clinton’s Administration directing the FBI to begin conducting new COINTELPRO operations, and will discuss the FBI’s illegal surveillance of government officials, how the information was used by the government for blackmail purposes, the cases of  FBI insiders who spoke up and reported these operations, how and why those cases were classified and gagged by the government and censored by the US media, and finally, how all this directly relate to the now-infamous case of Pedophile Dennis Hastert.

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  1. Robert Barth says:

    Hi Sybil and Friends,
    I’m not sure what’s going on but the most recent videos stop and freeze about half way through. I don’t think it’s my equipment. I can wonder of your site/server is being jammed. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know.
    Your Friend,

  2. Please add links to the stories referenced in the video.

  3. William Wanklyn says:

    I also had trouble with the Hi res video. It locked up the whole machine and had the lights on my keyboard blinking. I had to do a hard reset.
    The lo res was ok. Go Sibel. Tell it like it is.

  4. thomasotoole says:

    I have had no luck seeing the entire video either version. Waiting now at 13:18 for download to catch up.

  5. Robert Schanne says:

    Thank you Sibel for bringing this to light. Many American know they’re politicians are corrupt, but I don’t think they realize the monsters that rule over us. Will you be linking all of this back to the Boystown Scandel and GHW Bush? Its hard to determine what is the worst part of the conduct of the ruling class – I think it is a toss up between their pedophilia and them sending over other people’s chidren to die (and killing innocent civilians in the countries they attack) in their wars of proft.

  6. Power corrupts… It takes a special kind of entity to overlook the rape of children.

    No one should have power over anyone else. This lie of democracy – we keep handing unhealthy amounts of power to individuals and yet we don’t seem to learn that it goes wrong every time. It is an unsustainable practice.

  7. Robert Barth says:

    Follow-up: The hi res video played through this time. I am relieved to know that nothing was wrong with your site or server.
    Sibel, and everyone at Newsbud, thank you very much for your incredible work. We would be in the dark without your talents and tireless efforts.

    • Robert, I am glad to hear this. We have been working on our delivery platform nonstop. Currently we have 2 dedicated server with 2 different hosting companies for the general site. For our videos we have 1 cloud server company, and are working on signing up with a second one (as a back up). Despite a very tight budget, and limited IT capabilities (currently; until we expand) we are doing our bets, so getting a positive and encouraging notes from our community: greatly appreciated. I see where YouTube is heading towards, and we want to make sure we have other platform so when they start pulling the plug we remain operational. Again, thank you!

  8. David E Burden says:

    Sybil ,
    Long awaited and anticipated. You certainly don’t disappoint. Good stuff, please continue.
    Thank you,
    AKA: Stronghorse

  9. Thank you Sibel. Excellent as usual. Every time I hear this story I’m just as amazed as the first time. The total silence greeting the Vanity Fair piece — tells you pretty much all you need to know about the media.

  10. George WEBB is live streaming his investigation into the Seth RICH killing
    This a choke point for the regime . Seth /RICH. The immediate balance point between CLINTON cabal exposure [HASTERT]or not, is now.

    • Dear Ralph, we have been investigating SR case for weeks. In fact, Kurt Nimmo’s coming video (This Monday) is the first of coming series. With that said: I could not have wished for a better team members (and a community that supports it and makes this possible). And our team members are very pleased with their editorial freedom and the partnership they value here at Newsbud. Consistency, diligence and thorough approach has been our motto. I know you have been with us for a long time. However, this is a voluntary community. Meaning: You are unhappy with Newsbud, you are free to leave. There are 100000s of sites and bloggers out there who don’t even have management, and they would appreciate your humble contribution. Everyone here at Newsbud team been giving 100+%, and the last thing we want: an unhappy community member who insults their diligent hard work, and impatiently points at what is not here, versus, all the things that are being researched, produced and offered in a very professional way (we don’t run our mouths with opinion/comments without thorough research and well-presented product). As we have always said: we will refund and say farewell to those who wish to go away. Please send me an e-mail and I’ll make sure you leave happily. The sacrifices and hard work and stress associated with a solid new start up is more than enough for me (and I am sure for many of our team members)- The last thing I want is ‘this.’ Have a good life.

      • Ralph. At least it didn’t call me emo .

        That said, and a couple of points you made appreciated, I need express solidarity with NEWSBUD and all it has done and is doing. My intention was not to criticize this site, But to link those reading it to others who may not know of Webb’s extraordinary journey investigating this murder and consequent murderous cover-up – which must be considered a critical point in the continuation of the present and “real time apropos to the urgency of our dire political situation.”
        The live-stream is revolutionary ‘to-the-moment’ getting around the blanket mass-media ‘conspiracy theory’ blackout and heartwarming to those struggling to surmount pressures reporting what they know of the death of this young man.
        There have been wonderful moments. And I imagine Kurt is well up on the continuous flows of new information coming from it and look forward to his presentation.
        This one aint going away.

  11. victor friese says:

    Everyone has their area in which they contribute. So I think this vid is a good thing. But this issue does need to be expounded upon. It is a good opportunity for ALL of these journalist types to expand the whole extent of this corruption. The society and structure of this system needs exposing.

    Also, is there anywhere to learn more about those pizza gate type symbols? These seem to be their gang signs. I know it is not really about a religion or anything. But they do communicate using these signs, right? How do you tell when the signs are intentional or just some fool mimicking crap they don’t understand?

  12. victor friese says:

    And I do not think it is failing. It is being attacked though. I think that kickstarter is being throttled. We have half the donators, and far less donation mass. It is definately uncharacteristic.

    • Thank you, Victor. Kickstarter or not we will do our best and continue- That is, as long as we have community members like yourself. Together, we’ll find a way (or ways) to grow/expand and thrive for the best. Please do not let negative and whining few cast doubt on what we all can accomplish here. This is one of the reasons I have repeatedly said: ‘We are not after the masses/mega audience. We are after the quality irate minority, and that’s what I mean by community. There will be those who will come and go, and there will be those who will remain in this battle for facts/truth and critical thinking- the required ingredients for a meaningful change(s).

  13. victor friese says:

    Oh, after pulling my head out my butt and reading the text intro, it looks like this will be the beggining of a series on this crap. So, yeah, definately not mismanagement.

  14. victor friese says:

    Also, if you can, go farther back in time and expose older stuff too. This has been around for centuries. It would be neat to have many contributors to these series of expose. All in one place.

  15. Dimas Moreira says:

    Great Work. Zero Hedge needs to see this.

    • victor friese says:

      Zero Hedge is owned. It is basically acting like a white yuppy version of black lives matters. Building, or trying to, hatred amongst its readers for various things. It is just there to build division and drive whites into the hands of the great orange leader.

      It had an article called Trump Country that blathered on and on about how country folks were Trump folks, cus, you, Trump’s all country and sh*# unlike that citified Hillary.

      That is just one example, but it is a good one.

      And many other articles are nonsense. Like shake shack having to close its doors because it was only making a 25% profit instead of a 28% profit thanks to those evil staff getting $15 per hour. Despite what you think of a min wage, the article was nonsense designed to motivate people to argue against the working poor. (if your economy can’t support that wage, then it cannot support itself. So min wage or not, it is kinda moot.).

      Just pay attention to that site when you read it. It reminds me of BLM in how it drives wedges between people. BLM was all about using the worst examples of police corruption to get whites hating on blacks, and using blacks sense of pride as a way to drive a wedge between them and whites coming together against police corruption. And then, as Whitehead showed in one of his vids, we get this crap about how Trump can’t see a problem with police thieve rings.

      That site is owned.

  16. thomasotoole says:

    Thank you, excellent. Glad the videos are functioning better.

  17. ‘a few months back I checked with Corbett Report on this guy called ‘George Webb,’ and just like us he too was very cautious about featuring and promoting someone without checking/vetting process.’

    Sibel. Are we being played?

    • Hi Remo,
      Firstly, I believe SR case is massive and could truly bring down ‘certain’ people. A very important case.

      George Webb, I checked him out via my sources (fmr law enforcement/intel) and no one has heard of him. So he doesn’t have that background. Of course nowadays everyone can call himself/herself a ‘journalist’ but there is not a single solid bio on this guy showing his experience/education background (At least based on my research). Then of course there is a questions of ‘character’ and ‘dignity’ and ‘professionalism,’ from what we can tell (and see) there’s none.

      Are we being played? Do you remember how they blended these crazy/wacky people among 9/11 truth movement activists in order to take away credibility from the ‘real’ movement? I think that possibility exists; strongly. One of my twitter followers send me this live twitter streaming, and I was staring at similar phenomenon: some grandmother opening her crotch and posing like a harlot in pants with holes (including crotch), a couple of wacky unprofessional guys posing as whatever … simply nauseating. It just brought back memories of those impostors out there to make all of us, 9/11 activists as a bunch of crazy wacky conspiracy theorists.

      Of course I always stay away from quickly arriving at conclusion, but thus far, these have been my observations. Then, there are these goons he lets loose (similar to Mr. Davis here) on Corbett, Newsbud and others. Again, I experienced that with 9/11 ‘impostors’ as well.

      There are good people with integrity who value facts/solid research- and they are pursuing the case- I support them 100%. I also asked Kurt Nimmo to investigate the case and do a presentation on this case (It will be up tomorrow- Monday). I hope degenerate and impostors won’t tank this case like they did with 9/11. Let’s hope.

      • btw: I still haven’t given up on 9/11 movement. People, the majority, like to jump from one case to another; I don’t. 9/11 holds the key to everything (I mean EVERYTHING) we are dealing with today.

        • Absolutely !! Too many players in the Seth Rich case directly involved 911 cover-up. They wheeled MUELLER back !
          coverup king of the FBI !

        • I wholeheartedly agree that 9/11 Truth is one of the critical KEYS to reclaiming our democracy from the psychopaths that have by-in-large taken over our governemnt. IMO 9/11 Truth should be referred to when talking about many of the newer problems that arrise as it is one of the core enablers of many of the problems we now face with our democracy.

      • Carol Dufrene says:

        Ms. Edmonds, I am new to this site as of, 6/26/17. I have been following George Webb for nearly 8 months. His first You Tube video was entitled, “Where Is Eric Braverman.” Braverman was CEO of the Clinton Foundation. Following the WikiLeaks email release he apparently thought he was in danger, attempted to find safety in the Russian Embassy in NYC, and hadn’t been seen or heard from until Webb’s cohorts found him about a week ago at the University of Oxford in London giving a speech. Word had been released that Google’s Eric Schmidt had hired Braverman.
        Webb’s full name is George Webb Sweigert. He had mentioned a run-in with FBI’s Andrew McCabe in 2013 with regards to the Oregon Christmas Tree Bombing. Webb regards himself a citizen journalist. His latest video, 6/27/17, is a summary of his work and may be of interest to you. Here is the link: He is following the Seth Rich story, a group of Pakistani IT specialists hired by Congressional Democrats, the Awan brothers, who may have stolen classified information and are now blackmailing members of Congress. (Debbie Wasserman Shultz)
        I have no other background info on Mr. Webb but feel that his presentations are professional and much of his information has been reported on The Daily Caller & Zero Hedge web sites. He has mentioned reaching out to you and sharing information.

  18. Right. I guess the coming results – how the Webb.Goodman information pans out – will be key . Peer review Cross-examination/contest/corroboration-or-not of critical evidence, crucial – >which means the deceptions will run both ways, all upping on each other…all kinds of players coming out etc…. .
    …OK. Thanks.
    we watch and watch again.

  19. victor friese says:

    Is Kurt going to investigate Webb and see if he is legit?

    And as for the Sibel vs. Davis argument above…

    1) I never trust anyone or anything any longer. It’s actually part of my religion as an agnostic. It is not an insult when I say I do not trust someone or something. It is an acknowledgement of my VERY limited perceptual capacity.

    So keep that in mind whenever you read something I post.

    Davis, you come off as an agent to me. There is something about the way you are so zealous about the way you are trying to sell yourself. It comes off as unauthentic. I do not fully trust this Webb fellow as I recall seeing in one vid that he backs the idea that Trump iw under siege. Trump is and always was a deep state Epstein pedo isle confirmed agent.

    Sibel, you REALLY need to work on your PR. While you do have a great track record, you are still in a position to be an agent. I do not say that to harm you, but to make you aware of how untempered and unrefined reactions can be used against you. When people like him make you angry, all the anger you generate is turned back in on you. Do not fall for it. Be refined and well tempered. You are one of the best bets I have found for the restoration of the right way of things… and the destrcution of all the malorder that has made this world such an obscenity.

    I do not act based on certainty. I act based on the best bet I can find to feel sorta comfortable with while navigating this sea of nebulosity called reality. So… yeah. Doubt is an inescapable fundamental element of my perception. And people like you and Corbett and the rest of the team are the best bets I have seen. Be refined and tempered.

  20. victor friese says:

    On the note of trusting people, do any of you know much about Maram Susli? On the one hand she could be legit, on the other hand she gave her cat, apparently named “princess lolita”, a twitter called princesslolitacat, she was born from elite, and she still appears on Jone’s show (or last I saw anyway. She has turned on Trump last I saw too though…).

  21. We do not allow video links or embeds on our site. Please observe this rule. Comments with videos will be removed, and if a member repeatedly violates this rule their membership will be revoked.

  22. George [Webb] and Jason [Goodman] said they’d love to interview with you Sibel.

  23. or skype call NYC Jason

  24. The acid test is 911. As Sibel properly says, “9/11 holds the key to everything (I mean EVERYTHING) we are dealing with today.” So, In the Webb Goodman investigation of Seth RICH; – where does George come down on 911?

    In an interview ‘The spiraling rabbit hole of the Seth Rich Murder – George Webb with John B. Wells, [Caravan to midnight] the 911 atrocity was briefly referred to by George Webb @19:50 mins into interview ” …..JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) gets funded with the crime bill, and that’s why Hillary’s pushing the crime bill so hard. So that gets funded..I think…they tried the first time in 95..then 96 and they keep doing these things to kind of push it along.. and 1998 they still can’t get the patriot act through because you need illegal search and seizure …you need a lot of things …to enable this …this is an enforcement network..then finally 911 happens and then the patriot act sails through..and the biggest thing is illegal search and need illegal search and seizure to make the network go but they were trying to do it with executive orders bit by bit…so, you’re going to start with with Presidential executive directive #62 and a #63 that does a little bit more, then #64 does a little bit more and #65….but they couldn’t get that 4th amendment out of the way, and then they finally.. with 911 was the perfect coincidence because the patriot act sailed through and if you look at the 28 pages that George Tenant suppressed as the Director of the FBI [sic ] out of the 911 report, it basically is the blueprint…. you know we are going to have fusion centers in every state..we are going to have a department of homeland security…we’re gonna fuse all the data from local state and Federal…we’re gonna fuse all the data together in these fusion centers..well if you look at Doug Valentines book..he wrote a book called ‘Phoenix project,’ well, its…its just a re-do of the Phoenix project….which is you first start with a Head Quarters, then start with regional offices…you know , torture centers, and then you fan out from there and develop an enemies list, that is just how the CIA does things. And the same thing has happened[here]. So the ‘deplorables’…in the US, the translation is ‘the deplorables’.. so the enemy’s list or the kill-list in Vietnam in Doug Valentines book is now just translated to ‘deplorables’..and ..that’s Hillary’s deplorables plan; so and instead of outright kill-squads you’re gonna have soft jihad, you know, opiate targeting..and its gonna start with’re gonna take out veterans, gun-owners etcetera..but people who are kinda sticking up for the constitution etc,,you’re going to mock them as well because you want anybody that says anything about the constitution to be mocked, because the constitution is your enemy in this 1984 security network…..”

    It continues of course, but the essence is to illustrate that, with Mr. Webb’s wide knowledge of chicanery and deceitful practices being exercised all around him, he would consider 911 a ‘perfect coincidence’ to another program unconnected and barely worth the mention .
    not 911 the ‘designer’ foundation stone of it.
    Anyone knowing as much as George will KNOW FULL WELL 911 was an inside job. involving the very deepstate networks he is investigating visa-vis Seth RICH. He cannot NOT know that.

    Also, In relation to discussion of PTECH- a critical ‘interoperability’ mechanism in the 911 conspiracy – Christopher Bollyn long ago identified Michael GOFF at startup of PTECH. Given Mr Webb’s joking about his fielty to Israel and the ‘old-mossad,’ not referring to PTECH and GOFF, his father, Bnai Brith the mossad and so forth, also needs be considered.

    • So, Now i log on to Jason Goodman youtube channel, a discussion with Jason, Robert David Steele, /Trish and George Webb and the FIRST thing up, they talk about is 911 BEING an inside job, covered-up by Robert Mueller -among others ! Steele says straight out, the ’28 pages’ are a way to throw the Saudi’s under the bus to obscure the role of Israel……

      Slap me with a writ to shut the fuck up…

  25. Russell Linz says:

    Props Miss,Ms. Edmonds,what ever title you prefer. It must be frustrating for you listening to the talking heads pontificate on how tough it is to get a FISA warrant and the strict guidelines for unmasking Americans. You have been a whistle blower and these issues have been known obviously for twenty years or more. This FISA and other surveillance laws that have been enacted have not protected Americans from terrorists but have given anew tool to the Deep State to control our politicians through blackmail. In fact it gives the Intelligence agencies incentive to install corrupt politicians that can be easily controlled. This explains the lack of investigation & prosecution of political pedophiles. This I know is preaching to the choir but I do commend you for your courage and sense of moral conviction to shine light in the darkness.

  26. Gerald Hines says:

    I’m in the same boat as other Newsbud members. My feed keeps hanging up and has been for the past couple of months. It gets better after a few minutes, so I hold out with hope, but I need some guidance. Newsbud is doing a wonderful job. Hope this gets rectified soon. Arghhhhhh……..

  27. victor friese says:

    Just right click or long press and save it and watch it that way.

  28. NewsBud has mentioned CoIntelPro 2.0 and the plight of people being hit with electronic weapons in a few segments. The problem of the new CoIntelPro is massive and involves the stalking, harassment, psychological torture and slow-kill of millions in the US and millions more across the world as the problem exploded in scale and scope after 9/11. In 2006 the DOJ released a report on stalking victim reports that denoted 445,000 Americans reported being stalked by a group of people and that was just the number who had the ability to report it and the numbers just from the DOJ not any other reporting organization… Please consider doing a feature segment on targeted individuals like Dr Katherine Horton, Randy Quaid, Dr Mathew Aaron, NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart etc…

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