Who Is Next on The US Chopping Block? Iran? or North Korea?

Newsbud's founder Sibel Edmonds is joined by members of the Newsbud team Professor Filip Kovacevic, Pye Ian and Spiro Skouras to examine the current US foreign policy strategy, and who is their next target.

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Show notes

If the U.S. Attacks, Russia Will Support North Korea

The North Korean Connection of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov

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  1. olivia destandau says:

    I have supported Newsbud each time. I am proud to do so.

  2. dougj34 says:

    The only thing I am certain of is that groups and individuals in positions of power will continue to prod and provoke, react and justify behaviors, and put lots of effort into distracting the masses from the true facts and motivations for those behaviors. The waters are muddied to the degree that I no longer have any clue what will come down the pike or when events might happen. That being said I think the active conflicts will stay in the Middle East, N Korea will wait for another day. I do my best to keep my side of the street clean, treat others with dignity and respect, and do not hesitate to speak out re the deception and corruption that clearly exists in all forms of government I am aware of. It’s not just America folks although America is clearly a (the?) major player, there are many players actively participating in the global events that are taking place. Best to all.

  3. William Field says:

    Seems pretty clear Pye Ian is absolutely on the “money”, fantastic!! Bravo & thankyou Sir!

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