Seth Rich: Killing the Messenger

On the night of July 10, 2016, DNC employee Seth Rich was shot to death by an unknown person or persons in the affluent Bloomingdale neighborhood in Washington, D.C. The murder has yet to be fully investigated. The DNC has warned off investigators, the police are withholding key evidence, and the mayor does not want the investigation to go forward for political reasons. The ER doctor who looked after Rich is connected to the Clintons. Evidence points to Rich being the person who gave Wikileaks the Clinton and Podesta emails. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has alluded to a connection between his whistleblower organization and Seth Rich. An overwhelming amount of evidence indicates Seth Rich was assassinated for disgracing the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Is he another victim of the Clinton bodycount?

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Show Notes

'Credible evidence' points to 'hanky panky' in Seth Rich case

Seth Rich Police Chief Hobnobbed With Clinton Campaign and DNC Officials

FBI Not Probing DNC Staffer Seth Rich's Murder, Despite WikiLeaks Claim

Seth Rich Murder Case Stirs Russia Doubts

Family's private investigator: There is evidence Seth Rich had contact with WikiLeaks prior to death

Bombshell: Donna Brazile warned off private eye on Seth Rich murder

Seth Rich’s Cousin Suspects He Was Killed For Talking To Wikileaks

Ex-British ambassador who is now a WikiLeaks operative claims Russia did NOT provide Clinton emails

D.C. surgeon who operated on Seth Rich: ‘The DNC staffer was alive and well after surgery, before a group of LEOs showed up to the ICU’

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  1. Joseph Harrington says:

    Good coverage of events taking place. This is basically the facts I was aware if so far too. George Webb and Jason Goodman have some interesting information, but I haven’t been able to confidently identify what truth he saying or not. Defango and H.A. Goodman also been doing good work and I trust them more.

    I’d be interested in hearing about any findings on the Pakistani DNC IT guys, I think they name the Awan Brothers. Also that Alpha Jolah lead that Webb mentioned.

  2. Kurt, great job as always.

    It’s a shame this particular vid has to be behind a paywall. I understand the rationale, but I don’t agree with it. Blocking content like this, especially with the Webb thing being so viral and tens of thousands following him, is keeping an excellent summary from most people–people who would watch your other videos and read your great articles, and probably give to the Kickstarter & subscribe.

    I wish & hope you reconsider your decision to keep this particular video behind the paywall. Kurt does a good summary, just the facts, documents everything, and people not familiar with his work would be impressed & want to know more about Newsbud.

    • Shelly Dockery says:

      I agree.

    • Christian Yates says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing while watching. Far more powerful than george webb’s conspiratainment rabbit hole.

      • Michael White says:

        I agree they should at least allow a select few full articles into YouTube …it actually brings more subscribers here…just a few now I am on a fixed income so I can only afford a few paid news Corbett and here and I send a few donations at random to other alt truth tellers I understand the model has to work this way but just leak a few more out Thanks so much great job Kurt as always.

  3. Joseph Harrington says:

    I dont know enough technical information to judge meta data and whatever else Webb and Defango were aarguing about. Ill try and figure it out when I get more time

  4. David E Burden says:

    Good work, as always Kurt. I’m sure you will stay on top of this, and I look forward to further updates.
    I have not personally looked into this, (too many irons in the fire already), but after working for several years within more than one corrupt law enforcement agency, I can see the writing on the wall. I believe those who can’t, choose not to.
    Someone, someone in a position of authority, gave the order to “Stand Down”. Pontificate, obfuscate, delay, lie, play dumb, pretend evidence got lost, (sometimes make certain it’s “Lost”), or whatever it takes, just don’t conduct a real investigation. { One of numerous reasons I am an “EX” cop. }
    Over the years, I worked for 2 sheriff’s departments, 3 multi-county task forces, 3 state departments, (different states), and 2 federal agencies, in one capacity or another, and I can therefore attest to first hand knowledge of corruption at every level.
    Yep. From the bottom to the top, it’s all crooked folks. And that’s the way they want it. It has precious little to do with “Right vs. Wrong”, almost nothing to do with “Public Safety”, and is almost entirely about money. What that “magistrate”, posing as a “judge”, really wants to know, is whether you are guilty by cash or check? { Another reason I’m a proud “EX” cop. } Perhaps someday I’ll find a way to include, in one of my little “essays”, the tale of the time some of my fellow officers put out a contract on my life because, I “Wouldn’t Play Along” with the “Way things are really done”, as opposed to what the public is led to believe. Or maybe the time I was falsely imprisoned until I wrote a report that matched all of the false reports the other officers had written. Oh I finally did it. Lucky for me, they were too stupid to search me and find out that I kept my original, factual report. (Which later saved my butt in federal court, while exposing them.)
    A “Whistleblower”, by definition, is someone who leaks information about wrongdoings within government agencies, and sometimes, corporations and companies that are doing something that they should not be doing. Most often the leak involves violations of the public trust, or worse. The ‘worse’ is when the information that comes from “Whistleblowers”, concerns violations of laws. Sadly, these predominantly involve government agencies that should, and by law, are, held to a higher standard than the general public.
    Whistleblowers are not violating laws on a normal basis. Although they often do violate in house rules and regulations. Regulations intended to prevent the public from learning of corruption and scandals within said organization. WHY?
    Why do institutions which are charged with maintaining public trust, feel the need to have such regulations? Does it not beg the question; What do you have to hide? Especially in the cases of government agencies! That old “National Security” excuse is getting old. It’s lame, and it’s usually not even true, it’s just a handy excuse to maintain the facade, but mostly so they can try to make themselves appear the victim, and attempt to prosecute the “Squealer”.
    There are laws on the books that are there specifically to protect whistleblowers. So WHY is the UNITED STATES government prosecuting, and attempting to prosecute, people who are in fact, informing the public about something shady and/or illegal, that SHOULD NOT be happening in the first place? Why are the citizens not outraged with those who are trying to prosecute good people who are simply trying to do the right thing and maintain the public trust?
    In case you really don’t know the answer to this last question, allow me to inform you as to why the average citizens are not outraged. They are not outraged because they get their news from the “Lamestream Media”, who tells them how awful people like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are for telling “secrets” about the government breaking its own laws. The reason they believe these lies, is because their main, (often only), source of information, is the “Lamestream Media”, in fact most all they know, about anything, comes from the damned TV or Radio. Even what little “news” is still being produced in print, spews this same propaganda, right alongside the usual advertisement from some major pharmaceutical company, touting the wonders of their latest mind altering substance. All approved by the FDA, of course. Ppfftt. (F.D.A.=Fees & Donations Accepted) Read the fine print folks. If you have the courage to, read the fine print, that’s where all the side effects are that they hope you don’t know about.
    TURN OFF THE DAMNED TV PEOPLE. Fire up that PC or laptop, (even smartphones now I suppose), and go to NEWSBUD. Click on the “Subscribe” icon, and start getting really educated and informed for a change. It doesn’t cost you much, probably a lot less than you spend on cable or satellite service per month, and you won’t get any “FAKE NEWS”. No commercials either. 😉 {Yes, I do realize I’m ‘preaching to the choir’ at this time, but hopefully it will be in the public purview one day.}
    Here’s a novel idea, how about also going to your local library and look up the law yourself. Speaking only for myself, I find it both fascinating and enlightening. But you can’t just do it once and think you know it all. They are constantly changing them and writing new ones, all the time. Or at least that is how it seems. In reality, the “Real” law has not changed very much, although it has to a certain degree, and depending on what state you live in. Why is that? It’s because the “REAL” law is found within the Constitution for the united States of America, and the Constitution for whichever state you live in. Statutes and codes are not laws, they are corporate rules. [ Now this rabbit hole goes very deep, and I’m not going to go into it right now. For numerous reasons. One of which is because I’m hoping that Mr. Whitehead will cover this one day soon. Hint, hint. ]
    I’m afraid that poor Seth’s murder investigation is going to be a long and complicated mess. For many reasons, not the least being that he was killed in the District of Columbia and not a state. No County or State Police to take it up if the city cops don’t, or won’t.
    Thanks for all you do Mr. Nimmo. It is appreciated, please continue your fine work.
    For the Republic………..if we can keep it,

  5. John Miranda says:

    Outstanding, Kurt!! Judy Woodruff, Amy Goodman, Colbert, Meyers, Kelly, Scarborough, Putin, Maddow, Uygar, Bruce, Noah, Maher, sleazeball Hannity and even madman, Alex Jones, who thinks the Capitalist Globalists are all Communists, should hear this. It is SO well done. Why not send them a copy?

  6. Kurt Nimmo says:

    Thank you all for the comments. Yes, this is a very important issue, and it needs to get out. It would not be possible without Newsbud and its reach. It’s important that everybody who can afford it become a subscriber. I believe this is the only model that is effective without crawling to, as Sibel aptly puts it, sugar daddies, or gunking up the website with irrelevant and obnoxious advertising. I appreciate all everybody has done thus far. And thank you again for the incisive comments!

    • Shelly Dockery says:

      Why not get some ads? Merchandise ads. Those are not that bad and we would understand. Stay away from the major player-pharma, etc. Those ads are persona non grata.

  7. Padraig O'Hara says:

    WHERE IS THE COVERAGE ON DNC FRAUD Class Action LAWSUIT ONGOing in the southern Federal District of Florida?

  8. Padraig O'Hara says:

    two FBI guns 1 9mm Glock and 1 rifle were stolen from their vehicle in the vicinity of the RICH MURDER 2 hour before and very odd 1 hour after was when it was reported.

    Where are the ballistics test???

    • Michael White says:

      He was gut shot with a 22 caliber even more reason to believe he was killed at the hosp by who knows since he was surrounded by Hillary sycophants …looks like he had the wrong Doctor

  9. Interesting that the DNC even has influence over FoxNews. It acts more like a crime gang than a political party. Yet another similarity to 1930s Germany. I’ve made the observation a few times, but you can’t read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and not see similarities.

    How do people lose their way and become psychotically corrupt? Poisoned by power? Or rotten apples from day one.

  10. Alexa Nicole says:

    Well done. Looking forward to more on this case.

  11. Anyways. Returning bruised and befuddled from the WEBB/GOODMAN investigative continuum, all I can say to myself; is the Actual Official Conspiracy theory ‘covering’ this Seth RICH murder,
    is running FULL-spectrum
    And dominant.
    Which absolutely argues to this murder being ordered.

    ALL available data says this was no ‘botched Robbery.’ But even if it was, immediate to investigating it as one, the evidence of Mr RICH’s central importance to a massive and CRITICAL DNC DATA DUMP involving Wikileaks, CLINTON/PODESTA emails and the conspiracy to destroy Sanders vote in a provable and massive conspiracy defrauding the voters of the United States of Amercia [sic]
    should have in itself tripped the red button toward saturation investigation-as-political murder.
    Rather than saturation cover up-as-botched robbery.

    Either way, the fact that it has been so veritably stymied, argues to it being a political murder most foul.

  12. Robert Wilkinson says:

    Last I heard the reward money leading to the arrest of those responsible for Seth Rich’ murder is at $345,000. Sounds like a lot of people are aware of what is behind the murder so would think someone with information will come forward. Thanks Kurt for this report. Very informative.

    • Thats the thing about bullets in the back , missing phones and hospitals maybe not being there FOR the patient, but to facilitate the murder..
      and heads being caved in bodies washed up on shore and throats crushed by bar-bell…tends toward the argument, that IF you have substantive evidence able to produce the reward
      makes you next target for some very nasty people. Isn’t that the message?
      With the direct body count already around 7, $345,000 might not be enough.

  13. Kurt.
    For the co-incidence theory file
    Steven Wasserman. Brother to Debbie
    Assistant US Attorney at United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia
    U.S. Attorney’s Office .

  14. Omar Bose says:

    Thanks Kurt,
    Excellent! Most comprehensive story I’ve seen on Seth.
    Funny how every story has to say it wasn’t a “botched robbery”. How do they know a thumb drive, external drive, or CD wasn’t taken? Much more valuable than a watch and jewels.
    For those watching George Webb; he’s not credible. He’s Entertaining, and you can learn some spycraft, but credibility is everything. What happened with DeFango is Webb received a thumb drive with “Seth Rich files”, but they were modified files already “leaked” by Guccifer 2 last year. DeFango pointed out that, and they were not verifiable, in other words, anybody could have faked the whole thing. Also they resembled Guccifer 2’s who was most likely a DNC plant to distract credibility from Guccifer 1, and so doubly not credible. But upon DeFango informing them, Jason blew up and accused, and George didn’t back pedal at which point i lost faith in them. Then “Dave Acton checking in” says he is George Webb’s brother and George is crazy and has been embarrassing their family for years. But Dave used to have a hundred videos about prepping and “when SHTF” stuff, which he erased at the same time, plus their mom died, and he talks about other siblings they haven’t talked to in decades, so he’s probably not credible either! Weird- that’s why we need NewsBud! That’s real investigating Kurt, and thank you.

  15. April Sanchez says:

    Reminds me of Sandy Hook… Without the fundraising…

  16. Omar Bose says:

    june 14 2017 night- George webb (privately investigator of Seth Rich) detained by the coast guard for saying there was probably a dirty bomb on a Maersk container ship at Charleston South Carolina. Authorities scanned all the containers, found nothing, and re-opened the port the next morning.

  17. victor friese says:

    I have to wonder about some things on this one. For one Sibel has personally called McGovern a fraud. Two, global research has pointed out that wikileaks gets its money from unsavory (monied) characters. Three, it was pointed out in the Reality Winner episode that The Intercept is in fact a tool to intercept and catch whistleblowers. So, I really have to wonder if wikileaks and McGovern played the same role here. Makes you wonder how many whistle blower “net” there are.

  18. If that is so, what are the chances the whole damn thing is a con ?

  19. victor friese says:

    We need to make a list of whistle blower nets.

    I will start:

    1) Wikileaks
    2) The Intercept
    3) Ray McGovern
    4) Alex Jones (he is owned as can be seen with the whole Trump pushing. No one real supports anyone who can become president… or any politician, cept maybe Mr. Ethical. But he wilk never get into a political seat. He is more of a siren/trumpet to get people’s attention.)

    I also suspect Zero Hedge and Paul Craig Roberts…

    Actually, maybe this is the wrong way to go about it. Perhaps it would be better to make a list of legit whistle blower publicators. The alternative would be too long….

  20. Not since Pinocchio Sunders’ WTC7 report has the starkness of judicial corruption and investigative coverup steamed so foul, as with Seth RICH.
    Sibel has said ” I hope degenerate and impostors won’t tank this case like they did with 9/11.” And I think that has happened. Where there is no active investigation by police, and an media/political coverup, online opinion ‘degenerates’ to utterly vicarious knowledge and futile to relate. The case tanks. Open source ‘investigations’ are deluges of information requiring an algorithm all by itself to dissemble. Some now even calling the death itself, a hoax. Fertile ground at a distance for circus clowns and imposters. Maddening !! Which I suppose, is the point.
    That the authority system remains so silent, adds fuel to this blaze.
    Victor, Your legit list has to begin with

  21. William Field says:

    Bravo Kurt…and again ! Thankyou Sir!

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