Miles Kwok on Fire! A Renegade Billionaire Takes on the Chinese Communist World, or At least Xi Jinping’s Piece of It

This week on Newsbud’s China Watch with Peter Lee: Miles Kwok on fire!  Along with the rest of the planet! In a two and a half hour periscope broadcast on May 29, Miles Kwok went pretty far, and maybe a little further than he intended to, picking fights with journos, billionaires, communists, and maybe the entire communist party of China.

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Show notes

Guo Wengui the live broadcast on May 29 to announce that I am fine---about Wang Qishan

The Billionaire Gadfly in Exile Who Stared Down Beijing

Tony Blair was ‘go-between’ for Chinese tycoon sought by Interpol as bribe suspect

Anti-Corruption and Its Discontents

Requiem for Kyoto

We’re Watertight: Chinese swimming pool is so packed you can’t even see the water

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  1. mark axen says:

    there is a typi in the proceeding comment. should john l. casey not caset. international earthquake and volcano prediction center (link ) so sorry, mark

  2. Assuming CO2 causes rising temps and not the other way around, why are we comparing crystal balls when we could be dealing with the pollution directly in terms of phasing out fossil fuel,fracking, industrial chemical output, pesticides, etc. Installing catalytic convertors to remove lead from petrol has produced a byproduct of sulphur dioxide. Yes, that yellow filth you can see in the air that smells like eggs. Not meant to be inhaled by the human body.

    Nuclear is not an option, we have already proven we do not have the intelligence to use that safely.

    One year of US military budget is enough to pay all our smartest people to come up with a clean sustainable energy source. How bad can the climate be if we have time to stop and have perpetual war? And make even more C02.

    There is no walk of the talk. Their only solution – tax the people. Huh?

    Lastly, how is Miles Kwok still alive? He must have friends in places higher than the Chinese govt.

    • mark axen says:

      we certainly need to address the toxic pollutants that industry dump instead of paying to clean up. this is one of the prime problems co2 level changes after temperature changes. co2 is just one diversion. however in starting this comment thread i do not want to divert any attention from the marvelous job of reporting on the subject of the dynamics of the chinese psychopathic elite. sorry if it has done that in any way. kwok must have the dirt on at least a few, or as you say a few powerful friends. it seems like he should be nervous.

  3. John Miranda says:

    A most brilliant analysis. You could probablyget a job with the CIA.

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