AI Bots vs. Fake News, and How Tech Companies Hijack Your Mind

In this community exclusive edition of Mind Hack, Jeff DeRiso discusses the AI chat bot supposedly used to “detect fake news” on social media.  He also discusses the point where magic meets software design, and its ethical implications.  We’ll also explore an example of mass hypnosis, and why playing a musical instrument can help keep our minds sharp into old age.

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Show notes

Early Stage: Artificial intelligence vs. fake news

How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind — from a Magician and Google Design Ethicist

A Psychic Healer Tried to Hypnotize Soviets to Distract From the Fall of Communism

Uncovering why playing a musical instrument can protect brain health

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  1. Alice Mouradian says:

    Jeff DeRiso, so sorry. Your MindHack/Flashback was and is so interesting and so good. Thank you for all your work. Hope you come back soon
    with it. Thank you, much.

  2. Steve Smith says:

    Appreciate what you’ve provided. Will miss your content.

  3. Jeff,

    Thank you for your work.

  4. Aw, shucks. I dig you production and the content here, but I completely understand wanting to take some time off.

  5. This was a particularly outstanding episode–a fitting swan song!
    Thank you Jeff for sharing your personal process behind your decision on where to focus next in your work at Newsbud.
    Your comment about not having experienced psychic things but remaining open, yet not “hoping” (to avoid confirmation bias) was fascinating. I hope your respect for intellect and reasoning does not prevent you from experiencing other ways of knowing. The universe–both outer and inner–are much more spacious and wonderful than our best scientists can imagine. Perhaps someday your life will come in contact with others whose sensory system is developed in ways beyond your current range. Your doing this series has no doubt sown many seeds in viewers and also yourself.
    Best wishes; I look forward to continuing to enjoy the fruits of your post-production expertise.

  6. Brandi Broadnax says:

    O nnnnooooooo. I like mind hack. You were doing a really good job….boo hoo hoo. Well see you soon. It’s still a great show, hope you start back up again.


  7. Amber Sayman says:

    Jeff! You’re wonderful. Your show is fantastic. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the future. <3

  8. kate gibbens says:

    Darn! This series was what got me back onto Newsbud! (though I’ve been a subscriber since its inception).

    Might you consider doing a 30-minute monthly episode Mr. Deriso??

    Your screen persona is priceless, thoughtful, funny. It would really be a shame to let it go to waste….

    And the info is eye-opening and essential!

    Come on, just once a month!??? pleeeeaaaaasssseeeeeeee??????

  9. kate gibbens says:

    p.s. AND, even though the show reflects your personal (and savvy) choice of subjects, over the course of the episodes a more global, general picture emerges in terms of trends, agendas, priorities and that’s really important too…

  10. mark axen says:

    ditto on the previous comments. hybrid warfare was, is and will be the most important aspect to understand going forward into the future of mind-tec interface/ control. your insights, tech. expertise and well rounded interest in this area has been interesting, educational and entertaining. your weekly presence and presentations will be missed. i would like to expand on “tophat’s” comment above. the human has so much more than intellect. having had some experience in nonlinear reality i personally understand this. it is why i am less concerned about technocracy and their melding of brain- machine. the brain is only a small portion of our whole. the main electrical energy in humans is the heart then the gut (including the microbiome) then the brain. given that they, at least on the surface level, only talk about the integration of brain-machine would lead, in my opinion to an entity that would be so psychopathic that it would be doomed to failure. intuition, compassion, empathy are all products of the whole of the human individual. with only intellect and linear reasoning the self limitations would/ will be terminal to their own paradigm. we can see this played out in the self destructive nature of the elite now. thank you to jeff for this great run of videos. thanks to the rest of the news bud crew, and to all the supporters. this gives me some hope for the future of our species on the dirt ball we call home.

  11. Jeff,
    Ambitious on the side of unrealistic? I hope your talents in analyzing and presenting will not be curtailed by this one-time over achievement effort. My guess is that any member will fully understand your position, many actually waiting for you shifting gears. Start slow end strong.
    Monthly would do as well, perhaps even better. You could as well let your episodes depend on the readyness of your mind and the witnessed sociopolitical trends. Afterall, the world is non-linear anyway.
    A question: is it only you or could it be that also your colleagues John and Peter who get over-heated?
    Keep up the spirit, you make a good team.
    Good luck, no worries, you are appreciated.

  12. Bas Spliet says:

    Noooooo. Anyways, good work!

  13. David E Burden says:

    First, I would like to congratulate you on another fine episode. One of your best, in my opinion, easily one of the top two, (IMHO). So you are indeed ending the series on a high note, and few would doubt the value of that.
    Next, I am going to confess to the fact that I didn’t take to “Mind Hack” at first. At least not in comparison to some of the other fine shows on Newsbud. Not because there was anything wrong with your show, but more so the case of the presentation being new and more upbeat than what I was accustomed to. As the series progressed however, I grew to be more comfortable with your presentation, to the point that I genuinely enjoyed tuning in each week, to see what you would come up with next, and I must say that I was not disappointed. So add me to the list of folks who are sincerely going to miss Mind Hack.
    I admit that I am one of those people who doesn’t pay a lot of attention to the on screen credits, unless of course I find a need to learn who was involved with producing any given show. However, when I learned that you were a significant part of the post production team at Newsbud, my natural tendency to be curious kicked in, and I did start paying attention to what all you do at Newsbud. It then became evident that you were very ambitious, in addition to being skilled in numerous areas. I was impressed. You would have had to be about as busy as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, but you seemed undaunted by the added responsibilities. At least when you were on camera, which is the limit of our exposure to you. I’m sure most of us can easily understand the stress you found yourself under. I know I can. Yet you didn’t let it show.
    Furthermore, you had the wisdom to recognize your limits, and know that you had exceeded them. Good on ya mate. I’ve known many people who refused to admit that they had any limits whatsoever, and they eventually paid far too high a price for their arrogance. Everyone has limits. The smart ones figure out what theirs are, and adjust priorities accordingly.
    So, although it seems as though we must bid you farewell, I understand that you will still be adding your expertise and hard work to the overall Newsbud production. Also, leaving the teaser of a possible Mind Hack return in the future, is enticing. It gives those of us who have come to appreciate and enjoy your always smiling face each week, with hope for a future return of your fine show.
    Best of luck to you in all your endeavours Mr. Deriso.
    AKA: Stronghorse

  14. Thanks for all the interesting and informative information Jeff, I really enjoyed the series. Thanks also for sharing your feelings with us with regard to the amount of work and creativity that goes into a production, it helps me appreciate the skill and commitment that all the Newsbud team are putting into the venture.

  15. Jeff,

    You should not stop this series. This is the best one on Newsbud. I didn’t even know you were a video editor. You are natural in front of the camera and possess more charisma then some other Newsbud members. Your delivery is excellent as well. Please keep doing these. You are part of the reason I’m still a Newsbud subscriber.

  16. Jane Brownlow says:

    Hi Jeff,

    So sorry to see the end of “Mind Hack” – I looked forward to your video every week! I think you’re a great presenter – really engaging style and your interest and passion for the subject matter comes through and draws us in too.
    I really hope we see you again soon – I will look out for any documentaries you create, I know I will love them! ( No pressure!)

    All the best for your future endeavours.

  17. Pedro Diaz says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Jeff. Mind Hack was my favorite show on newsbud. Sad to see it end, hopefully you decide to do it again

  18. Jeff DeRiso says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments and ideas. It encourages me a lot to know that people TRULY appreciate my work. Some cool new projects are developing, and I’m inspired by your support to continue innovating and improving this revolutionary concept of people-driven media.

  19. says:

    Dont leave us Jeff! 🙂
    I dont want to use mind tricks on you, but I may resort to it when it is the very last option to keep Mind Hack alive 😉

  20. Karrol Steeves says:

    I really enjoy your show. I think it is excellent. I hope you will be producing more sometime in the future Jeff. You might find the writings of Eduard Albert Meier helpful since you are working on strengthening your mind. If you decide to research this information I suggest you give it a thorough investigation before dismissing it. Most of the information is still in German, but there is a lot that has been translated. Here are a few links to get you started: https: //

  21. Michael Leger says:

    Thank you Jeff. I’ve really enjoyed your show and perspective. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

  22. Joseph Harrington says:

    Sorry to hear you done!!! I enjoyed all the episodes. I like the idea of doing a flash back for other people

  23. Jeremy Smith says:

    Writing and producing a weekly show is tricky, and we’re all really appreciative of your honesty that you couldn’t keep it up: especially in your multiple-subject plus “flashback” format.

    However, the subject matter and history is extremely important, so maybe you, along with some guests, so I join the chorus of those hoping (after a break) you consider producing some longer-form videos that can be worked on with less deadline pressure.

  24. Lambert Hoogeveen says:

    Same sentiment here as the other comments, sad to see this excellent series go, it will be missed.
    I fully appreciate your decision though. I’ve made videos myself and know how much work goes into them.
    Good to see you’ll still be involved with Newsbud though.
    You’ll be back! I’m sure of it.

  25. Hi Jeff

    Thanks for your series, it’s been a valuable addition to Newbud. You did good. 🙂

    The Flashback series would be useful. I think it is a good trigger for people to see what’s fallen down the memory hole.

    Totally get your reasons for not spreading yourself too thin. Glad you’re still with Newsbud though.


  26. PS. Not sure you can help anyone who thinks outsourcing their thinking is ‘cool’.

    Perhaps it’s the inexperience of youth that undervalues critical thinking. And that it is the parent of self-determination. And why self-determination matters. What are parents doing if they’re not teaching kids these basics?

    Music story was interesting – sound resonance as treatment for disease and maintaining good health ihas been written iabout outside of the mainstream for a while. Of course if it caught on, that would kill the pharmaceutical industry….

    Current techonology is a problem in that the deeper we embrace it, the further we move away from Life.

  27. steven hobbs says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Celebrating your work at BFP. Mind Hack Mind Hack was GREAT! So refreshing. Your entre was profoundly time intensive for you. We appreciate the brevity. Measure yourself gently. It’s OK to do shorter pieces. Editing, and content have been excellent IMHO. Absolutely love the comic elements., more please. “Despite my calm demeanor on camera…”, hardly. On camera you are a man with an urgent message.. Does not matter, your message iss cogent, urgent, contextualized well, and… providing references for investigation. Producing, editing, and video post production at such high standards? Tip of the hat to you Jeff. Go easy. Please some more in psy-ops when in a more calm moment. Thank you

  28. Craig Toth says:

    Thank you Brother for another superb episode, and hopefully ‘Mind Hack’ can be reactivated in the very near future. Correction: Logan’s Run was released in 1976. Best wishes.

  29. Ferdinand Stanek says:

    Bravo on 12 great episodes of a very unique show! The show will be missed, but I’m glad you’re still part of the NewsBud team.

  30. The accepted view is that Artificial Intelligence R&D is exponential and militarised…very secret.
    We know Stuxnet type viruses are algorithms designed and deployed to hunt and destroy targets; and then disappear any forensic footprint. ‘Financial’ algorithms quoted by Max Kaiser, can trigger multi level market responses in the flicker of an instant. At speeds of LIGHT – In fact the speed of light is the obstacle. So, adding those complexities to the sophistication of A.I. to the needs of deepstate ‘owning the narrative,’ begs the question: are A.I. stuxnet type programs already deployed and creating destructive on-line news deceptions? Playing variants of differing narratives and personalities online and Instantly Data mining and Utilizing LIVE social media and search results, to further leapfrog the next levels of the deception? Cass Sunstein and Adrian Vermule determined early in the cyber-war 911 cover-up, that bundling the ‘outright ridiculous,’ with the actual ‘real,’ neuters the ‘actual real’ to the level of the outright ridiculous, not the other way around. Hi-Jacking our psychological vulnerabilities’ as you say.
    Fire spreads where the driest tinder is, dependent on individual personality expressed in the search/research option. That individual direction or purpose – by this argument – would easily be monitored and individually entertained by such complex A.I . to formulate direct and personal nuance in response to the target individual search. Drawing the reader ever further from the core, at speeds and complexities beyond the ability to corroborate.
    I guess thats what you called ’limiting the ‘menu.’

    We have to consider algorithm/Artificial intelligence weaponized to degrade argument in the live on-line questioning of deepstate events. So that, whenever a false flag is ’necessary’’ in the public arena, A.I. programs automatically deploy to protect online inquiry resolving it.

  31. “Propaganda bots posing as people are increasingly being used on social media to sway public opinion around the world. So says new research from the University of Oxford’s Internet Institute, which found automated accounts and other forms of social media propaganda are rife in Russia, the US and Germany among other countries. ‘ theconversation dot com “Political bots are poisoning democracy – so, off with their heads ‘

  32. Shane Dee Zee says:

    Imagine my surprise. I watched your free shows on YouTube. i watched many of the Newsbud reports via YouTube and finally saw a break in my budget so I could subscribe. MindHack was the hook for me. I am both sad and glad I was able to see your finale. I hope to see your next premiere. Thanks for all the work. I just got here so I have a lot of episodes to watch ahead of me. And so you know, I was enlightened within the first 15 minutes of this episode.

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