The Reality Winner Psyop

Sarah Leigh Winner, also known as Reality Winner, the NSA contractor busted for leaking a document to The Intercept, is a patsy framed by the Deep State. On this edition of The Geopolitical Report, we delve into suspicious circumstances in the case, including Winner's alliance with the alt-left and failed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, her violent comments about President Donald Trump, the ongoing bogus charge Russia hijacked the election, the war on whistleblowers, and the connections between The Intercept and the National Security Administration.

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Show Notes

Reality Winner Wrote She Wanted to 'Burn the White House Down,' Prosecutor Says

Reality Winner Is a Bernie Fan, Trump 'Resister,' and Black Lives Matter Supporter

The Intercept’s Source Burning Problem

How The Intercept Outed Reality Winner

BFP Breaking News- Omidyar’s PayPal Corporation Said To Be Implicated in Withheld NSA Documents

Insanity: PayPal Freezes Mailpile's Account, Demands Excessive Info To Get Access

Is Glenn Greenwald's Alternative Media Network Another CIA Operation?

How Peter Thiel’s company Palantir was built with CIA funding and has helped the likes of the NSA and GCHQ spy since its inception

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  1. Mr.Nimmo,

    First the report on Seth Rich, now this (really good). Now I KNOW you are watching George Webb!

  2. Outstanding!

  3. If you wanted to create an unsubtle sock puppet you would create Winner’s profile. And give her the name ‘Reality’. She ticks all the right ‘crazy’ boxes. I wondered how long it would be before a ‘Trump hater’ did something. At least it was only cyber-assassination. I love that they made sure they smeared those Bernie ‘crazie’s on the way out. Classy.

    Amazing how ‘exceptional law enforcement’ worked this time, but not when 19 hijackers are being red-flagged around the globe.

    Maybe things are so lax and they’re so short-staffed that they would allow the newbie access to super dooper classified material? Does Pluribus lose its contract? Bet not.

    This thing sounds about plausible as a SVU plot.

  4. Keep your lip buttoned down.

  5. Kurt Nimmo says:

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, the response on this is suspicious, to say the least. This is a patsy operation, plain and simple, and obviously a set-up, although we shouldn’t expect the establishment media to notice.

  6. Omar Bose says:

    Thank you- Excellent report.
    Winner leaked info that was already well known. Phishing comes from all countries all the time, and is kindergarten in hacking terms. But supposedly it implicated the Russians, even after vault 7 showed CIA attribution- faking tools? Are readers that stupid? OMG the Russian hackers are so advanced that they phished Podesta’s password (which was basically “password”), with an ingenious technique which amounts to practically just asking for your password! And how does that implicated the Russians instead of making Podesta a laughing stock?

    The info leaked by Comey was much more sensitive information; involving the president. so will they be winnering him soon? a\And why was the FBI head in the news at all? He works for the president and he works for the Justice Dept, but he had a problem and leaks to the press?
    I’m pretty sure he had security clearance, where they may have asked “Does releasing classified information to the public make you feel queasy?”
    And additional craziness; the Intercept wanted Winner busted for leaking, but they still printed what she leaked????

  7. Great work Kurt. This piece and the previous one on Seth Rich, a story I’d previously been unaware of, have been particularly outstanding. I’m so sick of the Russia scapegoating and blaming for the election upset. I appreciate having more tangible pieces of evidence which I can point to when I’m challenging this phony narrative.

    As far as the “what can I do?” angle goes with all of this on a day to day basis, for me, it comes down to challenging those within my social circle, many of whom are at least relatively geopolitically savvy, to look more closely to the flaws in these false narratives so they can respond differently and begin to recognize the manipulation and not be so easily fooled.

    Also, you gotta love how Winner’s “leak” and arrest come just as Comey is set to testify. Nevermind the fact that the “explosive” documents don’t prove that Russia “hacked” the election. If there’s anyone who specifically had any sway over the elections it’s Comey himself, with the reopening of charges against Clinton at the last minute, but Democrats seem to be placing their hopes on him as their savior who will provide them with the legal grounds to impeach Trump. I’m sympathetic with the desire to get rid of Trump, but replace him with what? It’s the Democrat’s own failure to recognize their party’s responsibility for offering a detestable enough candidate to set the stage where it was even a close election to begin with. Their selective outrage has them frantically barking up the wrong trees like a bunch of blind senile dogs.

    What a mess! Once again though, it’s about doing what we can to combat these false narratives. Even if we have to stomach the theatrics on these dangerous puppet shows, we can at least start to pull back the curtain a bit for more people so they can better understand what’s really going on backstage and who’s pulling the strings. I feel that videos like this one and Newsbud as a whole offer one of the most critical tools for helping in challenging the real disinformation propagated by the lamestream media: fact based information without the superficial politicized blinders that corral even some of the more respectable journalistic efforts towards an “approved” spectrum of sociopolitical and ideological dissent. That’s one of the reasons I transferred my pledge from the Kickstarter campaign to the current one here at Newsbud.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work, Kurt along with the rest of the team=]

  8. Mintaka says:

    Reality Winner?
    That nickname says it all.

  9. That dog hunts, Kurt. ROVE did warn us of ‘creating new Realities…’
    These operations, being run to ‘modify’ (schizoid) our behaviour; work well.
    It appears fair to say, the Amercian [sic] Justice system exists to make sure there is none.

  10. The George Webb Sweigert drama unfolding is another ‘new reality’ thing Kurt…..Be interested to hear your update on the exponential and extreme continuation/proliferation of it as online phenomena…must surely by now be recognized a ‘psychological operation’ any way you look at it .
    ….the algorithms gathering viewer data and comments must be going off…

    what can it possibly be in-aid of ?

  11. Karl Hahn says:

    Strong cryptography is already considered a weapon under the Wassenaar Arrangement.

  12. victor friese says:

    Hey would you cover the newest British teror event amd Grenfell towers? I think the latest terror event was set up to distract from Grenfell as it was discovered MI5 and the police had been blacklisting honest building inspectors.

  13. The possibility that The Intercept is working with the NSA is a fair assumption to make regarding the evidence in your video but is there any need to make the claim that Snowden may be a psychological operation and that the NSA wanted us to know they were spying. This may well be the case but I don’t think its very professional of you to have made these claims on this particular platform. Mainstream media can take your conspiratorial claim and use it to discredit the integrity of Newsbud. I do believe it would be healthy to raise questions regarding the intent of Snowden’s NSA trove but I do think there is no need make any further suggestions without evidence. In my opinion the NSA would have to be pretty stupid to come up with Snowden, this contradicts their agenda. Whistleblowers inspire more whistleblowers. Interested in hearing your response.

    • Robert Diggins says:

      In Jube 2013, BFP (now Newsbud) interviewed Russ Tice. He disclosed so much more than Snowjob/GG have to date, now August 2017.

      The problem many of us had AT THE TIME, was that Snowdon et al were letting little drips and drops land on our heads, spurring non-stop national MSM coverage, NPR, broadcast auditoriums discussing the leaks. Yet, the words repeated over and over were “phone records and metadata” It was a limited hangout. Listen to Tice blow your mind with testimony of targeting (not just collecting, but inspecting) POTUS, SCOTUS, and boatloads of lawyers and law firms, ass well as all high level members of Congress (I.e. Committee Chairs, those in leadership positions.)

      Meanwhile, GG gets a windfall from a billionaire (Omidyar) and keeps dripping little drips of metadata and phone records. There was a heated (in 2013) debate about this strategy and the motives behind it.

      Then we had GG’s hubby carrying the data all around the world on his person and even getting busted with it at an airport in London. There were a lot of signs that the whole narrative wasn’t legit.

      Then Sibel interviewed Binney, who told her about the unreleased records pertaibing to Omidyar’s companies. When Sibel published that, it created a shitstorm in the “whistle blower community”. Binney was pressured by a group (the same group that went to Russia to hand Snowjob his 1st Amendment Award. Binney started complaining publicly that he never said that to Sibel, but he would not ask her for a retraction.

      Sibel also had a question sent to SNOWDEN. I think his reply was something to the effect of “Get lost”. GG called her a birch on Twitter.

      Sadly, even Tide was persuaded to agree with the drip drop strategy, after some time (some time with the group). I still respect Tice immensely, but it should be obvious to everyone that it was a limited hangout meant to stifle speech, quiet sources, and scare potential whistleblowers, not to mention all those in the public who weren’t saying “I don’t care if they spy on ME; I’m not doing anything wrong.”

      If love to hear from Rice again, especially next month, since he still has some info about Flight 93, which he strongly hinted was a shoot down. Sibel corroborated this with two or three other high-placed sources from the Airforce and NSA. It would be a good time to reconnect, IMO.

      And as for those who keep citing WEBB, please stop. That whole thing is spooky. I won’t go into it, but expect a d timely change of attitude and/or direction. For those of you who remember the rise and fall of James Fetzer, in the 9/11 Truth Movement, then the ongoing kooky narratives he spits out on any and every event, immediately after it occurs, full of lies and drama battles and stuff to capture a significant portion of the uncritical-thinking-challenged in our world.

      With Newsbud, you get news and analysis with integrity. And nobody is following George Acton Webb or whatever. Please stop that nonsense.

      Thank you.

      • Robert Diggins says:

        I tried to correct my phone corrections. I trust context clues will suffice, and nobody will be confused by the typos. My apologies to those confused.

        • Robert Diggins says:

          Tice, not Tide, not Rice
          birch is bitch
          GG stands for asshole gatekeeper who won’t disclose evidence of serious ongoing crimes against the American people and the rest of the world, much less those records pertaining to Omidyar. (…drip)

      • Robert, thank you for providing the link, and bringing attention to Tice case- how amazingly his explosive exposes were blacked out by the MSM and pseudo alternatives. Way back when Tice went with his documented case to Greenwald (He was with Salon back then), and received … ‘Silence’ and ‘censorship.’ We are talking about a decorated Air Force & NSA official here…

      • totally agree with you on WEBB. Spooky.

    • victor friese says:

      Um, you do realize that the system’s back is against the wall, right? The more cornered it gets the more desperate, wild and dangerous it will get. And they are actually trying to encourage whistle blowers… to go to their traps like Greenwald or Snowdon first so that they can intercept the whistle blowers and take them out.

      I jjst wonder how extensive it is. Greenwald, Snowden, Mcgovern, Alex Jones… how many more?

      What we need is a way for whistle blowers to just dump the data so no one can do anything about it. Everyone gets it. No drips and drops. Just the whole wad of info.

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