The Republic Has Fallen: The Deep State’s Plot to Take Over America Has Succeeded

No doubt about it. The coup d’etat has been successful. The Deep State—a.k.a. the police state a.k.a. the military industrial complex—has taken over and is moving toward a global empire. The American system of representative government has been overthrown by a profit-driven, militaristic corporate state bent on total control and global domination through the imposition of martial law at home and by fomenting wars abroad. When in doubt, follow the money trail.  It always points the way. Every successive American president starting with Franklin D. Roosevelt has been bought—lock, stock and barrel—and made to dance to the tune of the Deep State. Enter Donald Trump, the candidate who swore to drain the swamp in Washington DC. Instead of putting an end to the corruption, however, Trump has paved the way for lobbyists, corporations, the military industrial complex, and the Deep State to feast on the carcass of the dying American republic. This is how you keep the Deep State in power: the rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer, the military will get more militaristic, America’s endless wars will get more endless, and the prospect of peace will grow ever dimmer. The “government of the people, by the people, for the people” has perished. America is a profitable business interest for a very select few, and war—wars waged abroad against shadowy enemies and wars waged at home against the American people—has become the Deep State’s primary means of income. The Constitution doesn’t stand a chance against a federalized, globalized standing army protected by legislative, judicial and executive branches that are all on the same side, no matter what political views they subscribe to: suffice it to say, they are not on our side or the side of freedom.

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Show Notes

Seven Days in May

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The Republic Has Fallen: The Deep State’s Plot to Take Over America Has Succeeded

Battlefield America: The War on the American People

Rutherford Institute

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  1. Antonio Pietroniro says:

    Bin Ladin who carried out the 9/11 attack ? Did I really hear you say that ? Please explain.

    • Bo Modén says:

      I have the same question ? what is going on here ?

    • Kathleen St. Clare says:

      He said that ! Bin Ladin carried out 9/11. When someone speaks mostly truth and then slips in a non-truth, i think: Controlled Opposition !

    • That WAS very strange. The official version? From Newsbud? Hmmm…..

    • DarwinianDad says:

      The objective was a keynote listing of individuals accused of terrorism, from Saudi Arabia, to support the conjecture that the USA is hypocritical in selling arms to Saudi Arabia. Bin Ladin was “included” geographically, not conspiratorially. This is a strong argument mocking the current arms deal, not an investigation of 9/11.

      • Mark Ribbit says:

        As for the terrorists, they will keep on being played for pawns as long as Saudi Arabia remains their breeding ground and America remains the source of their weapons, training and know how.

        Remember, that 15 of the 19 terrorists including Osama Bin Laden who carried out the 9/11 attacks were from Saudi Arabia believe it or not. Again follow the money it always points the way.

        Regardless of what his objective was DarwinianDad he still tried to remind us that terrorists including Osama Bin Laden carried out the 9/11 attacks.

        He did not say the ‘alleged’ terrorists or the “according to the official story” etc. He said it matter-of-factly.
        That is very disturbing to read here by a Newsbud producer.

  2. Hard to believe any element in the collapsing of those towers. From a scientific perspective it is organizationally, politically and technically the parts that make up the story are very hard to explain – not explainable at all. There is a limit to miracles, not to generating myths it seems. Nietzschean insights in a macheavellian play?

    As an example of seeds that may generate a new form of democracy:
    THis movement could do well on the dissection table of Jeff Deriso!

  3. victor friese says:

    The only way Bin Laden would have done 9-11 is as an agent for the terror manufactured by yhe CIA controlled Saudis. He couldn’t have gotten access to plant the charges, nor could the Saudis, without the deepstate intelligence apparatus.

    I still need to listen to this, but please don’t act like Bin Laden was a master mind. He was an asset.

  4. victor friese says:

    Tell it like it is. Don’t go with popular narrative to fit in.

  5. Kathleen St. Clare says:

    No comment Mr Whitehead? We want to know why you said 9/11 was carried out by Bin Ladin.

  6. Kathleen St. Clare says:

    No comment Mr Whitehead?

  7. Mark Ribbit says:

    Good report once again John.
    But each time you repeat the official government malarkey about 19 terrorists I will call you out on it.
    You did it before. More are starting to notice this time around.

    You do great work investigating the police state that is taking over America day by day, but for some strange reason you haven’t put in the time to investigate what happened on 9/11!

    There were no Muslim terrorists attacking the U.S. on 9/11.
    The only terrorists doing evil deeds on that day were Western insiders.

    Please do your homework on this. If you need some help, I’ll be here.

  8. Edmnd Helminski says:

    I’m glad to see so many voices rising up about the Bin Laden and hijacker fair-tale. This is a mere opinion piece (with which we might agree) but sparse on information.

  9. William Dumke says:

    I concur with the comments about Bin Laden. But what bothers me the most is you saying that the deep state has taken over everything, then you say go out and do something about it. That reminds me of the verse in the Quran where Allah says he will destroy the infidels, and then he basically says you go out and do it. Just as ridiculous.

  10. The story on constitutional challenges could be brought as actionable information rather than the narrative that everything is lost – which is untrue.

    Furthermore, newsbud in general should consider a focus on universities, schools and government cities. The main reasons being 1) young bright minds may understand and further scrutinize the information because of their intellectual curiosity and their time available 2) these people have and will have impact on policymaking in corporations and governments.

    Leaving the marketing up to members has in my opinion one major flaw: it more or less attracts people who already know the news they get. This is, either accidentally or not, the way to pull and keep sceptics together in one corner, only talking to eachother which unknowingly results in a form of ‘regulated opposition’.

  11. dutchbradt says:

    Building superstructures are designed to withstand a static load, not a dynamic one. The structure at each floor is designed to hold the weight of all the floors above it – plus a little more as a safety margin. If the steel support beams fail catastrophically on one floor somewhere in the middle of the structure, all the weight of the floors above drop onto the next lower floor acting like a pile driver. If you have ever watched a pile driver at work you know that if the driving weight is just sitting on top of the pile nothing moves – its in static equilibrium. But when the weight is lifted and let fall just a few inches, its downward momentum is enough to overcome the equilibrium and the pile is forced downward slightly. Speed this up and you get what happened at the WTC. The top floors falling cause the lower floors to pancake in succession. The building collapses into its own footprint. It falls straight down because that’s the direction of the only force acting on the structure – gravity. Explosive charges are not needed to cause this collapse, only the initial rapid collapse of one floor to start the pile driver of the upper floors moving. Notice how the second tower hit was the first to fall. That’s because it was hit at a lower floor that the first tower so there was more weight above the weakened region so it gave way first. Miilions of people saw the planes hit the towers. They are not liars or dupes, as they would have to be to accept the demolition theory of the WTC collapse. It’s time to put this to rest.

    • But what you just described, dutchbradt, is NOT what happened. Those floors didn’t simply pancake. they were BLOWN apart, PULVERIZED, before your “witnesses'” very eyes, witnesses who would agree with what I’m saying. What a joke. Who are you? Put it to rest . Yeah, right.

    • Mark Ribbit says:

      My word, how did this topic change from “The Deep State’s Plot to Take Over America Has Succeeded” to the destruction of the WTC towers?

      You might be able to pull the wool over the eyes of the general public dutchb, but members here are by and large quite sophisticated and savvy about 9/11.

      It would serve you well to watch the portions of this video dealing with the destruction of the WTC1/2 towers. You stand to learn a lot.

      But perhaps if your schedule is a bit tight, just zero in on WTC7.
      Once you agree that WTC7 was demolished, the destruction of towers WTC1/2 become a moot point.

  12. David Corwin says:

    No disrespect towards Mr. Whitehead, but I would correct him in his opening statement that “Every successive American president starting with Franklin D. Roosevelt has been bought…” I would contend that the first most bought & paid for president was Woodrow Wilson, considering that the Federal Reserve Act and entry into WWI (despite promises to “keep our boys out of war”) came into being under his watch. Also I think that the unconstitutional graduated income tax was initiated during his presidency. Which has been the greater theft to the American: the Fed or Income tax?

  13. Russell Linz says:

    Wow a lot of good comments out there. Bin Laden was a CIA asset, AL -Qaeda was created by the CIA .It is only natural that the U.S. supports the Saudis because that is where the Wahhabi doctrine was used birth Al-Qaeda and Isis. There is no conflict of policy our Government and I use that term loosely maybe owners is a better word, design and plan for the Mideast has been chugging along quite nicely since Bush I .What amazes me is Mr. Whitehead referring to the” terrorist hijackers ” as a product of Saudi Arabia and not our CIA. Hopefully it was an editing error.

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