ISIS Crisis Hits Asia

The stakes got higher for China this week as ISIS exploded in China’s two core strategic zones--the South China Sea and Central Asia--with an insurrection in the Philippines and the murder of two Chinese nationals in Pakistan.  Funny coincidence?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Maybe ISIS is using a niche strategy to pursue its resurrection in Asia through operations designed not to directly antagonize—or perhaps even please--the United States.  For whatever reason, ISIS has become a key headache for the PRC overnight, just as China’s geopolitical rise in Asia bumps up against the United States and India.

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Show Notes

Libya: Worse than Iraq.  Sorry, Hillary

US special forces back PH troops in Marawi

Republican congressman calls ISIS attack in Tehran a ‘good thing,’ says maybe U.S. should back ISIS

We are facing two types of Daesh terrorists in region, world

Power struggle seen within surging IS in Afghanistan

Philippines’ Duterte says didn’t seek U.S. support in city siege

China seen loosening screws on South Korea over missile shield

China is now looking to California—not Trump—to help lead the fight against climate change

A surprise guest: Chinese president makes Anchorage stopover, meets Gov. Walker and takes in some sights

Exiled tycoon Guo Wengui ordered staff to commit fraud to get big loans, court told

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  1. Sam Bissonnette says:

    Great report!

  2. Wonder why it took them so long to mess with Duterte? Were the poor things snowed under wrecking Syria, flattening Yemen, expanding NATO, impeaching a President, droning villagers and their donkeys, demonizing 1 ‘scary’ Russian and paving the way for their next BS theatre of terror in Africa?

    You know, right before it fell, every single empire in history looked exactly how the US looks now. And there’s nothing they can do about it. Is the way of these things. To borrow from Confucius – before you embark on a journey of destroying peace, harmony and self-determinism, dig two graves.

  3. Amber Sayman says:

    Thanks! 😀 Great series. You’re a boss.

  4. thomasotoole says:

    I really appreciate these reports.

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