Witch Hunt in Oz! and Media Steps Up to Spin the ISIS Crisis

A big story dropped in Australia concerning Chinese influence in local politics.  It’s also a story of geopolitics and the pivot and applying the US Russia-threat infowar model to Asia.  But first, a look at how the Western media is handling a story I covered last week on China Watch: the remarkable fact that ISIS had somehow simultaneously inserted itself into three Asian battlefields in ways that support US objectives.

Answer: blame the countries getting attacked!

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Show Notes

Surely Some Mistake: Why Did ISIS Attack Iran?

Executions in Pakistan: Is ISIS Targeting China?

Duterte, Focused on Drug Users in Philippines, Ignored Rise of ISIS

ASIO investigation targets Communist Party links to Australian political system

ANU welcomes new collaborative cyber facility

Chinese “King of the Mountain’ brush with corruption scandal

UN Bribery Faction Implicates CCP’s Jiang Faction

Point Piper mansion off-loaded by son of former Chinese vice-president Zeng Qinghong

Four Corners/Fairfax Levels Up to US-Class National Security Steno Work on China

Clinton to fundraise at L.A. house of tax-evading Clinton Foundation donor

Former top US spy James Clapper warns of China’s Russian-style behavior in Australia

Circular Gratification: Vice President Cheney’s Most Recent Effort to Contain China

The Trump presidency and Australia’s security: don’t panic, don’t relax

The British-American coup that ended Australian independence

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  1. Thanks, Peter. Interesting. Sad to hear about Warmbier. Trump has been rolled in so much muck he can’t make friends with anyone now. Which was the whole point. How hard did the Obama WH try to get Otto back?

    Re Australia, Four Corners is considered the flagship of tthe government funded ABC TV network’s news department. Foxtel Pay TV (Murdoch owned) ran last year a fictional series ‘Secret City’ based on the novel ‘Marmalade Files’ written by ABC Senior Political Reporter, Chris Uhlmann about the same topic of the Four Corners ‘expose’. I don’t know if the ABC news department has moved from journalism into full propaganda mode now or I’m just more informed, but you will not get anything ‘off piste’ from them these days.

    Laughingly the Liberals, the conservative party, have a pathological hatred of the ABC as being a bunch of frothing left-wing Commies. They wanted to shut it down, but that didn’t fly with the populace. That said, Austalia’s conservative politicians, who have moved further to the Right in the last 20 years, are still socialists compared to the US Democrats. By a wide margin. An independant review was taken of ABC alleged bias and they actually found it reports in favour of the conservative side of politics – shocked! They still had their budget cut, though they manage to run a 24 hours news channel, which is full of uncritical pap.

    John Pilger has written for decades about US influence in Australia, I recommend his book ‘A Secret Country’. Pilger is as about as popular with the Australian media as Julian Assange. Pilger used to be respected, then came Howard, 9/11, War of Terror, conspiracy theorists and suddenly Pilger is a nutjob.

    Howard enjoyed mixing it with the big boys of the Bush Admin. He just happened to be in DC on 9/11. So he didn’t need to be asked twice to join the Coalition of the Willing. A former PM wannabe Mark Latham famously referred to Howard as ‘an a*sslicker’. Howls of protest, none questioning the veracity of his statement, just his use of crude language. Latham later self-combusted on the campaign trail after and Howard was re-elected.

    Foreign lobbying is only a problem if your politicians have no backbone, morals or ethics. Foreign donations should be banned though. And all domestic donations over $50. People with a lot of money just can’t resist the temptation to use it to buy under the counter merch’. Why else have it?

    James Clapper has moved Down Under? God help us all. Does explain the Yellow Peril redux though.

    NB. ASIO pronounced ‘azeeoh’.

  2. B. F. EARL says:

    At 3’30” be great to see North Korea put on its Goody2Shoes peacekeeping boots and offer to help the Philippines stomp out the ISIS slug. Be an opportunity to train NK troops for house-2-house combat to also help keep the peace in Kashmir/Pakistan, Palestine, and Syria. Create a new brand of Islam in the process if Palestinians could emigrate from their hell-hole and integrate Uighurs Muslims with Pakistan’s and Afghanistan’s Muslims as well as be trained by the North Koreans.

    At 7’40” Any chance of seeing burgeoning Chinese influence offer to buy The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington to establish an indigenous owned and operated education institute for First Peoples in North, Central, & South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, & Europe? The tribes are our original sovereign states and they have no stars on our Republic’s flag. Maybe Huang Shaowu? Huo Qinghua? could make overtures to Ind’n Casinos to get the project up and running with extra help in getting the Crazy Horse monument finished. Jack Ma? https://www.forbes.com/lists/2011/74/china-billionaires-11_land.html

  3. Thanks Peter for again an insightful report delivered in an entertaining way.
    With reference to the alleged geographical expansion of Daesh, reading this article in news picks: “Afghan Opium Production 40 Times Higher Since US-NATO Invasion” it is arguable that Daesh is being funded through the same mechanism that financed the Contra’s: off the radar; illegal; disgusting; and protected by US marines. The USA has turned into a ‘banana’, or if you will, ‘opium’ republic managed by criminals. Added to this that the US prevents Russia and Syria from fighting Daesh, it means that the Daesh movement has unlimited access to organization, money and weapons and is protectes by the most aggressive military power on the planet. It is a scary development of which the policymakers, incl. parliaments, of the EU nation states should be aware. Policymakers should realize that because the US persistently communicates that its criminal activities are committed by ‘nato allies’, it is dragging all these allies into a war against at least Russia.
    Given the status of Trump and his team, the geographical spread of the wars and the complexity of this organization, it is highly unlikely that the US admin is the organizer of it all. In my opinion, the organization running this show has -at least- learned from gladio as the covert organization hiding across industries and governments. More likely, it has the same source.

  4. Ludovico Doebbeling says:

    Thank you Peter I enjoy your reporting style and witty humour very much. Very interesting news selection. If possible find out a bit more about what is going on in the Philippines. Seems obvious the US empire is concocting something against Duterte via their chums in the philip military and their ISIS brand.

  5. Peter Lee says:

    Thanks very much to well-informed and generous commentators! For insights on the drift of ABC and praise of John Pilger. Wonder if his current war with China projection will pan out. I get feeling it was generated anticipating a Hillary Clinton victory. I love the idea of some Chinese billionaire stepping up to fund a Native American college in the US. Could also do the same in Australia, of course. The whole issue of the fraught legal status of the European occupation of aboriginal lands in Australia is an interesting topic I’ve thought of as a topic. In the Philippines, they do shabu (methamphetamine) instead of opium, and it’s a big deal in fueling corruption on Mindanao, with some money possibly getting diverted to the insurgency. Not sure if the insurgents have been able to gain a serious foothold since, unlike opium, shabu isn’t grown locally. It’s cooked using largely Chinese ingredients by Triad-affiliated criminal gangs, not Muslim rebels.

  6. Hi Peter

    We would need a crystal ball to know if Pilger’s prediction will come true. The ADF was pretty quick to ground their aircraft when stuff got real in Syria recently.

    Re indigenous land rights, Mabo was a landmark decision by the High Court. Socially, indigenous folk have a long way to go in recovering from the imperial invasion of 1788. Meanwhile, in April this year, a symbolic addition to the Constitution basically recognizing the ‘traditional owners’ was rejeced and the convention called for a treaty.

    Enjoying your videos. Thanks. 🙂

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